So there really was enough voter fraud to change some results!: Links 1, Nov. 3, 2017

1. Dems Charged In Swing State Race For VOTER FRAUD

Authorities charged four Philadelphia election workers with rigging a statehouse election and throwing the seat to the Democrats.

Dolores Shaw, Calvin Mattox, Thurman George, and Wallace Hill have been charged with interference with primaries and elections, prohibiting duress and intimidation of voters and interference with the free exercise of elective franchise, tampering with public records, conspiracy, and other offenses.

Democrat Emilio Vasquez won the seat to the Pennsylvania State House, during a special election in March.

Three specific incidents, according to the Office of the Attorney General, led to the charges:

The first claim of voter fraud revolved around two Republican voters a couple who spoke limited English – who planned to assist each other with voting, which is allowed under Pennsylvania’s language proficiency rules. They voted in the same booth, and were under the impression that both of their votes had counted – but only one was.



Debbie Wasserman Schultz didn’t tell DNC officers about hack of their organization’s servers

Debbie Wasserman Schultz didn’t tell DNC officers about hack of their organization’s servers

“If we lose this thing, its our heads in a noose”. – Hillary Clinton

2. The city of Marawi in the Philippines:

3. More on Google’s increasingly obvious and bully like leftist bias:

Speaking of which, a satirical German video we translated, which mocks aspects of PC life in Germany has been restricted to over 18 today:

4. Jordan Peterson: “Think again sunshine”

5. Tucker Carlson is trying to keep the Las Vegas Massacre story alive as it richly deserves to be. This is far far more likely to be a conspiracy than the JFK assassination by facts clearly in evidence.

6. David Wood on the eating of Allah hu ackbar and correct victimology

Thank you Ava Lon, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Richard, Johnny U and all who sent in links showing the rapidly degrading state of real human rights in the West.

I would ask my readers to do some homework which is more fun than the usual academic texts.

Try and watch the 1995 movie, The Last Supper. The entire thing is on Youtube but in a distorted state so it passes their copyright censors I guess, but I recommend renting or buying it, even if it was just to put money into films which are rationally critical of the Left. Not to mention a better experience of the movie, as its well acted and deserves the revenue.

I don’t want to give any of the story away, I hope it is enough to say that it is a star powered well directed film which shows one of the most important, problematic aspects of the left, then and now, and has in fact been very prophetic without intending to be, as this movie was made before anyone was aware of ANTIFA or any of the other new communist violent groups.

Lastly a comment was left early this morning on the site which I think is sad and frightening beyond anyone’s imaginings of what life in Canada would come to be. Its out of some depressing Russian novelist one might expect. But its by a Canadian father.

1- Imagine this: an Ontario nine-year-old girl is compelled by fear of political correctness to develop a code so that she can communicate to the only other conservative-minded child in her class. Unbeknownst to her parents or anyone, the girl invents a system whereby notes passed contain spelling mistakes. Big deal, right? Nine-year olds making spelling mistakes is not a revelation.

However in each incorrect word the culprit letter when dropped becomes the first letter forming a new word, the next the next and so on. Painstaking isn’t it? Kinda like busting out of Stalag 17 one spoon of dirt at a time.

When asked what made her so fearful she says it is the certainty of being ostracized once conservatives are discovered. And this she says she has witnessed before and wants to avoid if possible. When asked what kind of dangerous thoughts are enough to have one identified as a troublemaker or a hatemonger, she says expressing dissatisfaction with Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau is enough. Also, her teacher’s mantra that the children are lucky to have “free speech” cannot be so much as questioned for fear of the questioner being singled out of the group. How ironic that a secret code for free speech would sprout from a garden watered with dust.

I find this story both remarkable and disturbing. The resilience and creative capacity of the human mind to resist oppression is well documented by the eastern European writers under communism. Imagination is key to the kingdom of freedom here. And here we have a most pure, organic and uncontrived example of such innovation.

The girl said she now wants to find a way for conservatives to communicate on-line in a way that tricks the algorithms.

Go figure.”





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  1. There are several things about the DNC hacking that are very troubling is the way that the FBI was denied access to the servers so their experts couldn’t hunt for evidence. Instead of this raising eyebrows they took Crowdstrike’s word the hack occurred and that it was the Russians. Then went off on a hunt for evidence that President Trump conspired with the Russians to gain the Presidency.

  2. Paul Joseph Watson claims that there is a huge demographic of conservative kids coming down the road. Let’s hope he’s right. If he’s not, and we continue the way we are going, all conservative thought will be equal to Holocaust denial while quoting Shakespeare or the Bible will be considered racist hate speech.

    I think now that leftism is a certified mental illness akin to suicidal depression, except rather than seeking death they seek universal destruction of the world they find so disappointing. They’re like the lazy poker player who just goes “all in” rather than doing the work of playing their cards intelligently. Their motto is “fuck it!” They want to start over and rebuild the world from the ground up instead of simply carrying on, keeping what works and working on what doesn’t…like a conservative.

    Don’t go there, kids. Don’t go there… No matter how smart it makes you feel quoting Karl Marx and being angry all the time…

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