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  1. http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2017/12/palestinian-authority-closing-schools.html?m=1
    photos of Western Wall in a new light

    Comment: Notwithstanding Reuters’ reporting, Jordan occupied parts of Jerusalem from 1948-1967, when it vacated the city, having relied on Nasser’s mendacities that he was decimating Israeli forces. In fact, according to first-person reports, Nasser imprisoned Jews living in Egypt, marching them in Alexandria, claiming them to be Israeli POW’s.

    • Bassam Tawil:
      The Real Palestian Response to Trump’s Jerusalem Speech

      A short three hours after US President Donald Trump phoned Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to inform him of his intention to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a number of Palestinian photojournalists received a phone call from Bethlehem.

      The callers were Palestinian “activists,” who invited the photographers to come to the city to document an “important event.” When the photographers arrived, they discovered that the “important event” was a handful of Palestinian “activists” who wanted to burn posters of Trump in front of the cameras.

      The “activists” waited patiently as the photojournalists and cameramen set up their equipment to get the “important event” on film. Shortly thereafter, the media was abuzz with reports about “angry Palestinian protesters taking to the streets to protest” Trump’s intention to move the embassy to Jerusalem and his recognition of the city as the capital of Israel. The handful of Palestinians who were filmed burning the Trump pictures were made to look as if they were part of a mass protest sweeping Palestinian communities.


  2. Jerusalem of Gold (Instrumental – Violin) – Music from israel

    Israeli folk song: This song was written and performed two weeks before the Six Day war (1967) which resulted in the reunification of Jerusalem, after the Israeli Defense Forces conquered Eastern Jerusalem and reclaimed the holy places.
    Lyrics & Music: Naomi Shemer

  3. With luck this will throw the Islamists of all stripes off stride for a while, it should also make them change some of their plans.

    If nothing else it will increase the amount of the future bribes to US politicians to reverse this action.

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