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  1. NYC terror attack sparks heated debate about Iran and Islam

    Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi weigh in on ‘Hannity.’

  2. Notes from NorseRadish:

    Related to a comment by Richard:

    He is right this is a war not a series of unrelated criminal actions, you win wars by breaking your enemy’s will to resist, you do this by killing people and breaking things.

    This reminds me of the US Army’s unofficial motto: “We break things.”

    Few military forces in history have ever surrendered without first being confronted with an existential threat to their own ranks and civilian population.

    This is why—subsequent to the 9-11 Atrocity—America should have made Kandahar, the hometown of Mullah Omar (who sheltered bin Laden), simply disappear. Several MOABs would have accomplished this just fine without any ensuing fallout or radiation sickness.

    Immediately thereafter, a message needed to be sent to the global Muslim population, as in: “Don’t you ever do that again, or else!

    Then, after Bali (in 2002), another major Islamic population center disappeared with the same admonition.

    After Madrid (March 2004), yet another Muslim metropolis vanishes with the same rebuke.

    With the Beslan Atrocity (September 2004) it might have been most instructive to have Grozny reduced to rubble that was then bounced a few (dozen) times pour encouragé les autres.

    Subsequent to London (in July 2005), one more large Islamic city is obliterated with a similar promise of continued rewards festivities.

    Following Bali II (October 2005), one more crowded Arab Middle Eastern conurbation—Sunni or Shiia, take your pick—is obliterated.

    Feel free to include the Indian Parliament attack (December 2001), Moscow (2002), Mumbai (2008), Paris (2015), Nice (July 2016), Berlin (December 2016) and so forth.

    After a half-dozen (or more) Islamic population centers ceased to be recognizable destinations, the meaning could not have been clearer to this world’s Muslims. As in, “Keep it up and you’re next!”

    The central point being that (after these unambiguous reprisals) the ummah, just maybe, might have begun to realize that allowing jihadists—be they clerics, imams or fighters—to provoke the West wasn’t such a very good idea.

    In turn, this might have inspired large groups of Muslims to begin a process that, heretofore, they have smirkingly left to the West for any resolution—as in, cleaning their own house.

    Once Muslims have learned—after the corresponding counterattacks which follow jihadist atrocities like fecking Swiss clockwork—that many thousands of them will perish for every lost life in the West; maybe then they will begin to decide that running down to the local mosque and slitting the throat of their jihadist imam might be the wisest policy.

    Until then, the consistent disappearance of Islamic population centers (corresponding to jihadist terror attacks) needs to remain the norm if only pour encouragé les autres.

    Once Islam learns to clean its own house, this world will become a better place. If not, the planet will be denuded of Muslims who just cannot seem to give a sh!t about their own survival.

    • Hi NorseRadish,

      Israel has pursued this counterstrike. All Muslims did was create maimed children-shields – for Liberals to weep over – whilst they rejoiced.

      Muslims love death more than they love life.

      These moribund masses.

      Therefore, this is a battle of conscience. To not feed the demons.

      Removing Judao-Christianity, (the cis-gender families of Adam and Eve, and the balanced mind of loving your God and your Neighbor equally), has led to this invasion of intimidation, reaction, pain and submission.

      As Catholics in the UK were once never to hold power; the unholy trinity of Islam, Socialism and Identity-Sexuals are the same character-reference of slaves.

      A dhimmi will destroy a nation in the same measure they destroy themselves.

      What they demand is Pride, your submission and belief in them. Or they completely melt-down:

      • Take another look at NR’s words. Whose will to resist has been broken? Who has already started to surrender? Just as Spain and Portugal divided the New World, I assume that the warring parties today are already planning where they will mark their territory.

        • You have that right, the Western Politicians (with the exception of Trump) in power don’t have the will to resist, The west will be saved by ordinary people who start fighting back against the invaders and their treasonous politicians, not by the left surrendering. The motto of hte Foreign Legion is “March or Die”, the motto of the West must become Fight or Die.

      • “…you win wars by killing countries.”

        Vietnam, North Korea, Islam? Been in, done that

        Killing people does not kill Big Lies.

        A society where children are taught to master their own minds against collectivism, wins

        • Who won in Nam, North Korea? We didn’t kill those countries and ended up losing the wars. What you are recommending is following the same path to defeat that we have followed since the 1950s. While we appeared to win the Cold War the communist in the West used the collapse of the Soviet Union to 1) seize power in the west, 2) disarm the west and 3) invite a deadly enemy into our nations. So no you haven’t been there and done that, you are either ignoring the devastation in Germany and Japan that showed the enemy civilians as well as the military that we won or you are ignorant of what was done. If we had destroy North Korea we wouldn’t be worried about them now. If we had destroyed North Vietnam Nam would be a free nation now. because North Korea still exists and North Vietnam won the war you haven’t been there and done that on destroying nations.

          In the Cold War we didn’t fiollow the victory with arrests and trails of the criminals that ran the Soviet Union, this allowed the home grown traitors to remain unpunished and we are now fighting them as will as Islam. If we had carried through with a de-communism program in Russia (Like we de-nazified Germany) the kids would have been taught the crimes of communists. They would have been immunized to the idea of collectivism. We didn’t and are now fighting the home grown collectivist as well as the Moslems.

