muslim opens fire from Home Depot truck, kills 9 and plows four bike riders, one man in custody

UPDATE: Truck Driver Terrorist Identified As 29-Year-Old Sayfullo Saipov

Several officials have identified the New York City truck attacker who killed eight people and injured others as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov from Tampa, Fla.

Although New York officials during Tuesday’s official press conference declined to list any details about the suspect other than the fact that he is a 29-year-old male and not from New York, several officials told ABC News that the suspect is Saipov from Florida.

CBS News also confirmed that the attacker’s full name is Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov.


 UPDATE: Here is a really great segment from NBC: A middle eastern looking bearded fellow who yelled allah hu ackbar. 

UPDATE: It is being investigated as a terrorist attack

From New York Daily News:

A gunman opened fire from a Home Depot truck that apparently plowed down four riders on a bike path Tuesday off the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan, eyewitnesses said.


The NYPD reported one man was in custody after initial reports of gunfire set off a mad scramble in the downtown area.


Witnesses reported seeing a gunman firing from inside a Home Depot tuck, and video showed a truck from the home improvement store sitting on a median.

“He shot about 15 times toward the pier and down West St.” one witness told the Daily News. There was no immediate word on deaths or injuries, although witnesses said two bodies were covered with blankets at the scene.

Yahoo News:

Motorist hits people on bike path near World Trade Center

In this photo provided by the New York City Police Department, officers respond to a report of gunfire along West Street near the pedestrian bridge at Stuyvesant High School in lower Manhattan in New York, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017. (Martin Speechley/NYPD via AP)

NEW YORK (AP) — Police and witnesses say a motorist drove onto a busy bicycle path near the World Trade Center memorial and struck several people, then emerged from the vehicle screaming and firing something that appeared to be a gun.

An Associated Press photographer on the scene Tuesday witnessed at least two bodies lying motionless on the path beneath tarps.

Liv e stream:



CNN reporter refuses to share description of attacker:

NBC reports driver yelled allah hu ackbar and was of Middle Eastern appearance.

H/T Xanthippa, EB., Richard, M., and all who are on top of this. Keep it coming please and ideally under this post.

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  1. Multiple eyewitnesses say the driver shouted Allahu Akhbar!, but no news media seem to be reporting that bit.

    Apparently, mayor Deblazio says it’s not terror connected.

  2. Multiple fatalities in truck attack in Manhattan, suspect in custody (LIVE VIDEO) (RT, Oct 31, 2017)–police/

    “At least 6 people have been reported killed and 9 injured in a vehicle attack near the World Trade Center memorial in lower Manhattan, New York City. Police have the driver in custody and are investigating the attack as terrorism.

    Police said that a vehicle entered the bike path “a few blocks north of Chambers Street” where it “struck multiple people.” They added there there are “several” fatalities and “numerous” people injured.

    A person in a truck reportedly ran over some pedestrians and bicyclists, and then opened gunfire.

    There are multiple fatalities, according to reports citing local authorities.

    The NYPD said the vehicle continued driving south on the path until it struck another vehicle. Then, the suspect left the vehicle “displaying imitation firearms” and was shot by police officers before being taken into custody.

    Police say there is no longer a threat to the public.

    The White House has confirmed that President Donald Trump was briefed on the incident.

    The incident is being investigated as a possible terrorism attack, an anonymous law enforcement source told Reuters.

    Fox News has reported the suspect yelled, “Allah akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” before being taken into custody.

    The FBI is now treating the incident as a terrorist attack, according to CNN.

    Police told residents to avoid West Street from Barclay Street to a Christopher Street, citing an “ongoing investigation” and also instructed locals to “expect many emergency personnel in the area.”

    There were initial reports of gunfire. Police sources told the New York Post that at least two people were fatally shot in Lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon by a gunman firing from his truck.

    A video taken at the scene shows multiple injured bikers on the ground. The poster said they they were hit by a truck…”

    • So, now we have an entirely new brand of Islamic terrorism.

      Hit & Gun (you saw it here first!): As in, first attack with a high mass projectile and then use lots of smaller (higher velocity) ones afterwards.

