Do NOT drink coffee while watching this video

Here is another one by the same guy. I thought it was for real at first, because its really hard to mock islam by exaggeration. What I call, ‘jokes of logical extreme’. But that appears to be what he is doing.

But this guy I think is for real:



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10 Replies to “Do NOT drink coffee while watching this video”

  1. This seems to be an effective way around youtube censoring.
    5 Reasons why I support the Burqa: sunburns from global warming; acid attacks; allergies and ebola; card game of poker; identity theft prevention.
    I hope that this site’s translators will consider subtitling at least one of these…

  2. A Great reason to stop breeding with goats, sisters, daughters and chickens and camels. This has got to be the biggest dork in Islamic standards, but then again if they get the hots looking at snow women it would be a good guess that Muslims are really Mentally challenged and need to stay in the desert.

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