          You are either ignoring the lessons of history or miss reading them, learn what wins wars before you say wars don’t win against major lies. It won against Nazi Germany and will win this time if we use the violence intelligently rather then using it in such a way that says we are afraid to attack our enemies in a way that will win.

          • In the Cold War we didn’t follow the victory with arrests and trails of the criminals that ran the Soviet Union, this allowed the home grown traitors to remain unpunished and we are now fighting them as well as Islam.

            Precisely, Richard. After the USSR collapsed, people like Putin should have faced long jail sentences for being KGB officers and apparatchiks. Instead, most of the Soviet Commissars merely shrugged out of their military uniforms and donned business suits.

            Between low replacement birthrates, rampant alcoholism, and FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), Russia is headed into its own perfect storm. Only Communist China is confronted with an even bleaker prospect.

            While Islam certainly seems to deserve a place on this same list, its own demise is a far more complex matter. If anything, it’s quite similar to how North Korea is afflicted by their own brainwashing.

            Both Islam and North Korea have been breathing their own exhaust for a sufficiently long time to have severe brain damage set in (which it has).

        • Thank you Richard for the reply. Force on force. Fire with Fire. Shock and Awe.
          Yes, Germany with cucks and Japanese with sex robots. These men had nowhere to go to recover from their dhimmitude and their cloaks of National Socialism. We rebuilt their nations and not the man. The Communists said, “there, there. We’ll take care of that for you. You were all born that way.”. Now the West are rebuilding Near East Nations. But not the man.

          I agree with NorseRadish that desperate measures have now been forced upon us by Socialist politicians. The enemy is within. The three female forms of submissive males are among us: Islam, Socialism, and Homosexuality; and their uber psychotic and violent counterparts: Muhammadans, Communists, and Pederasts who despise and enslave the former. These perfections of Man ruling over their fems. Replicants of Adam.

          But because the West are the least moral, that the military is now better than the civilian, then these exercises of brute force are but a death knell. And they know it. Just waiting for the poison to kill us.

          • I agree with NorseRadish that desperate measures have now been forced upon us by Socialist politicians. The enemy is within.

            Thank you, Perfectchild. Much like how backfires are set to control a wildfire—just as Richard continues to predict—there will likely occur some serious voluntary damage to Western Civilization as the Islamic and Socialist apple carts are upset. The barbarians are at the gates and Liberals have unbarred these portals with Political Correctness.

            All that remains is successfully conveying the urgency of this matter to those who haven’t yet grasped just how much is at stake.

            Quashing North Korea, collapsing Red China’s economic house of cards, and permanently maiming Islam are some of the most pressing backfires that need to be set beyond our own borders.

            What will take place within Western domains may not be quite as ugly, but there will be rather a lot of unpleasantness involved. [/understatement]

  3. Thousands of Ethiopia troops enter Somalia to hunt al-Shabab: Reports (ahram, Nov 2, 2017)

    “Thousands of Ethiopian troops have crossed into Somalia to join a large-scale offensive against al-Shabab extremists just weeks after Somalia’s worst attack left more than 350 people dead, border residents said Thursday.

    Somalia’s president, vowing a “state of war,” has visited countries in the region to seek more military support since the massive truck bombing Oct. 14 in the capital, Mogadishu.

    Somalia is preparing for an offensive with African Union multinational forces that is meant to push al-Shabab fighters out of their strongholds in Lower Shabelle and Middle Shabelle regions, where many deadly attacks on Mogadishu and Somali and African Union bases have been launched.

    Somali officials have said the United States military, which this year has stepped up the fight against al-Shabab with well over a dozen drone strikes, is expected to play a supporting role.

    Abdullahi Yusuf, an elder in Luq town, told The Associated Press that Ethiopian troops in tanks and armored vehicles passed through Thursday morning toward southwestern Somalia.

    Muhummed Muse, a resident of Dolow town, also said dozens of armored vehicles carrying Ethiopian troops had passed through.

    Ethiopia’s foreign minister, Workineh Gebeyehu, confirmed that troops had entered Somalia.

    “It is a routine or normal military activity of the Ethiopian contingent based in Somalia to support the fight against terrorism,” a foreign ministry spokesman, Meles Alem, told the AP. “Ethiopia is one of the troop-contributing countries under AMISOM,” the African Union force.

    Last month’s bombing brought collective outrage in long-fractured Somalia, with thousands of Mogadishu residents marching in a defiant rally against al-Shabab. The country’s Somali-American leader, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, faces the challenge of pulling together regional powers while the federal government tries to assert itself beyond the capital and other major cities.

    Al-Shabab in some cases controls villages just dozens of miles outside Mogadishu.”

  4. 30,000 rejected asylum seekers ‘disappeared’ in Germany, tabloid claims (DW, Nov 2, 2017)

    “The German government has admitted that it does not always know the whereabouts of rejected asylum seekers, but argues that the number doesn’t tell the whole truth. The government’s asylum agency faces a file backlog.

    Around 30,000 rejected asylum seekers have simply disappeared from Germany’s records, a German newspaper has claimed, though the government and refugee organizations call the statistical analysis inaccurate and “ridiculous.”

    According to a report in Thursday’s mass-circulation daily Bild, the government’s Central Register of Foreign Nationals (AZR) counted around 54,000 people at the end of 2016 who were obligated to leave the country, but only around 23,000 were claiming state benefits in accordance with the law governing asylum applicants, according to numbers from the Federal Statistical Office.

