Some more enrichment for Canada and the West: Links 3, Oct. 16, 2017

1. A little cultural enrichment for Montreal:

CBC of course, does its classic partial story of the events.

2. In case anyone doesn’t already know the pope is a commie, he now says “Earth’s fruits must be available for all“. Which tends to ignore the time, money, effort and risk farmers put in to making “Earth’s fruits” possible.

“Clearly wars and climate change are a cause of hunger, let us then not present hunger as though it were some sort of incurable disease”


ROME, Oct 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – On World Food Day, religious, political and humanitarian leaders have called for more action to end hunger, which has begun to rise for the first time in more than a decade.



Deaths due to hunger or to abandoning one’s land have now become everyday news, and there is the danger that this will lead to indifference.


Clearly wars and climate change are a cause of hunger, let us then not present hunger as though it were some sort of incurable disease.

I wonder if perhaps people “Abandon their land” because of communists who think they should just work for free till they die.

NASA has now also admitted that the ocean levels are actually falling due to increased Arctic ice caps, which tends to ruin yet another prediction(s) of the Anthropogenic global warming crowd.

3. It should still stun anyone why they allowed a man who’s first or near first act as president was to seal all his school records to get a 2nd term in office.

4. ‘Can I get a ride?’: Shocking moment driver, 23, crashes car and leaves girl passenger burning to death as he hails taxi and flees

(Could this be the next Democrat candidate for President of the United States?)

This is the moment a New York man was caught on camera hailing a taxi to leave the scene of a car crash while his trapped female friend burned to death nearby.


The footage shows 23-year-old Saeed Ahmed asking a taxi driver in the middle of a highway if he can get a ride just moments after crashing his car on in Brooklyn on Friday night.


The video, which was shot by a witness and obtained by ABC7, shows his car engulfed in flames in the background.  

His passenger, Harleen Grewel, 25, was pronounced dead at the scene after her charred body was found in the front passenger seat by firefighters at the scene.

(If anyone had actually read the works of Maimonides, the person whom the hospital was named after, they may have known better than to treat this guy)

5. Loopholes in the Iranian nuclear deal may be what is funding the North Korean nuclear program

Thank you Western Rifle Shooters, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, and MANY more! Please keep it all rolling in.

You know, I think we might be starting to make a mark. The push back is happening. Its possible that tonight we may finally see some of the horror and putrefaction we all knew was the Democrat party and its principles, and generally, there may be cause for some optimism,


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  1. Yes the tide is turning, this is good for the world although it means that the left is going to become more violent. This is because the left is getting more desperate, they see the ordinary people rejecting their political parties and their policies, the only way the can hope to win is to win by violence. The Catch 22 for the left is that if they don’t turn violent they are out of power for 20 to 50 years, if they turn to violence and lose (the odds are some thing like 70-30 in our favor) they are out of powerfor 50 to 100 years. They have polarized the western nations to the point that we are going to see revolutionary courts handing out winners justice to the losers. This is going to make the leftist leaders run for any nation that will take them and most will be afraid of what the West will do if they grant sanctuary to our leftists. The fight will be long and bloody but in the end our side will win.

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