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15 Replies to “Trump speech, Veterans meet & Greet. (Do not skip this one)”

  1. So nice to see real men speaking honestly in favour of the President–no commie spin in between. As long as you have people like that there is real hope.

    • Yes there is hope, there are 30 million vets of varying ages in the US with a large percentage in the heartland. This flyover country that the self proclaimed elites do their best to stay out of is the place where the resistance to the left wing attempt to take over the US is resisted the most. We the people in the heartland and the ones like us in the South are the ones that make the left wake up in cold sweats.

    • Yes Johnnyu, this is how real men speak.

      “15. Jesus said, “When you see one who was not born of woman, fall on your faces and worship. That one is your Father.””

      The Roman Church, Of The One Born of Mother Mary ordered this book burned. (Coincidentally rediscovered after the second world war between Socialists).

      • So of course, you can say in reply, ‘When you see one who was not born of man, stop in amazement and adore. That one is your Mother.’

        With the trend of males being ‘born of woman,’ (Islam, Socialists, Transgender and Inverts; fight, flight, freeze or look away), unless women themselves become not ‘born of woman,’ those clambering to be a better replacement than she, will all sink the ship with no pilot.

    • It is paranoid, I doubt that they will be able to do this for a decade or better but I thought it would be a long time before the US government would have the capabilities of listening to every phone conversation in the US. We need to be aware of the coming capabilities and pray we get the swamp drained before it comes on line.

    • Face recognition software is here.
      The visually impaired and blind can use cameras to identify a person in a room.:

      “The picture is stored within the device and the next time the device’s camera views the person from the photograph, the device will recognize that person, and even identify them by name.”

      Your passport photo has now got to be uploaded onto the government website and will only be approved once the lighting is correct. These can be saved as a face-recognition logarithm.
      IMO it is already being done with spy surveillance, and doesn’t have to be rolled out to be that other agencies would ever know, just tapping into live feeds or viewing previously recorded ones. Saves a helluvah lot of time, for automatically super-fast tracking through videos.

  2. We the People are waking up and starting to speak our minds, the left is trying to prevent this but will fail, the worst they can do is foment a civil war that will be most uncivil. They made their move before they managed to indoctrinate enough of the population to give them a chance of winning.

    • I installed a “free” update on my Mac.

      But now everything’s in that evil Cloud – I get access to my own stuff only after the Cloud bounces it back to me. No matter where I try to save new material – say, an external hd or flash – it’s only acknowledged via the Cloud.

      And the Cloud won’t let me in without the google-email I trashed 2 years ago. I don’t want to live in some stranger’s Cloud!

      O, woe!

      • There was an option to not have the cloud. It was available during setup. But no worries. CALL APPLE. Tell them to walk you through the proceedure to wipe ALL your data off of ANY ‘cloud’ from your computer, not their computer, while politely but FIRMLY expressing your displeasure, and now, for the first time, distrust of Apple products as they clearly steal your data and expose you to hacks and danger. They had no right to do it.

        Call them now. They WILL help you with it. Every employee at Apple gets these calls and its important that management know they are alienating their customer base with this.

        Your anger is actually far less than mine was when I had difficulty getting my new Mac working without the cloud. I did the call. I made it clear as freaking day.

        • Oh thank-you, Eeyore.
          Just finished combining bits and pieces from external hds that are still clean. Preparing for total wipe before calling Apple.

          My computer is no longer on warranty. I hope they’ll help me.

          I want to drop back to the version from which I updated. The new one wants to control the images I embed in source code.

          I sterilize images to prevent contamination from odd transparent pixels. I use a private, exclusively offline browser, devoted to this device. The Cloud snatched all my images and the metadata, so I don’t trust anything anymore.

          • Specify that its about the new OS and not the machine and it should be covered. Also turn on encryption for local HD. Turning off cloud is possible. Ive never used it and triply so for keychain.

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