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11 Replies to “Iranian boy asked leading question on Iranian TV, gives unexpected answer”

  1. I am having trouble reading many articles. They have a little cicle with a line through it and I get nothing here. Censorship??? I will try a newer browser, I like my old Explorer but have an windows vista and cannot update explorer. I love this site.

  2. I can’t for the life of me see why an Iranian would be sympathetic toward a Sunni Muslim Palestinian Arab. Would the Iranians be so militaristic if they didn’t have the 1400-year-old war with the Sunnis to worry about? I’ve heard Persians refer to Arabs as Bedouins, and they didn’t mean it as a compliment…

    • Not all Arabs are the same. Those terrorist fueling Gulf Arabs have an entirely different agenda from the Sunni Arabs in the Levant and Iraq. It’s a matter of empathy.

    • They’re fixated on Qods or Quds – ‘Jerusalem’ in Persian. Israel is the Islamic Republic’s Snowball.

      That flavor of Tard seems to have sucked up something of the caste sensibility from their excellent adventures devastating the Indian Subcontinent. Moh’s relatively straightforward ‘clean vs. unclean’ is an order of magnitude more extreme for the Twisted Ones.

      ‘Unclean’ is deeply invested with demonic essence. Whereas Moh assures the believer – in no uncertain terms – that Allah is all-powerful, the Twisted Tards are still hung up on the power of the Devil. No longer the integrated Zoroastrian duality, they’re left with a shattered cosmos that’s beyond the Koran, the Sunna, and the Hadith.

      So they get kinky – Ashura and Arba’een, flagellants and cutting. Pagan rituals that have no place in the world according to Moh. (A flat world.)

      Jews are no longer simply a lower order of being, the Koran’s almost endearing “sons of apes and pigs”. They’re the demons that can’t be exorcised.

      The 19th century refreshed the metaphors, that’s all. All-pervasive, invisible destructive forces readily become virulent pathogens, cancers that invade the very tissues of a human being. Such language is characteristic of mullahs and other genocidal Jew-haters, like the Palestinians.

      The Nazis whipped up the old devil mania in Europe where there was a substratum of endemic Jew hate. But that was a “Springtime for Hitler” production number compared to its resonance among certain Mohammadans. It was artfully simulated, an induced mass hysteria that was as bogus as a Valkyrie costume drama.

      Christ knocks the Devil out entirely: His people knew a world free of that fear. Freedom from fear and hope. That’s an enduring knowledge, just as encoded into the European civilization as genetic traits that promote the survival of the fittest.

  3. Yucki, all of what you’ve written seems to me profound and true, with a real depth of understanding of the subject far beyond my own. So i read every word you’ve written here–the kinky, the unclean, the twisted and the endemic substratum of genocidal Jew hating–and without much effort a pattern emerges. Nothing that such diseased minds can come up with is possible before an abrogation of all that it means to be free and responsible. They give it all away to Groupthink because this is the easiest thing to do for the weak. It is the same for every mellifluous song and bullshit dance that ever came along or ever will. There will always be someone there to think for us the second we get too weak or stupid to think for ourselves. And this brings me intuitively to the mindscape of PerfectChild. (For newcomers to this blog this is another great contributor to this site.) Excusing oneself by not-so-clever self-deception is an ancient rhyme. Displacing the onus permits the monster to emerge. Once we start to see behavior through such a lense alot begins to make sense. The little monster running my kid’s English class is the same monster running my country, is the same monster running the mosque down the street. The Politically Correct is just an Imam who lost his dress.

    • Johnny, you understand perfectly well because you’re witnessing it in the most direct way possible: You’re standing with your child on the frontline.

      Christians are immune to these monsters to the extent they genuinely believe. I suppose solid products of the Enlightenment are similarly protected. I say suppose only because my direct experience is limited to “conventional” believers. Souls who rescued souls by virtue of the grace that exceeded their rational fears.

      Everybody can get lazy, a little backsliding won’t hurt if you’ve got a secure backstop. A whole person can hum along with the [filthy rap-] song, tap the toe to the [twerk-] dance and walk away intact. Those who know the difference between feeling good and feeling well, who choose the latter because it feels right.

