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8 Replies to “Convert to islam planned Frisco terror holiday”

  1. OT- So cold northern climates with cheap electricity to cool and power computers is required for Cryptocurrency mining. Note how there is no mention of solar or wind farms being used? Note the forecast rise in electricity requirements? Note the not noted prospect of building more nuclear power for said electricity because there is only so much hydro to go around? Note the not noted explosion in facilities required if block-chain tech is embraced as the next reserve currency while cash is eliminated? I truly hope crypto dies a quick death only because digital currencies used by central banks means eliminating individual freedom. However for this very reason there will be those who wish it to succeed.


    • I don’t think that the crypto currencies will take over, their bubble is about to bust and too many people will go broke. This will also taint the idea of all national currencies being converted to digital and doing away with currencies.

  2. Meanwhile, San Francisco’s vibrant and diverse gay culture has taken to the streets in vigorous protests about Islam’s baked-in homophobia and murderous attitude towards homosexuality or alternative sexual lifestyles.


    Just kidding. As if!

    Go right ahead; stay silent, gays and feminists, but do so secure in the knowledge that you are inviting your own doom. If not from Islam, then from Conservatives who will forever dismiss all of you as the very worst sort of enablers for jihadist terrorism.

    Not even whatever bizarre form of Stockholm Syndrome imaginable can explain how the global community of gays rush to play the victim, even as they remain totally schtum about those who would most eagerly kill them all.

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