Postmodernism and the media and schools, Trudeau and the alleged taliban-rapist: Links 1, January 3, 2018

1. Dr. Peterson shows Wilfred Laurier doubling down on restriction of thought

2. The NYT shows us what a lie of omission is. Again.

3. Two American greats examine the state of American journalism. (See item 2)

4. One of Trudeau’s associates met with him in December shortly before heading to jail on multiple charges. But this little video misses nearly all the big questions.

This radio segment from Canadian Formerly Right Airwaves in Ottawa, asks a lot of the missing questions.

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5. The big question here, is why do we not see hundreds of thousands of these signs?

Thank you Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, MissPiggy and many more. Its going to be a busy year, does it feel like that to you? Except this year it feels like there will be lots of good news as well.

At this point I am nearly grateful to Obama. Because if he had not trashed the greatest nation in the history of the world as badly as he did, now President Trump may not have run for office. After all, the numbers show it is costing him in nearly every way a person can measure costs. And the “Overton Window” is rapidly moving back to sanity and reason because of it.

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  1. 3. James O’Keefe and Bill Whittle – To Give An Answer

    Related: Question the Question Itself
    “Answering the Tough Questions Part I with Michael Ramsden”
    C.S. Lewis Institute – Published on June 1, 2012
    To Give An Answer beginning @ 22:40…
    Apologetics isn’t simply about giving answers to other peoples questions, it’s also about learning how to question people’s answers or even to question the question itself…

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