More university thought crimes, and Canadian funding of Islamic jihad: links 1, Nov. 2, 2017

1. U of Chicago thought police:

2. UN Home invasion defence

3. Donald Trump asks for death penalty for Oct. 31 jihadi in NYC

4. The history of Dhimmitude withBill Warner and Raymond Ibrahim.

5. Actual arrest of the halloween bearded wierdie in NYC

6. Top TEN at The Rebel

7. Al Franken makes Facebook Lawyer into the lying SOS he is.

8. This is the most significant story perhaps for some time.

A Canadian government, fully cognizant of the terror ties, and financial fraud committed by a British Columbia mosque, (Soon just to be known as just “British”, as we eliminate the name Columbus) plans to donate grants of tens of thousands of dollars to them anyway. The potential significance of this far outweighs the impact of any classic small terror attack. With full reverence and genuine sadness for the great people who I hear were injured and killed in the recent NYC event, the impact for all Canadians, and by extension, the real citizens of Western nations affiliated with the Obama, Trudeau, Soros, the EU communists, and Merkel.

PoCo mosque to get $53k from federal government in spite of Revenue Canada concerns

The Port Coquitlam mosque that was recently cited for financial irregularities — and possible ties to overseas funders linked to militant Islamist group Hamas — is expected to receive a $53,000 grant from the federal government this week.


The funds are part of a program launched by the Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness designed to improve security for communities at risk of hate-motivated crimes. According to a ministry spokesperson, the money will be used to purchase and install CCTV cameras and an alarm system at the Masjid Alhidayah and Islamic Cultural Centre on Kingsway Avenue. 


“[The Security Infrastructure Program (SIP)] is providing funding for the Islamic Society of British Columbia… to make a number of security improvements to address the threats they face,” said Scott Bardsley, a press secretary with the ministry, in an email. “The society is eligible to receive funding under the terms of the program.”


Last May, the society, which operates the PoCo mosque, was fined $9,120 after a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit covering 2011 to 2013 turned up thousands of dollars in financial irregularities and at least $127,000 in questionable expenses by former director Saadeldin Bahr.

Some of the spending noted by the agency included $66,028 for groceries and pharmacy items, $22,193 for gas and car washes, $2,967 in restaurant meals, $4,239 for electronics like PlayStation games and an iPad, and $4,958 for an Evolution Spa.


“A majority of the expenses, which Mr. Bahr paid for using his credit cards and were then subsequently reimbursed, appeared to be for personal use, and, in our opinion, constitute an undue benefit,” the CRA stated in its notice of penalty.

Please click through. There is lots more.

9. One of the woman who is accusing Tariq Ramadan of rape takes his pre-trial to TV

(Frankly this should be illegal. I dislike Tariq Ramadan as much as anyone. But there should be a presumption of innocence and no one should be able to kill a person’s career on an accusation without substantiation.)

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8 Replies to “More university thought crimes, and Canadian funding of Islamic jihad: links 1, Nov. 2, 2017”

  1. 3. Donald Trump asks for death penalty for Oct. 31 jihadi in NYC

    Simple, have the suspect transferred into military custody as an enemy combatant. Then have the individual arraigned before a military tribunal. Execute regardless of whatever opposition to capital punishment exists in the state of origin (i.e., New York).

    • I would like Congress to follow Newts suggestion and pass a law that self declared enemy combatants have no miranda rights and then add my suggestion that they are to be granted only the rights the Geneva Convention gives them. Since he is not wearing a uniform or carrying ID from a recognized government he is an illegal combatant who under the Geneva Convention has no rights. We can all trust that very few of the left will read the Geneva Convention and not all of them will make the connection of illegal combatant so it should easily pass Congress.

  2. 9 – You are right on all counts, he should be given the presumption of innocence and allowed to defend himself.

    I wonder how much danger she has placed herself in? Is she counting of public opinion to protect her or is she still thinking nothing bad can happen to her?

  3. 1- Imagine this: an Ontario nine-year-old girl is compelled by fear of political correctness to develop a code so that she can communicate to the only other conservative-minded child in her class. Unbeknownst to her parents or anyone, the girl invents a system whereby notes passed contain spelling mistakes. Big deal, right? Nine-year olds making spelling mistakes is not a revelation. However in each incorrect word the culprit letter when dropped becomes the first letter forming a new word, the next the next and so on. Painstaking isn’t it? Kinda like busting out of Stalag 17 one spoon of dirt at a time. When asked what made her so fearful she says it is the certainty of being ostracized once conservatives are discovered. And this she says she has witnessed before and wants to avoid if possible. When asked what kind of dangerous thoughts are enough to have one identified as a troublemaker or a hatemonger, she says expressing dissatisfaction with Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau is enough. Also, her teacher’s mantra that the children are lucky to have “free speech” cannot be so much as questioned for fear of the questioner being singled out of the group. How ironic that a secret code for free speech would sprout from a garden watered with dust.

    I find this story both remarkable and disturbing. The resilience and creative capacity of the human mind to resist oppression is well documented by the eastern European writers under communism. Imagination is key to the kingdom of freedom here. And here we have a most pure, organic and uncontrived example of such innovation.

    The girl said she now wants to find a way for conservatives to communicate on-line in a way that tricks the algorithms.

    Go figure.

  4. @#2, good to see you farming memes for Keks mate, that sort of thing is about the only thing keeping me stable right now.

    @#8, Just how many Canadian Churches, Synagogs, Hindu and Sikh temples will get that kind of taxpayer money from to defend against the muslims?

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