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  1. Persecution of Christians — and Its Causes
    And the West’s deafening silence.
    January 23, 2018
    Jack Kerwick

    Western leftists, secular as well as religious, continue to bemoan what they call “Islamophobia.”

    According to this line, whether they are native born or immigrants, Muslims in historically Euro-Christian lands are relentless victims of various forms of oppression.

    Of course, this is another one of the Racism-Industrial-Complex’s useful fictions. The truth, as I show in my most recent book, Christianity and the World: Essays Philosophical, Historical, and Cultural, is that in the world today, Christians, far from being the greatest oppressors, are actually the greatest victims of oppression.

    Although it receives, unsurprisingly, little media attention, there are in fact more Christians who are made to endure persecution today than have ever existed before.

    Open Doors (OD) is an international organization that exists solely for the sake of serving persecuted Christians around the globe. Recently, while gathering research for its 2018 World Watch List, the good folks at OD found that the oppression suffered by the 215 million, or one in twelve, Christians in 60 countries around the world is due significantly (though not exclusively) to the following phenomena.

  2. Snowflake Feminism
    The disempowering and incoherent modern feminist movement.
    January 23, 2018
    Bruce Thornton

    The anonymous attack on comedian Aziz Ansari, essentially for being a lousy date and inconsiderate sex partner, has led some to think that the spate of attacks on men for sexual harassment and assault might be slowing down. Although the account by “Grace,” the pseudonymous accuser, has been defended by many, others who have supported the outing of sexual assaulters have drawn the line at lumping bad dates in with more serious sexual malfeasance. Still others hope that the absurdity of Grace’s charges will force a rollback of the ever-escalating demonization of men guilty of nothing more than failing to fulfill a woman’s subjective expectations even when not made explicit.

    Don’t count on it. Modern feminism for years has institutionalized a fundamental incoherence. Women are the equals of men and should have the same autonomy and agency, particularly over their sexual choices. At the same time, they need protection from men, who are empowered by a persistent “patriarchy” that encodes in women’s psyches a deference to that power. This internal contradiction has given us the snowflake feminists.

  3. Anti-Trump FBI Agents Spoke of “Secret Society”
    January 23, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield
    This isn’t really new. Or much of a surprise.

    Some Obama holdovers within the bureaucracy already operated as Obama Anonymous. And then there was Dumbledore’s Army at the CFPB. Strzok and Page, the two FBI personnel at the center of the latest firestorm, were adult enough not to call themselves Dumbledore’s Army, but apparently they did like the idea of a secret society with its own Hillary decoder rings.

  4. Democrats Lose Big Time As Shutdown Ends
    They tried to shoehorn a big immigration amnesty into stopgap funding and paid a heavy price.
    January 23, 2018
    Matthew Vadum

    Democrats’ politically risky scheme to hold U.S. government operations hostage to their demand that young illegal aliens be granted amnesty failed spectacularly yesterday as lawmakers voted to re-open the briefly shuttered government.

    Just 69 hours into the shutdown – most of the time passed over the weekend when few Americans even noticed the government was closed – Democrats and other open-borders lawmakers staged a tactical retreat, handing President Trump and anti-amnesty conservatives a clear victory. Democrats no doubt were aware of a Harvard-Harris poll that found 58 percent of voters opposed to the Democrat-led shutdown.

    Democrats got essentially nothing in exchange for voting to re-open the government, which made the Republican triumph even sweeter. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made an unenforceable promise to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to bring an immigration bill to the floor – he said merely that it was his intention to do so – if a compromise cannot be made regarding the illegals before government funding runs out again.

    “I doubted it was possible, but Dems have actually lost a shutdown fight,” tweeted Fox News commentator Brit Hume. “Schumer has agreed to end the filibuster in exchange for practically nothing. Make no mistake: Schumer & Dems caved. What a political fiasco.”

      • It’s great.

        More like: It’s about fecking time!

