Is the Clinton neck getting itchy? Links 1, January 13, 2018

1. The first indictment on the Uranium One grotesquery.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. authorities have charged a Maryland businessman with bribing a Russian official in an effort to win contracts to ship uranium to the United States.

U.S. prosecutors unsealed money laundering, foreign bribery and wire fraud charges against Mark Lambert, 54, in federal court in Greenbelt, Maryland, on Friday.

(It continues on in an aspect of the Russia Uranium scandal I am fully unaware of)

A better explanation:

2. Four major stories the MSM ‘missed’ this week.

3. An astonishing case of media bias of the CBC, who’s bias so exceeds even BBC that its nearly the stuff of comic books. In today’s ludicrousosity, the CBC has done a number of videos, interviews and articles about a muslim girl who had a piece of cloth cut she was a wearing. On the same day, another high school student in another Ontario high school was stabbed to death and there doesn’t seem to be a lot about that.

As the killer was under age we don’t get his name. And as he was likely a non-White possible Muslim we won’t get to know anything about him at all compared to what we would have heard if he was white, conservative or God forbid, Christian.

For what little there is, see Twitter at #RipNev

In the comments for yesterday’s Reader’s Links post there are several CBC videos on the girl who had a piece of clothing cut. And yes, that cloth was part of a hijab. But I want to know. Is the hijab a part of a uniform and therefore cutting it is disrespect to what it stands for, in which case, why can we not all show the kind of contempt to all who wear it as their scripture shows for us? Or is it just a piece of cloth. In which case, why does anyone care more than if one kid rips another kid’s jeans?

4. Newt Gingrich: How close did we come to disaster?

5. New documentary on what British muslims really think.

6. Project Veritas teases next release:



Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, MissPiggy, EB.,

I asked Ava Lon to write a little note about her journey of discovery of the Cable news channel, One America News. The results are posted below:

I first heard of OAN when I learned that Tomi Lahren was starting work for TheBlaze. They said she came from OAN. Back then I didn’t bother to check who they were.


But I liked Tomi. A fierce blonde who has no respect for Political Correctness, one of the rare people on TV who doesn’t sugar-coat the reality, doesn’t distort it or lie about it.


Then someone mentioned OAN to me again, and that ’s how I discovered Liz Wheeler — another fierce female contributor. I thought that OAN seems to be a place where this type of journalist can exist, this type of journalism can grow mature and ripen to bear fruit in a network that knows the difference between fact and opinion, and makes the concentrated decision to present only facts.


They have American history lessons between the programs, and those are historical facts you never learned about in school, because they were, as Al Gore would put it, “an inconvenient truth”, not fitting into leftist agenda.

Today Tomi works at Fox, which I watch if I want an analysis or an opinion; but I watch OAN if I just want facts, and then make up my own mind.

Ava Lon



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  1. The facts being brought out about the Uranium One deal include a lot that I didn’t know either. This scandal is one of those I have been hoping will bring down the entire Clinton Crime Family.

    The Charity Fraud has the potential of putting all three members of the Clinton family in the pen, Chelsey Clinton is one of the officers of the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Foundation paid for her million dollar + wedding.

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