    An Interior Ministry spokesman told Bild, “It can’t be ruled out that individuals obligated to leave the country documented in the foreign nationals register have already left the country or have disappeared without the relevant foreign nationals authority having been made aware of it, or reporting the fact to the AZR.””

  5. ‘Devout terrorist’ jailed for Australia plot (france24, Nov 3, 2017)

    “A 22-year-old Australian man described as a “devout terrorist” was sentenced to 22 years in jail Friday for plotting to attack government buildings in Sydney, as authorities grapple with the rise of homegrown Islamist extremism.

    Sulayman Khalid was handed the sentence at the New South Wales Supreme Court after pleading guilty to conspiring to act in preparation for a terrorist attack.

    He was arrested during a series of police raids in Sydney and Brisbane in late 2014.

    Four others, including an unnamed teenager, were jailed for between nine and 18 years for similar or lesser offences — such as intentionally making a document connected with the preparation of a terrorist act.

    Khalid “occupied a co-ordinating role” in the plot, Justice Geoffrey Bellew wrote in his ruling.

    “In offending as he did, Khalid demonstrated that he was a devout terrorist,” he added.

    Canberra has become increasingly worried about homegrown extremism and officials say they have prevented 13 terror attacks in recent years.

    But several have taken place, including the murder of a Sydney police employee in 2015 by a 15-year-old boy, who was then killed in an exchange of gunfire with officers.

    In his ruling, Bellew said Khalid adhered to the “religious ideology of Wahhabi-Salafism”.

    “The cause that was to be advanced in the proposed terrorist act or acts was that of violent jihad… The offender had publicly displayed his support for the violent jihad espoused by ISIS (Islamic State),” he said.

    The group had been planning to kill police officers and attack government buildings, and had considered using weapons such as firearms, Bellew added.

    Australian counterterrorism police have made a series of arrests since late 2014, with the young age and radicalisation of many of those detained a growing concern for authorities.”

    • Is the Wahabii State’s deliberate targetting of civillians no less a war crime that deserve its own Nuremberg trials? “Following orders” from a Superior officer is no defense! Where is the outrage? It is lost in calliing our conquest “acts of terrorism.”

  6. Political correctness allows Islamic terrorism to spread – ex-Government adviser hits out (express, Nov 3, 2017)

    “EXTREMISM is being caused by “politically correct” treatment of terrorism, according to the Government’s former community cohesion adviser Dame Louise Casey.

    The author of a report on integration in the UK told a police summit the desire to embrace diversity was letting down people in society and difficult conversations were required in some socially divided communities, such as Bradford.

    Speaking at the APCC and NPCC Partnership Summit in London, she said: “If you’re not alive to the importance of talking about these issues then there’s not much hope of stopping these possible things happening to us.”

    Dame Louise’s report in 2015 warned of “worrying levels” of segregation and made recommendations including promoting English language skills and improving integration.

    However, two years later, the former civil servant told senior police officers that nothing has changed.

    Dame Louise said: “It has been tucked away in the all-too-difficult filing cabinet and it hasn’t

    “We need an integration strategy and that’s why the Government will continue to fail not just the public but the police.”

    Dame Louise said immigration had not been managed well in the UK, which had sparked tensions.

    She said: “Clearly this threat goes right the way across the country.

    “The extreme far-right is growing and they milk every single time we are overly politically correct about Islamic extremism, we have to be able to have these difficult conversations.”

    She said the EDL used the Rotherham sex scandal to fuel Islamophobia.

    Dame Louise told the police chiefs: “I would like to see the same team building when we know we have Islamic extremists and people who think that wearing short skirts on a Friday night is so wrong and westernises.

    “It legitimises very harmful views about young women growing up in this country. And we don’t seem to be able to muster it.

    “There are good reasons we don’t like people being victimised but we have to have those difficult conversations.”…”

    • That and Obama, the hospitals where the Emergency Rooms prescribed the most pain killers were the hospitals where most of the Federal Money went.

  7. Deir al-Zour: Syrian army ‘takes last IS stronghold’ (BBC, Nov 3, 2017)

    “The Syrian army has retaken Deir al-Zour, the last major stronghold of so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria, state TV says.

    “The city is completely liberated from terrorism,” the state TV report said.

    Other reports said the Syrian army and its allies were clearing the last pockets of resistance from IS.

    IS had held most of the city since 2014. It was of strategic importance to IS because of its proximity to the border with Iraq…”

      • Some were sent to Syria, some were buried and some were destroyed. Yes his surviving Generals have a good Idea what was buried and where they were buried. Yucki will much know better then me how much of the bio weapons program could have survived being buried.


    Violent crime, including murder, rape and physical assault, is running rampant in German asylum shelters, according to a leaked intelligence report. German authorities, who appear powerless to stem the rising tide of violence, have justified their failure to inform the public about the scale of the problem by citing the privacy rights of the criminal offenders.

    The report, leaked to the newspaper Bild, was prepared for Markus Ulbig, the interior minister of Saxony, where more than 40,000 migrants are being housed in refugee shelters. According to the report, there were ten murders or attempted murders at Saxon migrant shelters in 2016, as well as 960 physical assaults, 671 cases of grievous bodily injury, seven rapes, 10 sexual assaults of children and 268 cases of drug trafficking. The report also cited hundreds of incidents of theft, coercion, arson, brawls and attacks on police officers.

