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One Reply to “Viktor Orban: On democracy, immigration, and the EU”

  1. one needs to be careful when supporting such initiatives.
    breaking European unity, weakening or dissolving NATO are the goals of Putin.

    there are not one but two hostile forces infiltrating and disfiguring Europe today:

    1) Russia. the modus operandi is through divide-and-rule, and intimidation:
    – “controllable chaos” – support of separatist and radical movements of all sorts
    – oil and gas blackmail
    – bribing/intimidating political elites into supporting “Putin-versteher” narratives
    – nuclear blackmail
    – anti-American propaganda
    – fomenting inter-state conflicts (eg Britain-Spain over Gibraltar)
    – political assassinations (Litvinenko)
    – “friendship societies” – defacto intelligence/sabotage headquarters
    – organized crime, eg money laundering
    – armed invasions, occupations, annexations (Georgia, Pristina, Crimea, Donbass)
    – weapons smuggling (Donbass)
    – orchestrated mob violence (Russian spec-ops “football fans” tour in Marceille)
    – Russia as the “conservative Christian white men’s saviour” propaganda

    2) Sunni Islam. similar tactics
    – oil/gas blackmail
    – building no go islamic enclaves as defacto terror bases (Molenbeek)
    – weapons smuggling
    – mass invasions of low IQ, conservative muslim, criminalized, fighting age males
    – spectacular terror acts, including mass casualties bombings/truck-jihad attacks
    – attacking churches and synagogues
    – sexual violence against women
    – islamic mob rule e.g. street prayers, dawa actions
    – stealth jihad – halal, islamic finances, sharia courts, FGM, praying rooms, school curriculae corrections promotong “positive image” of islam
    – universities infiltration “(Islamic law”, “Middle Eastern studies” departments)
    – building new mosques, converting churches to mosques
    – infiltrating/co-opting equality/diversity industry
    – infiltrating and islamizing museum/heritage protection establishment
    – anti-Semitism normalization
    – direct nationalist, diaspora based fifth column politics (Turkey in Germany, Morocco in Neherlands, Pakistan in the UK)
    – anti-Americanism, again

    Mr. Orban on the one hand is building the fence agains migrants, but, on the other – he never criticizes Putin.
    he’s just shut and silent on that.
    as well as Milos Zeman BTW. oh, and Marine Le Pen. and AfD leaders.
    or they are useful idiots (which is doubtful), or the conscious agents of Putin.

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