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One Reply to “I don’t know about the issue of Catalonian independence yet, but what happened below was an atrocity”

  1. One of the main supporters (and financier) of the Catalonian independence movement is George Soros.

    Catalonia has been importing large numbers of Muslims and granting them voting rights and have promised to fund the building of Mosques in return for Muslims voting for ‘independence’

    Spain is behaving abominably – but as per EU guidelines.

    EU is officially on Spain’s side in this, but, if a Nation State as cohesive in national identity can be made to fracture into sub-national fiefdoms, each of which will support the EU in return for EU’s recognition of independence, the EU and the Globalists will win in the end.

    Think about it.

    Whom do you think the EU would prefer to rule: a small number of strong countries united in their national identity and chafing at the EU yoke, or a large number of small principalities – bickering with each other and too small to individually offer any meaningful resistance to the EU?

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