    The violence at Saxon migrant shelters continued during the first six months of 2017: there were more than 500 physical assaults, several homicides and hundreds of reported thefts.

    When BILD asked why such crimes, which are rarely reported by the police or media, are being kept secret, an interior ministry spokesperson replied that publishing such information was not in the public interest AND ADDED THAT SOME OF THE VIOLENCE COULD BE PREVENTED BY PROVIDNG MIGRANTS WITH “A SUFFICIENT SUPPLY OF LEISURE ACTIVITIES.(!*)”

    *yup, you read that right.

    • Germany is doing a good job of hiding its collapse but soon the collapse will spiral out of control and there will be no hiding the destruction which will spread to the rest of Europe.

  9. Deadly airborne plague in Madagascar is now at ‘crisis’ point and the ‘worst outbreak in 50 years’ as cases rocket by almost 40% in just 5 DAYS and could hit a further 20,000 in weeks

    Read more:
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    The deadly airborne plague spreading rapidly across Madagascar is now at ‘crisis’ point as cases have rocketed by 37 per cent in just five days, official figures reveal.

    The outbreak, the ‘worst in 50 years’, is being fueled by a strain more lethal than the one which usually strikes the country off the coast of Africa.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) now states there are 1,801 suspected cases – significantly higher than the 1,309 it reported last Thursday.

    Academics have revealed such a jump in cases over the period of five days is concerning and have predicted it could get worse. The most recent statistics show there have been 127 deaths.

    Professor Robin May, an infectious diseases expert at Birmingham University, told MailOnline that ‘whichever way you look’ at the outbreak, it’s ‘concerning definitely’.

    Analysis of figures by MailOnline show the epidemic could strike a further 20,000 people in just a matter of weeks, if current trends continue. It could be made worse by crowds gathering for an annual celebration to honour the dead earlier this week.

    The ‘truly unprecedented’ outbreak has prompted warnings in nine nearby countries – South Africa, Seychelles, La Reunion, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Comoros and Mauritius.

    Read more:
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  10. Two acid attacks on London delivery drivers ‘may be linked’

    A delivery driver could lose his sight after he was “left fighting for his life” by an acid attack.

    The 32-year-old had a substance repeatedly thrown in his face by two men who tried to steal his moped in Walthamstow on Thursday at 18:00 GMT.

    In a separate attack in Tottenham about 30 minutes later, another delivery driver, also 32, had a corrosive substance thrown at him.

    The Met said it was investigating whether the attacks were linked.

    Detectives said the first victim, who was attacked on Walpole Street, was likely to lose his sight in both eyes.

    “This attack has left a man fighting for his life and with terrible eye injuries,” Det Ch Insp Gordon Henderson said.

    “This was an innocent man going about his work as a delivery driver, who may never see again,” he added.

  11. ‘It Scares The Hell Out Of Me’; Another Person Attacked By Group Of Teens In Baltimore

    BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Another brazen assault, and another mother left in awe. It’s a story that is only being shared with WJZ.

    “These attacks, these assaults, someone is going to get killed,” said Kia Martin, whose daughter was attacked at the Inner Harbor on Halloween.

    For the third time in just days, a group of teens strike yet again at the Inner Harbor.

    This time, Kia Martin’s daughter is one of the victims.

    “The group of teens surrounded my daughter and her friends,” she said. “My daughter was stomped, kicked, punched, thrown to the ground, beat with a baseball bat.”

    Martin says her daughter and friends – students at Digital Harbor High – were pounced on near the science center on Halloween night. Forced to walk a mile to the hospital for help.

  12. SICK TIMING Outrage as Dutch TV show ‘Raped or Not?’ that invites panellists to decide if woman is sex attack victim is set to air in wake of Weinstein scandal

    The controversial show which will make its debut on November 7 has sparked outrage in the Netherlands

    A CONTROVERSIAL Dutch TV show that invites a panel to decide if a woman has been raped or not is set to air next week.

    “Rape or Not”, which will make its debut on November 7, has sparked outrage in the Netherlands with the recent sexual abuse scandals involving Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and actors Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Spacey.

  13. The Trump phenomenon is breaking the Alinsky model in pieces
    By J.E. Dyer November 2, 2017

    It’s no wonder Donald Trump is hated so passionately by the radical left. He doesn’t so much use their tactics against them as transcend their tactics, and render them inert.

    I have never imagined Trump’s real-world effect as something he consciously intends, in every particular. I think he has much of his effect simply by being himself, as opposed to following a calculated strategy. He does do things intentionally – he’s not just a sort of political idiot savant – but when it comes to some of his most important effects, he’s not approaching them with a linear vision and a step-by-step program. He’s just having the effect because of how he rolls.

    It’s an effect that we need. I’ve seen that clearly for a long time, although I wouldn’t pretend to foresee from one instance to the next which things need to be broken and exposed for us. But we do need it, and it’s better to have it than not. If we don’t go through this period of broken eggs, smelly as they may be, we will never recover our national character.

    Here is what set me off today. Andrew McCarthy, for whom I have the greatest respect, and with whom I certainly agree on principle in this case, tweeted the following:

    • Read the entire article, she is explaining what Trump is doing and why people support him no matter what. She is also explaining how he is raising above the Alinsky model and tactics and is destroying them (at least for a while).

