Femen attacks Czech leader, Great video on honour in Islam by Germany’s DW: Links 1, Jan. 12, 2018

1. Femen activist bares teats and runs at Czech President screaming a slogan, then complains that it hurts to be arrested.

2. ANOTHER threat to the Pedestal-Clinton crime cartel found dead. This man was 36 years old.


WikiLeaks collaborator, James Dolan, who co-created the technology that allowed WikiLeaks to obtain and publish the leaked DNC and Podesta emails, has been found dead. He was 36.  


3. Honour culture in Jordan.

4. Mark Steyn on Haiti as a wonderful place to move to.

5. OPEN BORDERS: United Nations Negotiating ‘Global Migration’ Plan

The globalists want to eliminate the sovereignty of nations and eliminate borders.

Without borders, a nation doesn’t exist.

That’s why the globalists want borders eliminated.

They are seeking to further centralize control, and to do that they need to eliminate nationalism.


 If they can eliminate borders, they can eliminate any real sense of there being distinct nations. And if they can do that, they can eliminate nationalism.

So, it’s no surprise that they are now pushing for a “global compact for migration that would encourage governments to offer more legal venues for migrants,” as noted by Yahoo News.

Here are a few things said by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, showing his intention to eliminate national sovereignty:

6. Trudeau Government may bring back the totalitarian thought crimes laws that Stephen Harper removed from the code.

7. Ezra Levant interviews Christine D. Williams.

8. More Femen morons. At least when they disrobe you can see where their brains are.

(I wonder if the reason FEMEN doesn’t do this to Trudeau is they think he will figure its just an average Friday night out with the boys for him)

(Cause you can never have enough angles of a crazy, unintelligent half naked female trying to bully a politician with her tits)

More to come later.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, EB, MissPiggy and many many more who sent in great stuff or made interesting observations.

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7 Replies to “Femen attacks Czech leader, Great video on honour in Islam by Germany’s DW: Links 1, Jan. 12, 2018”

  1. 5. We either have bordered nations and open governments, or open nations with bordered governments. Those keeping untrustworthy people out or those proactively keeping them it.

  2. 7. ‘The Canadian Race Relation Foundation Committee have a vision of “Harmony For All” for all of Canadians

    This nonchalantly came out of Chrine D Williams’ mouth – and no one is terrified by this?

    Please see:
    Peace for all
    Love for all
    Gender for all

    • This is collectivism. Submission, prison or death will be your only options. Group think.

      In a sane mommy-loved world, you can again be loud mouthed, a biggot, a liar, where eventually your neighbors will reject, shun and even confront your rhetoric with exact like-for-like deeds, so from your own fears and lost of trust in Allah, you run out of town.

      Now you have a free choice again. To find some other schmucks to support your inner-demons, or repent and start a new life. Muhammad fled from Mecca, was protected and sheltered by autopilot Christians, and then went to Medina.

      Ezra is not a Moses, presenting with shrillness as a person defined from a very long line of mothers; and so, unlike Tucker, did not burn this Golden Calf of ‘we all gotta find away to get along together,’ when we already do this in the battle for better ideas.

      Speaking warmly to this High Priestess who has rallied against the internment of Japanese when Japan declared war against the US; and cozying up to a Moderate Islam; both pretending there is nothing hiding beneath the volcano.

  3. Besides giving the men a free show what does the Feman nudity do? I mean I appreciate the Boobs but they aren’t going to make me change my mind about anything.

    (I wonder if the reason FEMEN doesn’t do this to Trudeau is they think he will figure its just an average Friday night out with the boys for him

    That is as good a guess as any I can make.

    Given the rumors about Hillary it may be why they don’t try it with her also.

  4. 3. Honour culture in Jordan.

    Given how strongly the interviewees unanimously felt about “honor”, isn’t it time for the West to ensure that all attempts at performing hegira (i.e., migratory invasion) become avenues of intense personal dishonor?

  5. 4. Mark Steyn. Really appreciate this clip. CNN is still in shock at Trump’s remark, and stutteringly keeps repeating their horror as the indignant responses of the hypocritical (left) world roll in … I guess the remark was too real for them. I wonder how many Haitians think in their heart of hearts “how do I get out of this shithole?” I wonder how many voice it sadly to each other in whispers in the middle of the night as gangs, ganja and guns imprison them and define who they are? I wonder how many would jump at a chance to live and work in China or Russia to experience relative freedom and prosperity? Why can’t Saudi Arabia or another rich Muslim country take in all the Syrian and Palestinian refugees? Develop the desert like the Jews did, and invite all their Muslim brothers there. Allah would be pleased.

    The American left are such suckers.

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