Geopolitics, Clinton Crime family, tweets, and Islam: Links 1, December 23, 2017

1. At last, some real actions against the Obama, Clinton crime syndicates

2. Meanwhile, in Canada, a nation which is now demonstrably more 3rd world than Argentina,

3. As usual, Charles Krauthammer makes some really obvious and worthy points about the Obama payoff to Iran.

4. A brilliant example of the kind of diversity we have come to expect n various ways from our new cult of  multiculturalism.

“Lipstick on a pig” has become more than a metaphor in Germany, where, according to the Daily Mail, bestiality brothels are all the rage these days.


A law that makes sex with animals legal (although animal porn is still illegal!) has turned bestiality into a big business.

It’s probably pure coincidence, but I would be remiss in not pointing out that the rise in people doing the nasty with farm animals coincides with the arrival in Germany of several hundred thousand refugees in 2015 and 2016.


In addition to the influx of bestiality brothels, the country now has “erotic zoos” where visitors are welcome to abuse animals ranging from llamas to goats.

(And now even the term, ‘petting zoo’ has a cynical and lascivious feel to it, trashing another innocent idea onto the smokey tire fire that is Islamic influence.)

5. Reporter tracks down father of muslim convert that was gunned down while trying to murder police in what was clearly an act of jihad.

This interview is worth watching for quite a few reasons.

6. More Swedish cultural enrichment.

7. The fellow at the centre of crafting the echo-chamber for forging the Iran deal appears not to be able to get a security clearance in the US government. But Obama got him one anyway.

Now let’s look at what he himself said about what he and Project Quisling-Obama did.

There are some fascinating revelations, many of which revolve around Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran:

  • The White House consciously created an “echo chamber” of experts and commentators to shape the public’s perception of the Iran deal: “We created an echo chamber,” Rhodes told The Times’ David Samuels. “They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say … We had test drives to know who was going to be able to carry our message effectively. So we knew the tactics that worked.”
  • Rhodes’ “story” of the Iran deal began in 2013, but it was not the full story: As many foreign-policy experts have noted, Obama began negotiating with Iran at least a year before Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s new “moderate” president, defeated Iran’s hardliners in a landslide 2013 election. Still, Samuels wrote, “The idea that there was a new reality in Iran was politically useful to the Obama administration.”

8. Top 10 @ The Rebel.Media

Thank you Xanthippa, Richard, M., Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Johnny U., EB., Charles and a lot of new people who’s names I have not seen enough yet to remember but please keep it coming!

If you read this site, and a few others like it, you cannot help but notice that muslims attacking and murdering people in the name of Islam are now very common even if the media chooses to not report it other than locally. A trick which started in the UK but is now global. And remember, you must factor in the ones that were foiled or arrests made. They are every bit as important as the ones that succeeded in terms of understanding the threat and the severity of it. Because we caught one, does not mean there is no problem.

San Francisco and Pennsylvania alone last night, a pile of German ones and I cannot even imagine how many were caught in Belgium, Sweden and France where the press exits to hide important information rather than inform people.

Please everyone, have the best possible Christmas. The threat to it as an institution should make it sweeter in some ways. Revel in it. Recognize its importance, perhaps for the first time in our lifetimes. But celebrating Christmas is a form of winning. Like being a Jew in Germany, or frankly anywhere, is a win against the Nazis, celebrating Christmas with all your loved ones and from the bottoms of our hearts is a win against the jihadis and the leftists, both of whom are determined to crush and replace it.

Again, thank you all and very Merry Christmas.

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  1. Merry Christmas to all.

    The investigation into the Obama and Clinton crime families is one of the best Christmas Presents that I have ever received. Now if we can get some of the mainstream news outlets interested enough to take a good hard look and push for a Special Prosecutor, preferably one that isn’t a Democrat or linked to the Sewer Rats in any way shape or form.

  2. I would start this with Sweden but really it is the same in all European nations, the left wing politicians have all but destroyed all of the Western European nations. The people allowed the Quisling politicians to betray their nations because the thought that they could prevent future wars by following the international socialist line of destroy all national identity and culture to prevent any future wars. The left gleefully destroyed the European nations military to spend the money of buying votes with welfare programs, they did this under the protective umbrella of the US.