    • At the end of the article she says that the fact that Alinsky tactics aren’t working against Trump means Alinsky is dead. God I hope so, this will take a very important weapon awar from the left and give us a better chance in the war of survival.

  14. Debbie Wasserman Schultz didn’t tell DNC officers about hack of their organization’s servers
    By LU Staff November 3, 2017

    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former head of the Democratic National Committee, did not tell the DNC’s own officers about a breach on its servers for more than a month after learning about it, according to then-DNC officer Donna Brazile.

    Wasserman Schultz alerted the officers of the breach only when The Washington Post was about to make the revelations public, Brazile writes in an excerpt of her new book, which Politico ran Thursday. The DNC instead enlisted the law firm of Perkins Coie to make major decisions, including how to handle the breach of its servers that led to an embarrassing email dump.

    The timing suggests the DNC’s unusual and significant choice to have the private law firm CrowdStrike conduct the investigation into the breach, rather than turn the evidence over to law enforcement, was made without consulting DNC officers.

    “She told [officers] about the hacking only minutes before the Washington Post broke the news,” Brazile wrote.

    A June 14, 2016, article by the Post quoted “committee officials and security experts who responded to the breach” and said “DNC leaders were tipped to the hack in late April.”

  15. NYT columnist wants to know how ‘Allahu akbar’ become the battle cry of terrorists
    By Howard Portnoy November 3, 2017

    A piece in today’s New York Times wonders aloud how an innocuous (make that “beautiful” if your CNN’s Jake Tapper) phrase like “Allahu akbar!” which translates to “God is great,” has “become intertwined with terrorism.”

    One is a tempted to answer the author, Eric Nagourney, cynically by noting the umpteen times those words been shouted by fanatics in the process of murdering as many innocent civilians as possible, but Nagourney makes that linkage himself:

    The driver of a truck that mowed down 20 people on a Manhattan bike path on Tuesday was said to have cried out “Allahu akbar” before he was shot by a police officer. The men who carried out the attack on the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo in 2015 shouted it during their onslaught. And the phrase rang through the air as a British soldier was run down near military barracks in 2013 and then hacked to death.

    The irony is that liberals refuse to connect the last dot — the acknowledgment that each of these mass murderers is Muslim — for fear of offending the countless adherents to that faith who decry these acts of bloodshed in their religion’s name. It’s not an unreasonable concern, but it has been made unreasonable by the Left through their continued distortion of the plight of American Muslims.

  16. Dutch far-right leader cancels ‘Islam Safari’ after ban (abcnews, Nov 3, 2017)

    “Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders has cancelled his “Islam Safari” through a Muslim-majority neighborhood of Brussels after a Belgian mayor banned him from entering.

    Wilders and Belgian anti-immigrant politician Filip Dewinter had planned to tour the Molenbeek neighborhood just after Friday Muslim prayers.

    Some of the extremists linked to the Paris massacres in November 2015 and the suicide bomb attacks on the Brussels airport and subway in March 2016 lived in or traveled through Molenbeek. Belgian police and the army have remained on high alert for almost two years.

    Molenbeek Mayor Francoise Schepmans issued an order Thursday saying the planned visit could not take place “to avoid any predictable threat to order and public peace.””

  17. Continent Totally Unprepared For Another Migrant Crisis: European Police Union (breitbart, Nov 3, 2017)

    “A new survey of police across the European Union has revealed that many officers feel totally unprepared to handle another large wave of migrants. citing too few personnel and resources.

    The report comes from a survey conducted by the European Police Union (EPU) which asked police officers from Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria a variety of questions in late 2016. According to the survey, many police complained about being far too poorly equipped to deal with the migrant crisis, noting how many migrants slipped through undetected Die Welt reports.

    EPU head Gerrit van de Kamp also warned that the lack of resources could have allowed jihadists to smuggle themselves into Europe undetected.

    Police who had contact with migrants also faced issues with communicable diseases. The report states that 45 officers in Italy had developed tuberculosis because of their contact with migrants and were not given proper vaccinations.

    In Germany and the Balkan countries, officers complained that migrants had become increasingly violent and many said that they felt abandoned by politicians.

    “Europe is fighting against illegal border crossings, crime, an influx of refugees and terrorism more than ever before,” van de Kamp said.

    Niksa Nikodinovic, one of the authors of the study, said that there is a large problem with equipment for officers in the eastern European states stating that some officers were forced to wear seven to eight-year-old uniforms.

    He also showed an example of a checkpoint which resembled a small shed saying, “Ask yourself the question: Can a Serbian, Romanian or Bulgarian policeman in such a uniform, who serves in such a rat-infested shelter on the border, do a decent job?”

    “They want to stuff normal uniforms and not plastic bags into their boots to seal them,” Nikodinovic added.

    Police across Europe have been overwhelmed by the migrant crisis and many continue to be overwhelmed by crimes attributed to migrants…”

  18. Number of Migrants Arriving in Greece from Turkey up 200 per cent (breitbart, Nov 3, 2017)

    “The number of migrants arriving on the Greek islands from Turkey since this August is up 200 per cent compared to the same period last year.

    Greek Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas described the spike as a “special phase” and explained that arrival rates had shot up from 87 people per day in July to 156 per day in August, and then 214 a day in September and October.

