Catalonia elects third muslim representative

Egri Nok translated this article about the Catalan independence movement and its connections to Islamic manifest destiny. This was posted by Egri in October of this year.

Now this:

Catalonia Elects Its First Female Muslim MP

CATALONIA – Catalonia elected its first female Muslim MP in the region’s elections last Thursday, bringing the number of Muslim parliamentarian representative to three.

The December 21st election marked the 12th Parliament of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, during which pro-independence parties took a majority in regional elections.


The thirty-six-year-old Moroccan was placed 10th on the list of the Barcelona’s Republican Left Party of Catalonia, becoming the first woman of the Catalon community to join the legislative body of Catalonia.


“I am taking this step at such a complicated time for Catalonia because I believe it’s necessary to civilize part of society – that minority which believes that another minority is second-class,” said Driouech, Morocco World News reported.

Yes Islam is famous for civilizing Western nations.

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    • OT/ I just swam away from Hungarians – people with Hungarian roots who now live in a half-dozen countries – long argument about – Hungary! – what else?
      You probably have abundant resources, as they all do, but you might enjoy these links:

      Origin and SHORT history of Hungarians

      I knew many in the Chicago Hungarian community a long time ago. I come from a musical family – Hungarians are fond of fiddlers, feed them well!

      • Thanks Yucki. Very interesting! Leopold Bloom, Hungarian Jewish immigrant and main character of Joyce’s Ulysses. “The Irish of the East” they say of that bunch

        My mother was Irish and my father Hungarian, as you know. I just hope these Magyars were nice to you.

        • Hungary + musicians + post-Nazi USA = ecological niche. Think George Széll and Rudolf Serkin.

          Georg Solti (who studied with Bartók, Dohnányi and – maybe Kodály), left when Hungary got Horthy. Became director of Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

          Solti’s protégé was Samuel Magad, who soloed at age 11 with the CSO and served as concertmaster for decades. Mr. Magad ‘discovered’ a precocious 4-year-old, whose celebrated career started in Hungarian restaurants.

          Not me, a close relative. I was around enough to learn Dobosh torte and poppy seed csiga.

  1. I repeat this is like when the Welsh invited the Saxons into Britain to help keep the Scots up above the wall. I hope that once Europe gets its acts together they can remove the invaders for all European nations much quicker this time.

  2. In India the Muslim guardians burst into bathrooms of the faithful and destroy their toilets

    Fecking priceless! Set back one of the very few Second World—nuclear armed—countries (i.e., India) as it redoubles its effort to join the First World global community. What could possibly go wrong?!?

    Please, let India’s Muslim demographic become internationally renowned for destroying modern sanitation facilities and causing the spread of fatal diseases like typhoid, hepatitis A, salmonella, Escherichia coli diarrhea, gastroenteritis, leptospirosis, campylobacteriosis, giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis, and so many other sewage-related illnesses.

    Hell, at the very least, whatever numerous physical discomforts resulting from inadequately hygienic toiletry will be more than enough to piss off (as it were) countless thousands (or several millions) of people—especially those who are remotely accustomed to functional indoor plumbing.

    After all, isn’t depriving a region, province or nation access to such fundamental health facilities a form of (epidemic) mass slaughter? Why don’t Muslims make equally strenuous efforts towards abolishing bulk water purification and other niggling features of 20th century living like … ummm, electrification or mass transit; and then see where that gets them.

    Few other destructive acts than this rubbishing of public toilets could possibly inspire more antagonism, intolerance, and violent retribution from India’s Hindus. After all, watching infants and the elderly (i.e., those who are most susceptible to the aforementioned diseases) perish—because of this absurd Islamic insistence upon far more primitive methods of personal hygiene—is nothing less than an open invitation to vengeful genocide.

    As is the case in so many other situations related to Islam, the only meaningful question is whether Muslims—or their intended victims—will emerge intact from this perpetual 14th century bottleneck of theirs.

    Seeing as how this planet’s Islamic population is outnumbered by (approximately) 4:1, a small amount of “reorientation” regarding Islam’s ultimate goals—and their intended end-results—should be more than enough to motivate most all other global cultures to reject these supremely ridiculous and viciously brutal dictates of Mohhammad, the Koran, and every other last shred of beliefs held by this maniacal, zealot, bunch of psychopaths.


    Once again, Islam unashamedly parades its dumbfoundingly archaic idiocy for all the world to see. Yet, far too many non-Islamic nations continue to uphold this sort of brutal insanity as worthy of being protected by the sheltering of ideological beliefs. The few answers available to these sort of jihadist enablers rapidly will escalate into the realm of unconventional responses. What other alternatives will there be?

  3. far too many non-Islamic nations continue to uphold this sort of brutal insanity as worthy of being protected by the sheltering of ideological beliefs

    They have bought into the idea that demographics are king and nothing can be done to stop the replacement of Western People and Civilization by the Middle East and Africa.

    The silver lining in the very dark cloud you are presenting is that the vast majority of the dying from the diseases you listed will be done in the mini nations the Islamic Invaders are busy establishing.

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