    What they didn’t count on was the US being foolish enough to elect someone like Obama (twice) and allowing him to destroy the US military. The Pax America was destroyed by Obama and we don’t have the money to rebuild the US military fast enough to spread the protective umbrella over the entire world like we use to. Europe and the Islamic Invasion is the lesser threat to the US, North Korea and their missiles and WMDs are the most dangerous threat. Many people in the US have been complaining for years about the way Europe was getting free defense from the US Government while attacking us every other day. We the citizens of the US have been taxed enough to pay for your defense and we are now faced with rebuilding our economy after 8 years of Marxist economics that came close to destroying our economy while rebuilding the US military and removing the North Korean Threat. Until a greater threat to the US arises in Europe you are on your own, you will have to defend your selves. Given what is currently happening in Europe this should (I know your socialist masters will not allow this for a while longer) include local militias that patrol their neighborhoods and prevent predators from entering said neighborhoods. It should also include restoring the right of self defense to all European natives and this means the right to own and carry the tools that are necessary to that right of self defense.

    You have traveled further down the path to slavery and a reversion to the barbaric government of the last Dark Age. You clawed your way out of that Dark Age and are now called upon to do so again, your allowing the governments of your nations to disarm you will make the job of restoring freedom to Europe more difficult but it can be done. Don’t expect much help from us, we are facing threats from the Far East and from the Islamic Drug Cartels in South America. If Obama hadn’t borrowed and spent so much money in his quest to destroy the US we would have had the money to help you while saving ourselves from the Korean threat.

    We have been forced into the position of following the philosophy of Winston Churchill, we don’t have permanent friends or permanent enemies, what we have are permanent interests. One of these interests is protecting the US from attacks with WMDs, I urge all of our European Friends to elect politicians who will follow the same philosophy and protect your own nations.

    God help all of us, we need all of the help we can get.

  3. Since we’re at it then I will wish you all a very Merry Christmas, as well. Vlad and Eeyore, you have created a real community here. You’ve managed to corral the type of people I suspect are not “joiners” or followers in the common sense. Of course, it only took a bit of your wit and unpretentious truth to snag us. What a great service you’ve provided. I remember sitting on a bar stool with you maybe 20 years ago. I said watch out for the Chinese, they’re on the rise. You said watch out for Islam.

    Now we read Chris, Yucki, Richard, PerfectChild, EB, Buck, Sassy, Babs, Xanthippa, Norse Radish, Wrath of Khan, Martin, Rita, Crossware, Egri, and so many great other independent types who bring their clear, defiant minds to the table. (Where would we be without Wrath and Martin and their competitive posting!) My guess is you’re all considered a bit “difficult” by your peers. And that, in this day and age of creeping tyranny, is a real badge of honour. I mean, sincerely, no sticky sentimentality at all. But I bet each one of you has red-pilled a few. Thanks for teaching what you know.

    You can bet that the bad guys are trying to figure out how to ban Christmas altogether.

    • Merry Christmas, Johhnyu. May all your family be well.

      A child is born. Like every child.

      To question those at the Temple, wearing the comforts of their religions.

      To see into the looking-glass. At an existance from a reflection. Virtue signalers. Mind gamers. Fetishizers.

      Sadducees or Pharisees. Shia or Sunni. Following the Royal Blood Line or The Law. Catholic or Protestant. Every child corrupted to resent the other.

      Get your head out and return to reality once more.

      Thank you all who write to expose this madness of those attached to Heaven and Earth. The Muslims, Socialists and Sexual-Identitists. These mirror-imaged crossed-dressing male-female phoney plastic role players. Where goodness is to cheer on Evil to defeat the painful truth.

      It has been a darker year in all Western countries of poorly raised and blindly educated children. To become cattle.

      Yet one sane child who speaks, can make a difference to any society.

      Make your voices heard. Speak your truths calmly. Open minds.

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