Trudeau may yet create the most stunning examples of selective enforcement in Canada’s history

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AUTHORITARIANS: Trudeau Government May Bring Back Widely-Criticized ‘Hate Speech’ Law As Campaign Against Free Expression Continues

The endgame for the Trudeau government is obvious: Define any political opposition or alternative viewpoint as ‘hate speech,’ and silence opponents under the guise of ‘human rights.’

During their time in office, there has been a steady drift in the Trudeau government seeking to demonize and even criminalize the millions of Canadians who dissent from their viewpoints.


The government has regularly slandered Canadians as “racists,” “bigots,” and “Islamophobes” for expressing views that are held by the majority of the population.

They have insinuated that those who oppose their “ISIS reintegration” policy are prejudiced, and introduced a motion (M-103), that could lead to serious restrictions on freedom of speech down the road.

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So how will the Trudeau regime apply these restrictions and laws to this?

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7 Replies to “Trudeau may yet create the most stunning examples of selective enforcement in Canada’s history”

  1. Chapter One

    The alarm sounded. The lights went red.

    “Dive! Dive!” Captain Smith’s steady voice sounded over the intercom. Bodies moved fast and fluidly. Every hand had a purpose. Every heart a beat timed to trained perfection.

    “–You think they saw us?” whispered Davis out of the corner of his mouth, his eyes fixed to his radar screen.

    “No, Captain Smith knows what he’s doing. We’ll be so far down by the time they get here…” Lyndia’s voice trailed off. Suddenly another blip appeared on his screen. “Check this out,” he said to Davis.

    The two men stared at the new light appearing on the edge of Lyndia’s screen. Just two lives on the S.S. Maple Tepes–Lanny Davis and Sam Lyndia. Fate, in all of its mystic machinations, had kept these boyhood chums side-by-side from grade school, all the way to this moment. –All the way to this evasive dive into the deep and dark by their Victoria-class sub.

    Lyndia tried to hide his concern. “Fishing boat?”

    “No. It’s all wrong for that. Moving too fast, dammit,” said Davis. His face glowed green from the screen.

    “Goddam commies. Why the hell can’t they just leave us alone?” Lyndia gulped. There wasn’t much time.

    “Tell the Captain,” said Davis.


    The S.S. Maple Tepes slid quietly beneath the surface of the North Atlantic. It was not long before Captain Smith ordered radio silence. Later that night Davis fell asleep in his bunk reading his dog-eared copy of The Metamorphosis. Lyndia wrote faithfully each evening to his sweetheart, Ethel.

    From the surface, the enemy would hear on its hydrophones only the odd “clicks” of dolphins speaking, or the eerie squeals of whales chatting. It would be two long years before Trudeau’s navy would realize that the brave men and women of its only renegade submarine had learned the language of the sea. Even then, history would prove them beguiled by the uncipherable clicks and moans. Trudeau would put his best Signals minds against it. Eventually the crew of the Tepes would discover that Trudeau’s minions were feeding their Dear Leader lies about how all the creatures of the sea loved him so, instead of telling him the truth. –Instead of admitting that they hadn’t a clue how to speak whale or dolphin. Oh, but how they hated the truth.

    With the help of their trusty Yank friends the Maple Tepes would surface again. Yes, it would burst with glory from the sea to the air like a, like a, well, like a submarine!

    Chapter 17

    “Click, click!” exclaimed Davis.
    “Squeal-click-moan!” shouted Lyndia as the warm sun and spray settled, finally, on his face.

    The End.

    • Sorry, Maple Tepes. The Yanks are locked in, frozen in Montreal harbor. We’re out of shape, but we’re making up for lost time.
      The CIA is fixing that special toothpaste for Dear Leader’s glossy, phony fangs. Or maybe they’ll go for the cigar number.
      Didn’t get it right with Papa Fidel, but now on the A-team’s on it. (And maybe Mossad.)

  2. The Islam thing is a perfect example of the seeming cognitive dissonance of the leftards. They have the LGBTQRSUVWXYZ thing they have to promote, but they mindlessly support migrant muslims. If a Christian speaks out against homosexuality, it is hate. There is no such attack on muslims that do the same. I realize that Trudeau is just a puppet, from a traitorous family, but he is an idiot. He merely follows orders and does not have the intelligence to know what he is doing. He is just a poseur, like the gay mulatto. Their optics allow women and stupid men to feel good about their impending destruction because they don’t think past their feelings. The leadership of left, however, know exactly what they are doing. No cognitive dissonance with them. Just a transfer of power and resources.

  3. The trend is the vilification of Caucasians, excepting the Caucasians doing the vilification; our superiors, ethically and morally … certainly in terms of class warfare. We live in a “country” where the center of power demonstrates consistent disdain towards those outside its view but within its ability to penalize through policy and inflict punitive taxes upon what’s already been taxed. To not share the joy of this is to be considered unpatriotic.

    “Canada’s” gov’t excels at manufacturing fleece … and we’re being fleeced on every front which is sadly why fleece is so apt a garment for “Canadians”.

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