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7 Replies to “Iran Protests: The Youth Clash With Security Forces In Front of IRGC Base in Bandar Abbas”

  1. It is known that Muslims cannot live in democracy.
    Civil war will not make Iran a better place.
    It is a sham.in fact they rebel because of money

    • They can’t live in a democracy, true. They need dictators because of damn Islamic culture and upbringing.
      I know Muslim people and there’s something about them, even in family or friendly settings, very patriarchal and dominating.
      It’s very difficult to deal with them: it’s their way or no way.
      I think Iran is different.

      • Iran is one of the only two Islamic nations I know of that have managed to hang on to some of their own culture. (The other is Indonesia) This is why the Shah’s of Iran have managed to avoid so much of the Islamic trap, if Jimmy Carter wasn’t such a Chicken S–t the Ayatollahs wouldn’t have taken control of Iran. The people have heard about what life was like under the Shah and are fighting to get back to that life. If the Iranians can manage to break the hold of the Ayatolahs this will give hope to the other Islamic nations.

        What we in the West have to learn or remember is that Islam is built around a rigid authoritarian philosophy and is pretty much incapable of change. Unless the reformation effort in Saudi works (don’t hold your breath) something we won’t know for a Century or better, we will have to find strongmen who will rule the Islamic nations in such a way that Islam isn’t a threat to the world.

        As we wait to see if this is 1) a real counter revolution and 2) if it succeeds we will have to consider what its success will mean to the west and the fight against the Islamic Conquest.

        • Islamic Nations feel like an abscess
          One never knows how deep the ramifications are and how much puss will come up when it is festering
          Septicemia is likely

  2. Don’t refer to the Persian as an Arab. Grouping the two is a major affront to the Persian. I hope, for the sake of the world, that all Persians rise to apostasy, proving in the process that they are better than 7th century monsters. Otherwise begin in earnest a real reformation of this terrible plague. But why bother? Hasn’t it done enough damage?

    • I have heard rumors but have no proof that in Iran a lot of people are converting to Christianity and to Zoroasterism. This is another thing we are going to have to wait to discover if it is true or not..

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