Freedom of speech in the US and Australia: Links 1, November 19, 2017

1. Police are called on College radio talk show hosts for saying “tranny” on air.

2. Some memes just make themselves.

3. There are two important things about this clip that make it deserve a moment’s thought.

A) It is an excellent harbinger of the coming relationship between the Muslims and the homosexual left.

B) The term, “Defending the religion” is important in the Islamic context as it has nothing to do with how we understand the term. It is not a trick either but has the added bonus of working like one. Muslims truly believe that they have an obligation to “defend the faith” as they see it, which means to be an offensive force against all things which are offensive to Islam. We would call that “attacking for the faith”, as liberalism is in our DNA pretty much. But this is the justification for most if not all acts of Islamic aggression against Christian iconography and now leftist icons like George Michael. More here.

Thank you all who sent in materials today and over the weekend. Please everyone, dive into the Reader’s Daily Links post comments.

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