Postmodernism, Geert Wilders, Jayda Fransen and more: Links 1, December 15, 2017

1. Significant interview with Geert Wilders.

‘I do not believe in moderate Islam, but I do believe in moderate people’ – Geert Wilders 

( 26 min )

The rise of the political right is being felt across Europe and the Netherlands is no exception, where controversial politician Geert Wilders, a veteran of the game, took second place with his party in this year’s elections. Will his radical policies now make it into the Dutch and the European mainstream? Geert Wilders was our guest.

(It should be noted that the interviewer was both grotesquely unfair, but also grossly unprofessional. To respond to his points in an argumentative way, and then to move on to another subject without inviting a rebuttal was childish and not becoming an interviewer. It was cynical in fact.)

2. “That which is reported without evidence can be dismissed without evidence”

3. Britain First’s deputy leader, 31, who Trump retweeted is released on bail after appearing in court over a video post of her ranting about Islam at a Belfast peace wall

ISLAMIC States has vowed to destroy Berlin in a chilling threat on the German capital, one year after the deadly Christmas market attack.


12 people were killed in the truck attack at the city’s busy Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz, next to Berlin’s main shopping street last year.


Now ISIS propaganda has vowed “Berlin will burn”, as jihadis threaten to bring chaos and destruction to the city.

One image, posted to Twitter by ISIS propagandists, shows a heavily armed fighter stood in front of the famous Brandenburg Gate, with the words: “Berlin will burn”.


Another shows an ISIS fighter walking through a church towards Father Christmas and a Christmas tree, along with the words “soon on your holidays” and “soon very soon”.

And to the Islamic State, I say:

4. Judge frees Jayda Fransen of Britain First from jail.

(The UK is clearly now an authoritarian state with acceptable and unacceptable political views which are official but unannounced. This makes them more like the Nazis than the Muslims, as the Nazis hid what they felt was abhorrent to others while Muslims brag about those aspects of their doctrine.

Whatever one may or may not think of Britain First there is no excuse for the way they are treated by the governments in the UK.)

I think this is the video that she was jailed for:

Thank you M., Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, and a lot of other people who have consistently sent in important and revealing news items and links.

It is quite distressing to see the state of journalism today. The interview with Geert Wilders was so intense in its lack of professionalism, it felt like the direct result of legalizing marijuana. And the British government is clearly less concerned about appearing to be what it is. I cannot decide if that is a good thing or it isn’t other than in that I Claudius way of letting the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out.

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7 Replies to “Postmodernism, Geert Wilders, Jayda Fransen and more: Links 1, December 15, 2017”

  1. Wilders interview:

    ” the interviewer was both grotesquely unfair, but also grossly unprofessional.”

    That twat is ridiculous & almost hysterical with her antics. She’s well known for that.

  2. 1/ After Geert Wilders points out that before he was forced to live under police protection, he traveled widely in the Muslim world, the interviewer -quick as a striking snake- questions whether Wilder’s forced isolation has put him out of touch with the public. I would suggest that the interviewer is applying Alinsky’s Rule #4: Make the enemy live up to his own book of rules. To some degree, she is also applying Rule # 13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

    Wilder’s, however, has learned to parry these attacks. That’s what makes these videos so valuable: They’re practical tutorials in dealing with leftist manipulations.

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