ANTIFA Revolution a “nothing burger” so far

1. The New York Times publishes a full page add to coordinate ANTIFA and anyone interested in committing a wave of terrorism across the USA in order to depose a sitting president by force and intimidation.

2. Tim Poole does his signature, reasonable post on one of the ANTIFA, (not affectionately referred to as “Panty-fa” on 4chan)

3. What is ANTIFA fighting for exactly? Besides venting their spleens at what they hate?

CBC take on it here.

Really thats it.

Been searching all day for any news on the ANTIFA attempt at a revolution and really there is nothing. The one or two links sent in where total fiction out of whole cloth. Twitter is nearly bone dry on it except for Beverly Hills ANTIFA, which is as funny as ever, and even more funny are the people who think its a real ANTIFA group.

Anyway if something real happens ill update but for the moment its just a freak parade as far as I can tell.


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6 Replies to “ANTIFA Revolution a “nothing burger” so far”

  1. What happened? Did all of the violent antifa peope get grounded by their mothers?

    Naw … all of the basements were flooded.

  2. To publish an ad that size in the NYT requires money. What a waste of money that turned out to be. A full-fledged flop of a day for ANTIFA.
    Wasn’t there another of these groups that were supposed to scream at the sky?

  3. The “event” was a total dud. Those antifa characters couldn’t be pryed out of their basements or Soros ran out of money.

    Mind you Breitbart had a good day they ran an article that drew in about 22.000 comments, the total number of clicks could be in the millions. Ka-ching for Breitbart.

    • This was another ploy to control the blacks and Mexicans and Conservatives into na fals frenzy. Thank god that the truth came out. Thank all of you who have been following my posts. Even if one person sees that what I posted was the truth that the Democrats were creating a divided Nation, and Obama , Clinton, ans Soros has lost. “WE the People” are the government and will back this President and make America Great Again. Now what we have to do while we have these despots out of thew way is destroy all the Socialists that are causing trouble in our Free Nation, and send all those camel humpers back to Iran where they can keep their shitria laws to themselves.
      Protest against Muslim invasions by using our laws against us.

  4. All the investigations are leading to the Clinton’s, Soros, and Obama, and as we all know all of them are under investigation whether the Media wants to report the real News or not. The DNC is finished and the Clinton’s did a fine job for Republicans and Conservatives by starting a fake burn on Trump. All that will happen is that all the Democrats involved in this blatant use of false information will be found to show that ALL Democrats lie to the American People and have done so for over two Hundred Years. I used to be anti government, but now I see that there is a shadow government that is in place by the Democrats, but is dissolving very rapidly. Thank the real God of creation, is in the works and is taking out all the real Evil that exists in the world. We now know that the Democrats are running a child sex slave ring and will soon be running to Iran for their supplies. This is the whole gist of all the evil in the world, The Democrats are scrambling to stave off the attacks on the Pedofile rings run by the Democrats and Liberals of the Left and are trying to get in their Islamic buddies to create a Caliphate in America so they can really get their Pedofile ring money moving after it is made legal. But they did not figure in a major factor of the People actually getting educated and closing in on these bastards. Obama should have been kicked to the curb when he ran for President, he is a pedofile Muslim that has one purpose of only bringing in Islam. But now that even Clinton can’t kill enough whistle blowers to stop the truth, this will end the DNC once and for all.

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