was not a Donald Trump fanboy, but facts are facts

If he can keep up accomplishments in the spirit of classical liberalism in this manner for another 3 years, we will have witnessed the greatest presidency since the days of the Founding Fathers.

He didn’t mention that various components of the US economy are at all time highs. There are several other things that could have been in this video. His list of accomplishments are longer than Obama’s list of horrors in this amount of time in office.

Please feel free to post anything missed in the video in the comments.



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3 Replies to “was not a Donald Trump fanboy, but facts are facts”

  1. He is rebuilding the US military.

    He is doing his best to prevent Kim from getting the ability to hit the US with nukes. (I still think it will take military action to end this threat.)

    He is vetting the refugees instead of just letting them enter.

    He is arresting the illegal aliens and deporting them.

  2. From the beginning, when Trump went down those stairs in Trump Tower, I knew he would win.

    He said it: It will be one hell of a ride. And it was. He is not a politician but a wealthy man for the people.

    Out of all his rallies, I missed only one. I can say it was one of the best years of my life re energy and happiness.

    And he came through within one year… seven more years left… IMAGINE.

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