What a difference an administration makes

An analysis of Obama policy in 2010 by Rush Limbaugh

President Trump’s ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley

It has only been about a year since Obama left official office and took his new office within the secret revolutionary government where he is now, and continues to work with Merkel, Trudeau, Soros and various other EU members and in sundry financiers against the Western people.

These two videos show how easy it is to forget horrible things. Watching Rush remind us of situation normal for Obama is unpleasant but important in order not to potlatch the future again for a few quarts of fuel in the sanctimony mobile.



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  1. Just a note, perhaps someone else is having this issue……
    I cannot access this site or gates of vienna using the search engine safari as of last week. I get multiple redirects that result in a flashing load bar. I can only access with firefox.

    Perhaps Apple is enjoying its dictatorial technocracy.

  2. The worst thing that Obama did to Israel was moving our troops and equipment around to leave us unable to block most of Iran’s moves in securing control of the Middle East. We are now faced with Iran in a position to attack Saudi on three fronts and establish a major threat to all sea borne traffic to Israel and Southern Europe. If people think things are bad in Europe now wait until the only direction that Turkey can expand in is Europe. This won’t be the first time Islam has advanced into Europe to secure an advantage in the Middle East but it will be the the first time in centuries.

    • The _worst_? Let’s see…

      => Agreeing to collaborate with Iran and Pakistan before he took office.
      ____The Brzezinski-Obama Axis. Brzezinski at Columbia, his enduring links with the regime pre- and post-Carter treason. For starters see: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_obama.htm#contents

      => Fomenting the MB-Arab Spring takeover of the region. Listen to his Cairo Speech of 2009, when he’s insisted on the presence of the long-outlawed MB in the face of our ally, Mubarak.

      => Training & equipping jihadis in Syria and Iraq. al-Q and IS (“ISIL”). Faking a “coalition war” against Assad while collaborating with Russia and Iran. Insisting that “Iraq remain unified,” so Iran would get its land-bridge to the Med.

      => Arming both sides in Lebanon.

      => Collaborating with the Turk to betray Israeli intelligence for the last 50 years to the genocidal Twisted-Ragheads of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

      => Interfering in the elections in Nigeria. In which a moderate, popular Christian president, Goodluck Jonathan, loses the election to a semi-Shitte Muslim. A rich, moderate nation goes to hell. Heavy MB presence there, 0’s brother a prominent fixture.

      The Sunni-Shitte divide doesn't preclude alliances between them, v. al-Qaida facilitated by Iran, Pakistan's mixed-up hudnas.

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