Italian politician makes sensible solutions to ignore and call racist

I would like to anticipate a few of the objections that this women’s suggestions will bring, and suggest that the real value of this video is not in the suggestions she makes, but that the ones she makes are reasonable and should not be objected to by anyone, yet will not be implemented and will be ignored or objected to, which shows that there is another purpose to bringing in all the migrants.

That the stated reasons are nonsense.

That what they want from these people is precisely the attributes that this woman’s suggestions would filter out.

So the value of the video, is a data point to prove this thesis.

That the Red Green alliance in fact wants hordes of Muslims, North African or Arab, to be criminal, to commit antisocial acts and to hasten the end of the current order of things. To bring Balkanization, civil wars, overwhelm police forces, end individual liberties, unbalance legal systems, destroy the public confidence in the fairness of our systems, and marginalize the European peoples and all who fit into the classical civilization model of behaviour and systems.

Thank you Elle for the translations.

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7 Replies to “Italian politician makes sensible solutions to ignore and call racist”

  1. Child Rapist and Hate Criminal
    Islamist and Social Project Fail
    Pederast and Anti-Pedophile
    Imprisonment of Thought prevail.

  2. You’re right, she will be ignored or called a racist. Everything she purposed should be done but won’t, the left wants to destroy the west and the Moslems want to destroy the west they are working together to destroy us and will then fight to see who takes over. Personally I think there are enough patriots in Europe to ensure that both lose but by the time they lose civilization and the rule of law will be destroyed.

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