    With around 4,000 people arriving on the islands in October alone, Mouzalas described the situation at the congested camps on Lesvos as “very bad” and on Chios as “bad”, Ekathimerini reports.

    Mr. Mouzalas also said, “We would like to see more returns because that will restore the order of things,” after just 1,360 migrants have been returned since an EU deal with Turkey was activated.

    Meanwhile, numbers have also been surging in Spain from Morocco but falling in Italy, The Times reports.

    The number reaching Italy from Libya dropped by 70 per cent after the deal was struck to stem the flow and the Libyan coastguard was bolstered with funds and extra boats.

    About 28,000 people have landed in Italy since July 31 compared with 89,000 people in the same period last year.

    More than 110,000 people have made the journey from Libya to Italy in 2017, a third less than those that crossed during the same period in 2016.

    Rome had pointed to the increased capacity of the Libyan coastguard, which has been trained by the Italians. They also sent new search and rescue vessels to help the Libyans intercept migrant boats.

    However, it has been speculated that the sudden drop off in crossings is due to a deal Rome reportedly struck with the Libyan authorities and people-traffickers in June.

    The number of migrants crossing into Spain from Morocco has tripled. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said that 14,000 arrivals have travelled from Morocco compared with just 5,445 in the same period last year.

    Arrivals from Tunisia to Italy have also tripled. At least 1,400 migrants travelled from Tunisia to Italy in September, compared with the 1,200 who travelled that route during the whole of 2016, according to the IOM.”

  19. Digital anti-terrorism fences to combat extremist attacks in Sweden (RT, Nov 3, 2017)

    “Swedish Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth plans to introduce digital ‘geo-fences’ in major urban areas across the country next year. The move is aimed at preventing attacks that use trucks and other large commercial vehicles.

    “The technology is there, but it hasn’t been tested on a large scale,” said Eneroth, as cited by The Local. Eneroth hopes to begin testing the geo-fences as early as next year…”

  20. Daesh Continues To Attract Young Indians from Southern State of Kerala (sputniknews, Nov 3, 2017)

    “Kerala police have nabbed at least 21 supporters of Daesh in the last couple of months. More than a hundred youngsters have reportedly left the country to join the Daesh in Syria and Iraq and they are reportedly being used as a support team for the management and movement of logistics…”

  21. U.S. says Turkish gold trader facing Iran trial invoked Erdogan ties (reuters, Nov 3, 2017)

    “A wealthy Turkish gold trader charged in the United States with violating U.S. sanctions against Iran sought support from and invoked the name of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to advance his business, U.S. prosecutors say.

    U.S. allegations against the trader, Reza Zarrab, were detailed in a Monday filing in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan ahead of a scheduled Nov. 27 trial.

    The Turkish lira fell about 1 percent against the U.S. dollar after Bloomberg News reported the filing.

    Erdogan has not been accused of wrongdoing, but the case has complicated the U.S. relationship with Turkey, a crucial ally in the Middle East.

    Benjamin Brafman, a lawyer for Zarrab, did not immediately respond on Friday to a request for comment. Turkish government officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

    Prosecutors have accused the Iranian-born Zarrab and co-conspirators of handling hundreds of millions of dollars for Iran’s government and Iranian entities from 2010 to 2015, in a scheme to evade U.S. actions…”

  22. FOX -Bergdahl dishonorably discharged, no jail time after emotional trial

    CNN – Bowe Bergdahl receives dishonorable discharge, avoids jail time

    CBS – Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to serve no prison time for desertion

  23. NYT – ‘Allahu Akbar’: An Everyday Phrase, Tarnished by Attacks

    […]The Arabic phrase, which means simply “God is great,” has, it sometimes seems, become intertwined with terrorism.

    […]But for Mr. Hellyer and other Muslims, Allahu akbar is so commonplace a saying as to be utterly unworthy of note. “It’s quite an innocuous expression,” he said.

    […]“Something good will happen and people will say, ‘Congratulations’ — and they will proclaim God’s greatness as a way of recognizing what they see as the divine blessing,” said Mr. Hellyer, a scholar of religion and politics at the Atlantic Council who lives in London.

    […]Even more prosaically, Ms. Soueif said, “You see a really beautiful woman or a good-looking guy, you go, ‘Allahu akbar.’”

    […]Still, when it comes to Allahu akbar, there is no denying that what it means can depend on who is saying it.

    […]Ms. Soueif pointed to the reported use of the phrase by the suspect in the Manhattan attacks. Mr. Hellyer suggested, though, that in the end, it had little real meaning.

    […]shouldn’t mean anyone who says ‘Allahu akbar’ is suddenly about to do some violent act. Far from it.”


      Jihadis shout “Allahu Akbar!” during their attacks, while Western journalists insist that it’s a peaceful expression.

      “Allahu Akbar” is an Arabic phrase that means “Allah Is Greater.” In Islam, the expression signifies that Allah is greater than anything else, especially the gods of unbelievers. Muhammad himself would shout “Allahu Akbar” when attacking non-Muslims, including the Jews of Khaybar. In this video, David Wood responds to attempts by CNN, the Huffington Post, and the New York Times to ignore the violent history of the phrase.

