More evidence of a secret commie cabal, to which Macron is a new member

It is our belief that loosely speaking, a group consisting of George Soros and a few other mega rich people including an Iraqi Muslim billionaire that Wikileaks exposed as the basic owner of the British Labour Party, and who paid for Obama’s new HQ in Washington among other aspects of Obama’s reign, several high ranking members of the EU, some of which were exposed by Nigel Farage in a recent video, German leader Angela Merkel, and a pile more people who can easily be identified by irrational and counter intuitive statements about Islam and immigration which is remarkably similar to all the rest of them.

Trudeau is an easy one to mark as a junior member of this group. His rhetoric is identical to the others but delivered with the flair of a grade school acting teacher.

And now we have our questions about Macron, the new French leader answered. After all, he won his seat by changing from his usual socialist rhetoric at the last second to a rational conservative approach, at times even surpassing the style and content of Marine le Pen. But once winning office we saw nothing changed in France and the process of surrendering to islam and implementing cultural Marxist policies over rule of law continued at about the same pace.

And now we have this. A secret meeting between former President Obama and leader of the shadow government in the US, and Macron coming up. That pretty much solves any vestigial hopes that he was for the French citizen and classical values.

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  1. Finally this. We must ask ourselves why would Muslim Arabs care one iota about Pluralism? They don’t. They care about conquest.

    This place is on Sussex Drive in Ottawa beside the Royal Canadian Mint. Across from the Kuwait Embassy, and down the street from the new Saudi beach head. Go figure.

  2. The heritage building at 330 Sussex Drive that now houses the Centre was built over a century ago. It once held the archives of the Dominion of Canada, and later served as the Canadian War Museum. The building has been beautifully restored to its new purpose as the home of the Global Centre for Pluralism.

    Great sequence, Johnnyu!

    Sadly, that high-speed whirring sound you hear in the background is every last previous occupant of 330 Sussex Drive spinning at near-transonic rotational speeds in their graves.

  3. Thanks NR. The Global Centre For Pluralism? Is the grandiosity of the name directly proportional to the horror we will feel for what it portends? I mean it sounds very ambitious does it not? It must mean that in the name of diversity and PLURALISM that they will begin rebuilding the lives and churches of Christians and Jews in the ME. Someone should check out what this place is really up to.

  4. qwik- please, just this once, just this tiny exception. blue-pill me back –
    Maybe dialysis first. Clean most – some? any? -of the red?
    then a whole handful of blue – will it work?

  5. Could someone please simply state the name of the Iraqi billionaire that owns the Labour party and provide evidence for the accusation?

    Thanks in anticipation.

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