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4 Replies to “Uk selective enforcement”

  1. If a policeman had drowned under this operation, he would have earned 72 virgins in a kind of heaven, where no civilized man would like to come ever. This heaven is what we understand as Hell.

  2. England is clearly going Muhammadan which means there will be roundups of the resistant to “change” and “diversity” which ironically are not characteristic of Muhammadan theology.

    The cruel joke is on all those who gave their lives to save England in WW2. Had they known shortly after that, England would seek her own suicide and vilify those who didn’t go along, maybe, just maybe, many lives would not have been given in vain.

  3. How is it that no one lacked the foresight to saturate the canal water with copious amounts of bacon grease?


    As an Agnostic, please let me know when that term applies to caring about Christian worries.

    Until then, all non-Christians need to take the piss.

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