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8 Replies to “The guy’s mocking commentary is profoundly redundant in this clip.”

  1. The Commie mayor loads her rifle with high moral nerf shells. You see, these bullets make many of us laugh at her. They’re so light weight we can’t take them seriously. White privilege? C’mon, says the councilwoman…get serious… Most of us feel no such priviledge in our hard-working struggles. Nor should we.

    I’m hearing this so much more often. Remember a few months back, PC, when i told you about my mother-in-law pulling this shit on my kids? And you jumped in and rightfully gave your fine opinion? (I’m not being sarcastic.) Well, I explained the mechanics of the White Priviledge accusation to my kids in the full postmodern context. Bit by bit. And the result is children well informed and resolved as to right, wrong, truth and nonsense. They wear body armour which allows them to walk almost anywhere with understanding. I’m proud of them, but you were right, too.

    This mayor is a morality predator. Her nerf gun fires guilt bullets. When these bullets don’t slay her colleague she reloads. She gets stronger. She tells others to not interrupt. She sheds crocodile tears. The tyrant emerges because she is licenced by higher morality. Then she fires the 50 caliber round–the Racist round. But the other woman is prepared. She stands her ground and fires back. I love it.

    But just imagine if this histrionic, neurotic, wacko, power-crazy commie nut has her way? Look as the other (men?) sit there without a peep. It will be off to the gulag with you, WRONGTHINKER!

    Textbook. Should be taught in anticommie schools everywhere.

  2. All these white people who claim that there is white privilege are the Liberal Democrats that do possess that white privilege, and never went a day hungry or stranded in the middle of nowhere with a 15 year old car. They are the same people who are the oppressors acting like they care. Why don’t you all give up your 8 year old car, or your empty rental house to a black or brown homeless family? Why do you expect us real caucasian people who get along fine to give our color a downgrade because the people of color don’t get off their asses to help themselves? Stop trying to establish another segregation episode like the 60’s. By building up the BLM or the Black Power organizations, you are actually creating a division between colors where there are none. You actually want to tell Blacks that they are different from other people and creating a racial divide when it was settled in the 60’s.

  3. “They wear body armour which allows them to walk almost anywhere with understanding.”

    I cannot remember my comment Johnnyu, except there is a simple principle: to be educated, prepared and never reveal your hand to the Collectivist-dhimmis.

    The ‘breastplate of righteousness’ of St Paul, is no breastplate at all. You either are or you aren’t on the side of decency. No outward hypocrisy of burnt offerings, blood sacrifices or three-times submissions, to be enabled to heap all blame onto an imaginary Authority, while their priests fleece and minister to the wearers of correct attire.

    “Do not resist evil.” You cannot fight it and expect to win. http://biblehub.com/matthew/5-39.htm

    Nothing external in Heaven or Earth can ever provide Salvation to these cowardly followers. These who fight in packs, where if one accuses, they all accuse. The Pussy Hats are no different from a Muslim Market Place, stoning someone for hearsay and heresy. Triggered.

    These enemies of truth, without personal responsibility, making Sharia/Socialist/Genderfluid Laws to justify the unjustifiable.

    So every son or daughter has to watch and see sanity in action. Lead by example, and point out poor-logic and absurdity whenever it arises. For you will be saving their soul from those who envy them. The free-born among willing-slaves gambling for a Chance of Peace ; unearned and will never come.

  4. This mayor suffers from the perverted view of white female privilege. Overly privileged, overly pampered, overly protected, spoiled rotten white women.

    White men have the privilege of providing almost all of the jobs for everyone in Western countries. White women and coloreds have the privilege of demanding preferential access to those jobs over more qualified white men.

    White men have the privilege of building the great cities that keep white women so cozy. Blacks have the privilege of destroying them at white expense.

    I could go on, but no need to belabor the insanity of these people.

  5. When you get as hot with somebody as that mayor is with the alderwoman by insulting them viciously right to their face, what you’re doing is inviting them to get just as in your face which would result in immediate violence. What leftist bullies like this want and are expecting is for the more civilized conservative to back off a little to avoid a squalid situation, and then hand the victory to the screeching leftist, defeated by her own sense of decency, which the leftis doesn’t even possess. This is when Donald Trump steps in and shows you how a big-assed New York construction boss deals with personal insults, threats, and lies. We have to learn to stand up to the word “racist”.

    Good for the councilwoman’s brave response. If these leftist pricks want a fight, may God be with your fists. Next time she ought to try jumping up on the table and giving her response from there…

    • It won’t be long before that is the required response. The left has been moving politics into the contact sport column for years and the right is about ready to show them their mistake.

  6. White privilege doesn’t exist, just like homophobia, islamaphobia, and Man-made Global warming/Climate change do not exist. They are terms created to shame individuals that disagree with each of these attempts to pervert society.

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