        Few Americans understand that by the time just one Mexican thug has caught a bullet, there follows:

        • Insanely expensive life-saving surgery
        • Recovery in a high-security criminal hospital ward
        • Temporary imprisonment awaiting arraignment
        • Securing a court-appointed defense attorney
        • A full-phase trial by jury
        • Plea bargaining
        • Sentencing
        • Incarceration (that costs around $40K – $60K per year)
        • Post-release parole monitoring and drug testing
        • Risk of criminal recidivism

        To name merely a few of the “hidden costs” of illegal Mexican aliens.

        All of which can make just that one single bullet-wound cost A MILLION DOLLARS EACH for the average American taxpayer.

        Please consider how this one regular and continuous (federal and state) financial outlay towards combating M-13 (i.e., Salvatrucha) and other south-of-the-border criminal gangs tends to cancel out whatever useful and productive contributions that however many ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIENS (regardless of their law-abiding lifestyles) might otherwise underwrite with respect to America’s Social Security system.

        FAR WORSE, and even more destructive is how allowing so many Mexican illegals into America guarantees that there will be ZERO reformation of Mexico’s insanely, hyper-corrupt government anytime soon.

        Building a functional “Southern Wall” will enure that enough young, fighting age, Mexican men are bottled up with along their abusive politicians and narco-warlords, to where they might finally begin killing all of these parasitic bastards.

        To date, America’s lunatic, totally insecure border policy has served as a “vent valve” that prevents meaningful change in Mexico.

        It’s time to create a “bottleneck” (i.e., WALL) that forces the Mexican people to—LEGALLY MIGRATE and—begin changing their farking USELESS political system. Until then, Mexico will remain the New World’s “Sick Man” in the Northern Hemisphere.

        I can only hope that it’s more than apparent as to how I’ve run out of all patience with this hyper-dysfunctional transnational bit of Toro-hockey.

      • He is also doing a balancing act with Pakistan on one side attacking them and China on the other threatening them. Right now he is probably praying for the US to hit Korea to take some of the pressure off his nation.

        • An interesting (and as usual) assessment, Richard. After talking with several dozen Hindu people that I’ve encountered, it seems that Modi’s currency re-monetization was a brilliant move.

          Much like with Venezuela’s too-little-too-late recalibration of the Bolivar, Modi’s banning of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes may well have put a major dent in illegal hoarding (by gangsters) of Indian currency.

          If this is whatever sort of prelude to India becoming a less-corrupt nation, then hallelujah for that. The West needs an industrially strong India as a bulwark against increasingly corrupt Communist China.

          That said, India’s persistent enamorment with Russian arms remains a serious impediment to American relations with the Subcontinent. New Delhi must get over its “divide-and-conquer” attitude about adopting US weapons systems. Until then, they are welcome to their “widow-maker” MIG-21 fighter jets.

          Get a clue, India. Then let’s all crush Red China, Russia, and the Islamic terrorist factions that Pakistan (and Kashmir) continue to pump into your midst.

          Until then, please piss off and solve your own problems whilst far too many innocent Hindus perish at the hands of your wholly inadequate government policies.

          • Don’t diss Mr. Modi.

            You try being a Hindu nationalist at the UN. With a monstrous population of tards in your own heartland.

            India doesn’t trust anybody very much. Can’t.

            Risk it all on the American electorate?
            0 treated Mr. Modi like Bibi.
            India needs to juggle, whatever color China is, whatever junk India has to buy from Russia.

            • Don’t diss Mr. Modi.

              You mistake me, yucki.

              Overall (despite some spotty aspects to his prior track record), I believe that Modi’s general effect on India has been positive.

              Anyone who fights epidemic Indian bureaucratic corruption—or any of the other innumerable types of graft and bribery—is performing a Herculean task (i.e., shoveling out the Augean stables of one of this world’s largest and most corrupt nations).

              We are—as is so often the case—in violent agreement.

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