  24. BBC -Egyptian TV presenter sentenced over pregnancy remarks

    An Egyptian TV presenter has been sentenced to three years in jail after she discussed ways of becoming pregnant outside a conventional marriage.

    Doaa Salah, a presenter on Al-Nahar TV, asked if her viewers had considered having sex before marriage, and also suggested a woman could marry briefly to have children before divorcing.

    She was charged and convicted with outraging public decency.

    Ms Salah was also ordered to pay 10,000 Egyptian pounds (£430) in compensation.
    The authorities said the ideas in the programme “threatened the fabric of Egyptian life”, the EFE news agency reports.

    Sex before marriage is widely regarded as unacceptable in socially conservative [ MUSLIM ] Egypt.

    Ms Salah suggested that a potential husband could be paid for taking part in a short-lived marriage, and also spoke about how sperm donation is an accepted method in Western countries – but not in Egypt.

    She was suspended from her presenting job for three months in the aftermath of the broadcast, before legal action was taken against her.

    The three-year sentence follows an initial verdict which is open to an appeal.

  25. Italy: Police seize 24 million opiate tablets meant to finance ISIS

    ….in the container port Gioia Tauro, in southern Calabria region.

  26. Iran: Thousands of pilgrims cross Mehran border to mark Arbaeen in Karbala

    Thousands of Iranian pilgrims gathered at Mehran border crossing, in Iran, on Thursday, in order to pass into Iraq’s holy city of Karbala to mark Arbaeen.

    The Arbaeen pilgrimage to Karbala is one of the largest religious gatherings in the world, marking the 40th day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein in the seventh-century, the third Shia Imam and Mohammed’s grandson.

  27. Tucker: Vegas investigators don’t know what they’re doing

    Tucker’s Thoughts: There are still so many unanswered questions in the Las Vegas massacre. This is not the only federal investigation that has shaken in public confidence recently.

  28. Amtsgericht fällte Urteil

    Gerichtsstreit um Mietvertrag: Niederlage für Göttinger AfD-Politiker

    Göttingen. Der Landesvorsitzende der AfD-Nachwuchsorganisation Junge Alternative, Lars Steinke, muss sich aufgrund eines Gerichtsurteils voraussichtlich eine neue Wohnung suchen.

    Das Amtsgericht Göttingen gab jetzt einer Anfechtungsklage seiner Vermieterin statt. Grund: Der 24-Jährige hatte seiner Vermieterin verschwiegen, dass er wegen seiner politischen Aktivitäten ein potentielles Angriffsziel für linksgerichtete Gewalt sein könnte. Nach Ansicht des Gerichts hätte er sie über seine besondere Rolle aufklären müssen, weil dies auch Auswirkungen auf das Mietobjekt haben könnte, sagte ein Sprecher. Da er dies unterlassen habe, sei der Mietvertrag durch arglistige Täuschung zustande gekommen und somit nichtig.

    Der 24-Jährige war im Juli 2017 in die Wohnung im Göttinger Stadtgebiet gezogen. Einige Monate später zog die Vermieterin vor Gericht, um den Mietvertrag anzufechten – mit Erfolg: Das Amtsgericht Göttingen verwies bei seiner Entscheidung auf die einschlägige Rechtsprechung des Bundesgerichtshofes. Demnach liegt eine arglistige Täuschung auch dann vor, wenn jemand Tatsachen verschweigt, über die ein Vertragspartner nach Treu und Glauben Aufklärung erwarten kann. So muss beispielsweise ein Autoverkäufer darauf hinweisen, wenn ein Gebrauchtwagen einen Unfallschaden hatte.

    Der Göttinger Funktionär der „Jungen Alternative“ hatte in geposteten Beiträgen selbst darauf hingewiesen, dass er sich als Zielscheibe linker Aktivisten sehe. Da dieser Umstand für die Entscheidung über den Abschluss des Mietvertrages bedeutsam sei, hätte er dies seiner Vermieterin ungefragt mitteilen müssen, urteilte das Gericht. Tatsächlich sei es in der Folgezeit zu Sachbeschädigungen und Brandstiftungen im Bereich des Wohnhauses gekommen, unter anderem an Mülltonnen.

    Im März ging vor dem Wohnhaus das Auto des 24-Jährigen, das er dort am Fahrbahnrand geparkt hatte, in Flammen auf. Durch die Hitzeentwicklung wurden auch ein weiteres Auto und eine nahegelegene Balkonbrüstung beschädigt. Das Gericht wies darauf hin, dass es ähnliche Vorfälle auch bereits an seiner früheren Wohnadresse in Göttingen gegeben habe.

    Den Mietvertrag hatte der Vater des 24-Jährigen abgeschlossen. Nach Angaben eines Justizsprechers enthielt der Vertrag eine Klausel, dass dieser die Wohnung dauerhaft seinem Sohn zur Nutzung überlasse. Hierauf sei es bei der Entscheidung indes nicht angekommen.

    Berufung gegen Urteil

    Der 24-Jährige erklärte nach der Gerichtsentscheidung, dass er gegen das „skandalöse Urteil“ Berufung einlegen wolle.

    • USA: Concrete blocks fortify Manhattan bike path in wake of deadly attack

      Large concrete blocks were placed alongside the bike lane to protect cyclists in New York City’s lower Manhattan, Friday, days after a driver mowed a truck into pedestrians on Tuesday claiming the lives of eight people.

