Soros plants his evil seeds deeper in Romania: Links 1, November 21, 2017

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled horror.

1. Arab cultural house opens in Germany where the Arabic speaker, the Qatari Foreign Minister, inaugurates the center with the hope of building bridges between Arabic culture and German culture, entirely in English.

2. Rape and sex abuse in Pakistani muslim schools

(Comments are disabled on this video at YT. We suggest making them here. To start with, the woman who says that “her son is only alive because of Allah”, should be corrected. Her son was only brutally raped because of the entire Allah cult.)

3. A video, alleged to have been paid for by Soros, and claimed to be for a celebration of 100 years of unity of the Romanian territories, shows a black woman flitting about London in traditional Romanian costume. It generated fury and was removed. But here it is anyway.

A video meant to promote the anniversary of 100 years since the union of the Romanian regions has a Black woman wearing a Romanian national costume walking around London. The video project has been done with the financial support of the Culture Ministry and the Romanian Cultural Institute in London.

4. Graduate in £1m claim was badly let down by Oxford, court told

Lawyer for Faiz Siddiqui, who alleges ‘inadequate’ teaching stunted his career, says low 2:1 was ‘huge disappointment’

An Oxford graduate is suing the university for £1m on the grounds that his failure to get a top degree 17 years ago cost him the chance of a lucrative legal career.


Faiz Siddiqui alleges the “inadequate” teaching he received on the Indian special subject part of his modern history course resulted in him getting only a low upper second degree when he took his finals in June 2000 instead of a first or high 2:1.


Siddiqui, 39, has blamed the situation on a number of members of staff being absent on sabbatical leave and a failure to find cover. He has also alleged that a tutor failed to submit medical information about him to examiners.

He claims he would have become an international commercial lawyer if he had gained the top qualification at the end of his time at Brasenose College, and that his clinical depression and insomnia have been significantly exacerbated by his “inexplicable failure”.

(It is time to close the universities and start over with some kind of reason based self learning.)

5. Muslim Street Prayers Forced Off Paris Boulevard After Angry Clashes

French authorities have banned mass Muslim prayers from a Paris street after clashes between worshippers and protesters angry their public square had turned into an open air mosque.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb confirmed the move and said local police authorities have the power to forcibly act this Friday.


“They will not have prayers on the street, we will prevent street praying,” Collomb told Franceinfo. “We will make sure we resolve this conflict in the next few weeks.”


Illegal street prayers have been a Friday feature in the suburb of Clichy-la-Garenne for the last nine months as Muslims protested the closure of a local mosque that had operated in a government-owned building.

(This may well be the story of 2017. Remember what happens when French police try and enforce the anti-facecloth laws. They text a rent-a-riot of hundreds of tards who laze around the mosques all day just waiting for a chance to ‘defend the faith’, fires start, cars and buildings and shops are destroyed, occasionally policemen are killed and they stop enforcing the law. What will happen when the French demand the proper use of their streets again? Keep a watch on this story. It may have legs.)

6. Ontario lawyer reacts to the Wilfred Laurier University Soviet like attack on a TA as if it was 1980.

If only we still had rule of law. This man, who’s attitudes and alignment is excellent, is sadly anachronistic. What he has seen appears to be perhaps his first glimpse into the postmodernist realignment of how Canadian universities really are. Below, the video he is reacting to:

7. Residents of Swedish ‘No Go Zone’ Suburbs Afraid to Leave Their Homes

Almost half the residents in many troubled no-go zones in Sweden say they are too afraid to leave their homes in the evening and at night due to rampant violence and criminality.

According to a survey conducted by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå), residents of troubled suburbs in heavily migrant populated cities like Malmö are increasingly fearful of being robbed or injured by criminals. Nearly half, 48 per cent, of respondents in the survey who live in Malmö suburbs feel that the area is too dangerous to go out at night, SVT reports.


The number of fearful residents is high in other areas of the city, the population of which, according to reports, is growing solely due to mass migration. In Northern Malmö, 36 per cent said they were afraid to go out in the evenings and in the nearby city of Lund, 22 per cent said they felt unsafe at night.

8. “Prophet Muhammad. Police be upon him.”

(I’m afraid I disagree with this fine Ontario police officer. Islam is not a law and order issue. It should read, “The Prophet Mohammad. The 82nd airborne be upon him”. But that isn’t as catchy.)

Thank you WTD., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, M., Richard, Yucki, Kathy, EB., and so many more who sent in links, observations and comments. 

It seems to most of us who have immersed ourselves in this issue that the amplitude and separation has grown steadily, but perhaps even more recently. One cannot help but feel this Christmas will be more kinetic than even usual. Germany may well get a second chance to help themselves. To all Jewish readers, I hope very sincerely that you will do all you can to help Germany free itself from the leftist-Islamic alliance and return to the excellent classical liberal nation of the rule of law that it was. It serves no one’s interests to see it fall as it is now. And the Jewish voices might be heard more clearly in Germany by the genuinely tolerant and historically liberal than from the rest. Israel has aligned itself with the V4 in a strategic partnership which speaks volumes about the realpolitik of Europe today.

As for each of us at home, situational awareness is important. And redefine trust to something useful in the current context. It doesn’t mean what it used to mean.

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5 Replies to “Soros plants his evil seeds deeper in Romania: Links 1, November 21, 2017”

  1. 2. To be made to submit. The demasculinization of the male.

    Then the Dom-Sub species from the rainbow of hell arise to nurture, support and feast.

    A thorn in their side all their lives.

    A paracite that made them do it. A no-fault disease with the feeling of life in return for their obedience.

    The reward from Muhammad and His Allah.

  2. 3- How would a white man with a bone through his nose, holding a spear and dancing in a loin cloth go over? Would that not be an equivalent cultural appropriation? So cross-dressing to obscure cultural borders now includes this? Clearly, the Left is determined to render meaningless any and all cultures. And since a white guy with a bone through his nose would be shouted down as overtly racist, this will assuredly be a one-way street. It would be a fairly innocent fashion commercial if not for Soros’s possible involvement.

  3. Et Satanas caro factus est et habitat in nobis. This is truly satanic. These days gates of hell are wide open. And comparing Milo to Hitler, I beg you.

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