More selective enforcement, Austria’s new “nazi” government recognizes Israel as a Jewish state: Links 2, Dec. 18, 2017

1. Top 10 at The Rebel: EU insists that Europe is too white and the destruction of the White people of Europe is both unstoppable and desirable.

2. Selective enforcement is indeed the prime tool of the aspiring tyrant.

The University of Virginia says it will not recognize a conservative club because the organization limits its membership to those who affirm conservative principles.

In a letter on Friday, lawyers for Young America’s Foundation said the university’s policy is both “unconstitutional” and a violation of Virginia state law.


“A pro-choice club may deny leadership positions to pro-life students, and a gun control group may determine that it does not wish to extend membership to NRA members,” Casey Mattox, senior counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom, wrote in the letter. “Yet, by the terms of this policy — and its application here — religious and political student groups are specifically barred from instituting requirements for leadership and voting membership based on the beliefs their organizations seek to promote.”

3. Conference calls for ban on ‘anti-sharia laws,’ ‘hate speech’

  • UCLA recently hosted a “Muslim American Workshop” where attendees proposed a list of policy suggestions intended to help Muslim Americans.
  • Suggestions included “ban anti-shariah [sic] laws,” “eliminate 1st Amendment protections against hate speech,” and “ban anti-Muslim President.”

A recent academic conference on Muslim Americans at UCLA featured calls for “banning anti-sharia laws” and “eliminating First Amendment protections against hate speech.”


The University of California, Los Angeles’ Luskin School of Public Affairs hosted the Muslim American Workshop on December 15, where professors from around the country shared research papers and policy ideas.

4. Youtube has put Mike Cernovich’s documentary on Sweden and its implosion into a rape based Islamic state into the new normal of limited state as it does with anything true that goes against the pro-Islam, pro-destruction of Classical Europe narrative.

5. Facebook is now taking down copies of the famous Danish cartoon of Mohammad the initial publication of which could be said to be the moment the world should have known all it needed to know about Islam to defend against it.



6. Italian town removes Christmas tree from town hall for Muslims

According to the European Post, a traditional Christmas tree in the city of Bolzano had to be removed before a visit of the Muslim association. The reason given: “It could hurt their feelings or offend them.”


The city’s town hall Christmas tree, was decorated by the association of sport veterans, for the athlete of the year prize award ceremony. They also decorated the place with Christmas symbols and with Christmas coming, left them there.


But a day afterwards, the president of the sport veterans association received a phone call from the town hall office. He was asked to remove the Christmas tree and its decorations because the town hall would be visited by a Muslim association and it “could hurt their feelings, or offend them”.

7. The James Woods tweet that caught a lot of attention. (And rightly so)

8. Just a reminder of a plot against the railway not too too long ago.

9. A video explanation of the new Austrian coalition provided by our hard working translator, Ava Lon.

This new Austrian government officially recognizes Israel as a Jewish state.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Mike Gw., JohnnyU., Richard, Ava Lon and so many who contributed today and last night.



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