      People have placed flowers, balloons, photos of the victims and other personal items in honour of their memory, around the place where the attack occurred.

      A New York City resident said she is “grateful” that “more lives were not lost.”

      “We are vulnerable, it doesn’t matter where you live, if you live in Ney York, if you live in any big city or small town, you know, terrorism is everywhere and so you just don’t know,” another resident said.

  29. DOJ mulls charges for Russian officials in DNC hacking case

    The Department of Justice has identified at least six Russian government officials as suspects in the 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

    • This goes to what I keep saying, if we don’t investigate Hillary and Obama, arrest them, prosecute them and imprison them the rule of law will be destroyed. This is the big question, are we still a Representative Republic with the rule of law or are we a Kleptocracy ruled by Oligarchs? If we are the former we can return to what the founders created, if the latter we will have to decide if we want a revolution or to live as slaves?

  30. TURKISH AMERICAN NEWS – From NYC to Charlie Hebdo, Why is Islam the Target?

    No matter a terrorist attack or an allegation against an individual, any link with Islam is somehow used by U.S. media to portray Islam as a religion of violence.

    Tuesday’s terrorist attack in New York City coincided with news reports that revealed a U.S. Department of Defense paper about the cost of the U.S. war on global terrorism.

    According to the reports, since the 9/11 attacks the United States has spent $250 million a day while the total expenditure stands at around $1.4 trillion. Yet, the U.S. still seems to be far from preventing terrorism even on its own soil.

    A U.S.-resident of Uzbek origin drove a pickup truck into a crowd in New York City on Tuesday, mercilessly killing eight and wounding a dozen innocent people. Minutes after the attack, the terrorist was shot by police before being arrested. This incident came just a month after a mass shooting in Las Vegas, which the motivation behind still remains unanswered.

    Soon after the attack, serious manipulation against Muslims, immigrants and different identities started appearing in U.S. media. Without any proof, a reference was made to the attacker’s so-called Muslim origin. Right after, U.S. President Donald Trump questioned the U.S. green card delivery system and called for the attacker to get the death penalty.

    While the Las Vegas attack, which was carried out by a white American man, still waits to be fully explained, a seal was quickly put on the attack in New York City. If you have a Muslim immigrant, a link can easily be discovered between the religion and the act of terrorism, an approach that has become a serious threat to the welfare of Western societies.

    In another part of the world, a Muslim intellectual, Tariq Ramadan, currently faced serious allegations of sexual harassment in the midst of similar accusations against some Hollywood figures and even politicians in Europe.

    British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has resigned because of similar accusations and some well-known Hollywood figures such as Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein have been accused of sexual misconduct, as well. Yet, none of them were linked to their religious identity, nor was their religious identity used as an attack against their religion.

    Meanwhile, a catastrophic front page of the French satirical cartoon magazine Charlie Hebdo again targeted Islam, using Ramadan’s case as a starting point.

    Ramadan, who is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna – the founder of the Muslim Brothers in Egypt, is seen to be a subject of a smear campaign because of his political and religious identity. However, he is capable enough to defend himself and so I would like to underline – without any intention of discussing the facts behind the allegations against Ramadan – the anti-Islam position taken by certain Western intellectuals and policymakers.

    No matter a terrorist attack or an allegation against an individual, any link with Islam is used to plant the seeds of enmity against Islam in Western societies.

    The above issues need to be tackled and answered by Western decision makers. If measures are not taken in social and education studies or in policy changes, the price of these seeds will be very expensive for Muslims as well as Western societies. The warning bells have been ringing for decades.


  31. Russia: Russian air strike hits IS targets in Abu-Kemal

    The Russian Ministry of Defence released footage of the Russian Air Force as it launched a massive air strike on targets of the so-called Islamic State in the Syrian residential area of Abu-Kemal, Friday.

    At a press briefing, the Russian Defence Ministry`s spokesman said that the air strike from the Khmeimim Air Base inflicted a “devastating damage” to ISIS terrorists and their “fortified zones, arms and munitions warehouses, militant gatherings and important command points” in Abu-Kemal.

    The Ministry of Defence confirmed the use of Su-24 and Su-34 bombers and Su-30Sm, Su-35 and MiG-29 fighters in the air strike.

  32. Antifa Plan To Overthrow Trump Starts TOMORROW

    The ultra-violent leftist movement, Antifa has a busy weekend ahead.

    Extremists are organizing a series of anti-government rallies in dozens of America’s largest cities starting tomorrow.

    As of this publishing, Antifa affiliated groups have scheduled protests in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle.

    Law enforcement officials in jurisdictions across the country believe violent anarchists will show up en masse to wreak havoc.

    At least one radical left-wing faction, “Refuse Fascism,” has revealed that its protests on November 4 are just the beginning of their resistance to President Donald Trump and that their rebellion will continue until he is out of office.

    One of Refuse Fascism’s posters includes a heinous image, the president’s head on a spike. For these dangerous ideologues, Trump and his inner circle isn’t the only perceived threat. Prominent members have argued that every person that voted for the president last November is as evil as those who were complicit in the Holocaust.

    According to the FBI, Antifa is a loose collection of left-wing groups with no apparent structure or hierarchy. At this time they are united by their hatred of President Trump, hostility towards anyone who is center-right, and eagerness to engage in domestic terrorism.


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