      Can there be any doubt that Liberals will use this latest atrocity as the core of yet another demand for “gun controls“, despite how truck impacts were the likely cause of most fatalities involved?

      Of course, none of these same Liberals will display any sincere courage of their convictions and actually demand “truck controls” as part of their scheme to prevent these murderous attacks.

      Even less likely is that this same contingent of disingenuous Leftists will address the Root Cause of such cold-blooded, jihadist brutality and ever manage to insist upon “TRAVEL CONTROLS“—which, as Trump capably recognizes, is the only viable way of halting more of these same atrocities.

      Western Liberals are not merely “fiddling while Rome burns”; they are severing fire hoses, smashing hydrants, and slashing the tires of snorkels and pumpers.

      • Yes the left will use this (and all future terror attacks using firearms) to call for more gun control. They will ignore the fact that New York City has some of the strictest gun control laws in the US, laws that have done nothing to stop any crimes. The only way to handle a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. This idea will never soak into the minds of the useful idiots who blame inanimate objects rather then the people using the tools. They ignore the history that shows that freedom became the norm in Europe only when the ordinary people had access to weapons that could take a mounted knight off his horse. They ignore the fact that all of the nations with a high percentage of Islamic Invaders in their population are more violent then the US and also have gun control laws that the US gun control groups dream about imposing on us.

    • CNN reporter declines to share description…

      Why would any law enforcement agency need the public’s help in spotting or apprehending such a malefactor? No need for any network broadcasted BOLO advisory so that law-abiding citizens might, at least, avoid contact with the suspect.

      Instead, it’s all hush-hush and let the murderers run free in the name of socially engineered reduction with regard to any perception of exactly which ethnicity or creed is too often responsible for these atrocities.

      In a sane world, there will be pure hell to pay for this willful obfuscation.

      • Well, everyone knows that criminals are ID’ed by race only if they are not Black normally. That’s why the news reports of criminal suspects are so redacted of race that they are of no use whatsoever when the pulblic is trying to look out for them. PC=Death in the Streets I’m afraid.

  3. Shots Fired After Bikers Hit By Truck in New York City, Fatalities Reported (sputniknews, Oct 31, 2017)

    “As many as six people have been reported dead after a tragic attack in which a truck driver ran over cyclists and pedestrians in Lower Manhattan.

    The suspect was shot by police officers after exiting the rental truck holding “imitation firearms,” and taken into custody alive, the New York Police Department said via Twitter.

    The vehicular attack is being investigated by the FBI as a “suspected” terror attack, Channel 4 New York reported on TV.

    At least 9 people were injured in the attack, according to NYPD. The rented Home Depot truck, pictured below, drove several blocks on a sidewalk and mowed down civilians. A school bus eventually got in the automobile’s way to limit the destruction, according to an eyewitness.

    The FBI Joint Terrorism task force is taking over over the case. The NYPD would usually have jurisdiction over a crime in New York but the FBI can overrule their jurisdiction depending on the nature of the crime.

    ?At least one police officer was injured, emergency medics said.

    “Currently there is one person in custody,” the New York Police Department stated. “No other outstanding. All information is preliminary as the investigation is ongoing,” NYPD said in a Twitter post.

    ?A motorist took the vehicle onto a sidewalk near the World Trade Center, injuring several people, according to eye-witness and police sources.

    US President Donald Trump has been apprised on the attack. ?

    More details to follow.”

    • Rewind: “The Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman”
      By Peter Lance

      Before long, Rahman was preaching at three separate mosques: the al Farooq at Atlantic Avenue; the Abu Bakr on Foster Avenue in Brooklyn — a mosque his radical followers soon took over — and the dingy Al-Salaam (Mosque of Peace), located on the third floor of a Jersey City building above a cell-phone store.

