Venezuelans hunting cows with rocks, the legacy of socialism: Links 1, Jan. 14, 2018

1. Venezuelans now hunting cows on farms with large rocks.

2. Police ask for help to find motiveless bearded murderer in London.

In the video the perps are slightly less pixelated than Muslims usually are when they attack or rape people.

3. Now this is fun.

4. (Removed as source did not check out)

5. White leftists interpret a perfectly innocent advert for a sweatshirt as a racist slur, black Out Africans decide to run with that interpretation and trash the stores that sell them.

(The mother of the young boy who modelled the shirt at the centre of all this is telling people to STFU and stop this nonsense but why listen to reason when you can trash a store like a wild boar and feel that you are the morally superior person while doing it?)

6. Have you wondered if the New York Times is fake news? Check this out.

Then try and find out ANYTHING about the man on trial for attacking a Quebec mosque. He isn’t even being charged with terrorism. There is no hint or indication that he is anti-Muslim whatsoever yet. So even if he is, then the NYT his still lying, as no one knows that yet. Its a significant point to gamble on. And no real journalist would do that.

7. A comment worthy of wider readership from reader, Malca: :Time will tell what really happened, but as a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) who helped set up the Mass Notification System for a major military base," If PACOM immediately released a message saying that there was no threat, so why didn’t Hawaii EMA immediately send a retraction via WEA ?

These alerts are not actuated by physically pushed buttons… An operator would either type in the desired alert (or select from canned messages), select which communications mediums they’d like to use and the populations they’d like to alert, and then hit “send” and then again confirm that they really want to send that message.

The  “      senior editor at Task and Purpose has previously worked for The Atlantic, Bloomberg Digital, Al Jazeera America [and did not author this article.]

For a complex system, it’s never “blame the guy who pressed the button,” so I was also wondering who got the contract to build such a doomed design. No time to explore further, but you might start here and look for RFP’s (request for proposal)


Thank you Sassy, M., Xanthippa, MissPiggy, Wrath of Khan, Malca, Richard, and so many more of whom I have lost track.

As an afterthought, what would you say of a person who said:

World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good’

Or owned one of these?

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  1. World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good’

    For almost my entire life I have told people that whenever anyone tells you that something is “for your own good”, TO RUN LIKE HELL AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

  2. People of Venezuela, welcome to bondage! We have arranged for you to have most unpleasant lives, in order to facilitate the groveling and the fear your life of servitude now includes. Many of you may still not understand, so we will explain it to you as A reinforcement to your hopelessness. The wealthy of your nation like all nations are not able to allow you to decide how much of their wealth can be re-distributed, because doing so would grant you complete freedom and dominance, which would allow complete freedom to all of the peoples of the world. This would be catastrophic, because the people of the world do not accept each other’s inequality, differences, or individuals natural class inequality as well. Therefore, the result of A totally free people is guaranteed nuclear war, despite any promises made by some people not agreed to by all people. Therefore, every injustice is morally admissible that causes less suffering than nuclear war, your welcome. The wealthy people of the world have signed agreements and consent to conquer the people of their nations should they violate the progress, hope, and freedoms they have in somewhat democratic and representative governments, where they may not be completely free, they are not allowed to endanger the system itself, but they have the potential to accept their limitations, and still improve themselves and their societies. It is unfortunate that you did not appreciate what you had, and you supported media and politicians who told you that you could violate the rights, freedoms, and speech of others, but as it turns out they were most unethical people who delivered you to bondage for profit! You have been betrayed! Since hopelessness is A benefit to tyrannical management style, we certainly hope you have taken this explanation to heart, and hope you do not enjoy your stay in what we were best able to design as hell on earth. In G-d I trust.

    • What is happening in Venezuela is the end result of socialism, it wasn’t caused by lack of redistribution but rather the theft of the means or production by the socialist politicians who proceeded to destroy the income producing property. This threw the workers out of jobs and the government had no income coming in to pay them welfare. The real rich fled the country and the new rich (the new leaders/rulers and their friends stole what money was left and is using it and the bribes they extort to live like Kings.

      Marxism and forced wealth redistribution are the evils that cause failed states like Venezuela, Cuba and the other nations that are being ruined by Marxist economics. If you want to help people increase their standard of living and the quality of food they eat I suggest you read the real facts of history not those taught in the schools and support the free market that is the system that helps the most people. There will be some who slip through the cracks but you don’t find the ordinary people in a free market society starving and being forced to hunt cattle with rocks to get food to eat.

    • I feel so terrible for the terrorized cow who died in atrocious terror and pain.
      When a human is reduced to torturing and terrorizing a defenseless animal, there is nothing left of humanity.
      I’m thinking there must be another way of doing this.
      Furthermore, instead of attacking the animals, they should be organizing and attacking their police force or their government.

      • They are using the only weapons they have, the last protests were crushed by the military and it will take time before they work up enough desperation to try taking on machine guns with bare hands.

        If conditions get bad enough you will join in the hunt to get the food, hunger is a great motivater.

      • I couldn’t care less about the cow. It is the lengths people have to go through just to feed themselves i that shithole country that worries me.

        • I couldn’t care less about the cow. It is the lengths people have to go through just to feed themselves in that shithole country that worries me.

          And well it should worry you. Aside from Islam, few things inspire mass-murder and crimes against humanity like famine. This world already has seen Communist North Korea go through cannibalism, can Socialist Venezuela be far behind?

          Socialism’s unprecedented ability to breed up cannibalistic disasters on unimaginable scales (see: “The Holodomor” and “Cannibalism in China: During the disastrous country renovation of the Great Leap Forward“), remains almost unchallenged in scope and scale.

          Save only for their persistence and frequency of occurrence, even Africa’s own anthropophagic episodes would pale in comparison to the dietary blights Socialism has wreaked upon our world.

  3. 1. Venezuelans now hunting cows on farms with large rocks.

    Why don’t they just use a gun?

    Oh, wait … I get it.

    If conditions get bad enough you will join in the hunt to get the food, hunger is a great motivator.

    As the French are fond of saying, “Hunger is the best sauce.”

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