Three large things: Links 2, Nov. 5, 2017

1. Shocking dossier unveiled by Jewish Labour members reveals scale of anti-semitism claims inside the party amid drive to stamp out online abuse from activists

The scale of anti-semitism within Labour has prompted training sessions for 1,200 party members in a drive to stamp out the vile online abuse.

Labour’s Jewish wing is holding the events that use a slide show of hate-filled messages posted on the internet by the party’s own activists.

The Daily Mail has chosen to reproduce the comments despite their shocking content in order to highlight the enormity of the problem.

The abuse includes one Labour member describing Jews as a ‘corrupt master race’ controlling sex-trafficking, pornography and wars worldwide.

Another wrote: ‘Every f****** Jew that died in the Holocaust was a blessing.’

One councillor suggested there was a worldwide Jewish conspiracy and that Israel wanted to commit atrocities across the whole world.

Last night MP John Cryer, who is chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, said that the tweets were ‘stomach-churning’ and ‘awful’.

Remember what Assange said in his book about the UK Labour Party?

2. Theologian resigns from USCCB committee after publishing letter to Pope Francis

.- A member of the Vatican’s International Theological Commission has resigned his position as a consultant to the USCCB’s Committee on Doctrine, following the publication of a letter written to Pope Francis asking the Pope to correct the “chronic confusion” of his pontificate, which he says “fosters within the faithful a growing unease.” […]


Weinandy’s letter, published by Crux on Wednesday, addressed five points. Weinandy told the Pope that his pontificate had fostered confusion, diminished the importance of doctrine in the Church’s life, appointed bishops who teach and act in harmful ways, fostered a culture of fear among bishops, and caused faithful Catholics to lose confidence in the papacy.


The letter also expressed Weinandy’s “love for the Church and sincere respect” for the office of the Pope. The priest expressed hope that by recognizing “darkness, the Church will humbly need to renew herself, and so continue to grow in holiness.”

3. Bahrain recalls all its citizens from Lebanon immediately 

[Google translate:]

The Bahraini Foreign Ministry, in an urgent statement issued by all the citizens of the Kingdom currently in Lebanon, requested the immediate departure of the country.
“Given the current circumstances and developments in the Republic of Lebanon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests all Bahrainis residing in Lebanon to leave immediately,” the ministry said.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates its call to all citizens not to travel permanently to the Lebanese Republic, in order to ensure their safety, and to avoid any risks they may be exposed as a result of these developments.”
The statement came amid an internal political crisis that began in Lebanon on Saturday after Prime Minister Saad Hariri, in an unexpected move during his visit to Saudi Arabia, announced his resignation from the Lebanese government.
In a televised speech from Riyadh and broadcast by Al-Arabiya, Hariri strongly attacked both Iran and Hezbollah, saying that the current atmosphere in Lebanon is similar to the one that preceded the assassination of his father, Rafik Hariri.

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