Friday’s invocations bring muslim immolations: Links 1, December 8, 2017

1. Czech Republic not folding to EU pressure on migrant forced relocation scams.

The European Commission has announced it is suing the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary in the bloc’s top court for their refusal to take in asylum seekers in line with the Commission’s mandatory re-distribution mechanism. Prague says it will not change its stand and warns that a court case will only further undermine public trust in EU institutions.

The European Commission announced its decision on Thursday saying it had waited in vain for a show of solidarity from the three states in question. The EC’s deputy chair Frans Timmermans :

“There can be no free-rider solution in this. If there is a serious crisis in any member state then that member state should be able to count on the solidarity of every single member state of the European Union.”

2. MSM silent as Obama compares Trump to Hitler, warns of genocide

There is an unwritten rule that ex-presidents never speak publicly about their successors. It’s hardly surprising that Barack Obama has violated this code.

But what he had to say about Pres. Donald Trump is downright alarming. While speaking before the Economic Club of Chicago, Obama compared Trump to Adolph Hitler and warned of a genocide in America. […]

3. A great day for flag makers and sellers in the Islamic world today.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, and all who sent in materials. Its gonna be an interesting day.

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3 Replies to “Friday’s invocations bring muslim immolations: Links 1, December 8, 2017”

  1. First Obama and his BS, He is talking about a potential genocide, the only people calling for a genocide are his followers, so if he is really afraid of one he needs to tell his followers to calm down.

    The Islamic world is always waiting for a reason to riot, their love of rioting shouldn’t stop us from doing what is right. If/hwen we betray an ally to calm down the Islamic world we are giving them reason to believe that all they have to do to get any and every thing from the US is threaten to riot.

  2. Westwrn European countries have profited nicely by relocating factories to cheaper labour markets in eastern/central Europe. They’re cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

    • Yes and no, the reason the factories were relocated was the Marxist laws forcing high pay for a small amount of work and pay for massive leisure time. Given the above situation the companies didn’t really have any choice but to relocate. In the States we have the same problem but many of the factories were moved to right to work states where the Unions didn’t have the power to drive the companies out of business. Some companies are hanging on in the Union shop states by turning to automation but the unions are trying to organize the people who maintain the robots so once again the companies are having to choose between moving and going bankrupt. In Europe the companies moving the factories to Easters Europe is the same and the American companies moving down south. If it wasn’t for the Islamic conquest this would be a self correcting problem, the nations slowly going bankrupt until getting governments that would once again create a climate that draws manufacturing companies to the Western Nations. Hell the way things are going in the automation industry it won’t be that many years until almost all manual labor jobs in what use to be Western Civilization will be done by robots. The only solution to that is for a lot of small businesses to open up making most of the small items used on computer controlled lathes and milling machines and selling them as the work of craftsmen not robots.and I don’t know how that is going to work. I do know that massive welfare programs to feed and shelter the unemployed will turn into a permanent welfare class.

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