      That sense of rightness is the product of Mommy and Daddy and right-brain and left-brain. [v. Perfectchild.] It would seem natural, but that’s not how it’s parsed these days.

      What’s really scary is the vacuum we’re observing in Europe has lasted for a _Biblical_ generation, forty years. The howling from the hell that is Iran, the poison that’s infiltrated from Gulf Arab countries since 1979 – without pause, without challenge. [*]

      Thank the communists for making that possible, opening the gates and turning the taps ever-wider.

      The condition of the canaries should be setting off alarms in the collective unconscious. Irrespective of feelings for the birds themselves. Instead, there’s a fascination with fantasy birds of prey. A Hitchcock movie vision that’s more real than the experience of their own grandparents.

      Not only in Europe. Read some of the comments at Zero Hedge. Conspiracies consume otherwise rational thinkers. They see a familiar devil everywhere in everything. They won’t know the real thing till they’re on fire themselves. Consumed completely by fire: a holocaust independent of belief.
      [*] See the article below for why I fix a date on an apparently arbitrary process. It just fits.

      • Report: Saudi Arabia Seeks Reform Towards ‘Moderate Islam’

        […] The key event in recent Saudi Islamic history is often underappreciated by outside observers: the siege of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, in which militants occupied the holiest shrine of Islam for 15 days in 1979. The WSJ mentions it only briefly, but the siege dovetailed with the revolution in Iran to change both the Sunni and Shiite wings of the Islamic world.

        It is best understood as a theocratic coup, and not an unsuccessful one because it permanently altered the relationship between Saudi Arabia’s royal family, secular bureaucracy, and hardline Islamist clergy. The government did much to curry favor with the Wahhabi extremists to prevent anything like the Grand Mosque attack from happening again. The most pessimistic interpretation of the aftermath is that fundamentalists effectively blackmailed the wealthy Saudi government into bankrolling extremism and terrorism. The siege made the government look weak, dishonest, and decadent to many Saudis.

        The Grand Mosque terrorist incident was also a landmark moment in deteriorating relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and by extension Sunni and Shiite Islam, since Iran was widely believed to be involved in the attack. A dismal contest between Saudi Arabia and Iran began to demonstrate which was more pious and faithful to Islamic law. Fundamentalism spread rapidly across formerly liberal and cosmopolitan cities across the Middle East, which until the Islamist upheaval of the late Seventies resembled American and European cities of the same era. It didn’t help matters that Islamic fundamentalism mixed easily with Marxist quackery.
        Saudi Arabia and Iran competed in funding radical madrassas and mosques outside their borders. They sent out fire-breathing imams, published the most toxic dawa materials ever seen.

        It wasn’t only – or even primarily – the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan that ruined the Caucasus. The tards in the region were genuinely ‘moderate’: that’s all they could be in the Communist sphere.

        After 1979 Saudi imams infiltrated the region and poisoned a generation. Massively. Russia now has a problem few in the West appreciate.

  4. How fascinating and terrifying what you’ve written. Really. And now we’ve got fire-breathing imams down at our corner store. And fire-breathing commies right beside them. We’ve got a massive site like Zerohedge–which in its infancy gave me an education on economics and the markets much like my education here on the Red/Green alliance–but like you say is now a cesspool if you read the comments. (I still pick its bones for the occasional scrap but wish I knew where its original creator went.) It was you who clued me in to that little triple parenthesis trick they do. Too many have lost their way. Then as you point out look at Russia and what their “adventures” have got them. About 10+ % Tard? We here know exactly what percentages mean in terms of the systematic and strategic advances the muslims make given their relative densities to native pops. The only difference is that the Russians have never luxuriated in the la-la land that has softened up the West. They’ve not lost their edge from the hardships they’ve endured and are still capable of seeing these tards for what they are. My Belarusian secretary is very sweet until something winds her up, then look out. Very tough.

    You’ve been holding back. Your answer is deserving of a headline post. Thank you.

    • TY!
      Some say the Russian _army_ is 20% tard! Also horror percentages of illegals in the big cities, working construction and such.

      But you’re right about the toughness that’s in their favor. Islamophobia?
      No. Outright distrust and hostility. Backed up by a ruthless strongman.

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