      “VIDEO PROOF: 9/11 Cheering Jersey City Rooftops in New Jersey!”
      Mark F – Published on December 1, 2015

  4. Sayfullo Saipov

    Photo of Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, of Tampa, Florida, suspect in deadly NYC terror attack

    Mirror – Everything we know about New York terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov who ‘shouted Allahu Akbar’ as ‘he mowed down eight victims’

    A truck rammed into cyclists and runners close to Ground Zero in New York shortly after 3pm on Tuesday before crashing into a school bus

  5. Sayf
    are Arabic-derived name components.

    The rest looks Slavic. So I’ll guess an Islamist of Slavic origins.

    The beard is a dead giveaway.

  6. Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik

    “Bernard Kerik: Nobody should be surprised by NYC attack”
    Fox News – October 31, 2017

    • He is right this is a war not a series of unrelated criminal actions, you win wars by breaking your enemies will to resist, you do this by killing ;people and breaking things. You have to accept that in the fighting there are going to be civilian causalities because our enemy shelters among the civilians and wants those causalities to use as propaganda.

      You also have to develop human intelligence on the community that the attackers come from, you do this by sending in agents to infiltrate the Mosques and other areas where the radicals congregate. Obama and company stopped this because Obama wanted the Moselms to win and the others in his crime family want to destroy the west to create a Socialist Utopia that will fall apart like all socialist societies fall apart.

      • Bernard Kerik: “It’s here to stay.”

        Only until it’s gone.

        There is no way in hell that Western Civilization will forever tolerate the constant predations of Islam. At some point, the fact that the barbarity of jihadist terrorism has NO UPWARD LIMIT will precipitate an atrocity of such staggering proportions such that it initiates a scouring of Islam from the face of this earth.

        The only alternative is for the ummah to forcefully adopt a pacified version of Koranic doctrine—which (without threat of total annihilation), it will NEVER do.

        If America or Europe does not have the collective ostiones to do this, Russia, Red China, India, Israel—or whichever emerging nation has the required nuclear arsenal that is adequate to the task—will take whatever steps are necessary to obliterate the jihadist threat.

        Face it; if Islamic countries had a sufficient number of nuclear warheads to overcome the West, this discussion would not even be taking place.

        Kerik, “get’s it”. We are in a war of attrition that only ceases when one side no longer has any chance of surviving. The sooner this end point is brought about, the more chances of survival for all involved.

        Please see my Notes from NorseRadish that will be posted in tomorrow’s Reader’s Links.

  7. PJ Media – Jake Tapper Reminds Us That ‘Allahu Akbar’ Can Be Beautiful, as News Develops of NYC Terror Incident…

    An incident occurred today in New York that even progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio couldn’t pass off as workplace violence. A truck plowed into a bicycle-only lane on a busy street in Manhattan. The City of New York determined that the truck attack that left at least eight people dead was indeed an “act of terror.”

    But meanwhile, CNN once again showed where its priorities were. As news broke that the driver was shouting “Allahu Akbar” as he attacked these people, Jake Tapper wanted to remind his audience that “The Arabic chant ‘Allahu Akbar,’ God is great… sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances, and too often we hear it being said in moments like this.” Sure, he did finish the sentence by talking about how we have heard this chant in moments of horror, but why even say the first part? Liberals like him always think they have to remind people that there are Muslims who are good — that ‘Allahu Akbar’ can be beautiful. This piece of commentary was unnecessary and insulting during such a time of crisis.

    CNN must do better if they are going to insist they are “Facts first.”


  8. NYPost –Terror suspect was a ‘very friendly’ Uzbek immigrant who drove for Uber

    […]“He is very good guy, he is very friendly… he is like little brother… he look at me like big brother,” Matkarov said

    […]Matkarov said Saipov got along well with his five kids, who enjoyed playing with him.

    “My kids like him too, he is always playing with them. He is playing all the time,” Matkarov remembered.[…]

    NBC News reporter Tom Winter reports a note written by Saipov pledging his allegiance to ISIS was found.

    “New York terror suspect left a note behind in the rental truck pledging his allegiance to

  9. Notice how many of them are sub 5 feet 6 and sub 140lbs? I’ve nothing against small people per se but it’s no wonder they always attack in packs on the streets and talk the big man.

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