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10 Replies to “Jordan Peterson: A Call to Rebellion for Ontario Lawyers”

  1. This is frighteningly close to fait accompli.

    No person in Ontario will be able to find legal representation for any matters falling on the wrong side of the “racism” fence, or any issue about which race arguments can be included, which these days is seemingly all issues. And it won’t stop with race anyway. Challenges to Sharia and leftist tyranny will be legally impossible. What’s truly left to fight after the legal profession has submitted?

    Remember, Islam means to submit or surrender!

  2. Whoever put this legislation together is not a communist pretending to be a socialist, they are a communist being perfectly frank about the fact that they are a communist. They are threatening to disbar any lawyer that doesn’t sit down and write a forced confession to the Communist Party. If you showed this to an ordinary person fifty years ago they would swear you were talking about Ceausescu’s Romania, not Canada. Talk about a show trial. Talk about humiliation.

    Wouldn’t it be great if somebody went and required the author of this legislation to write an apology letter to the people of Canada, subject to the approval of the Board of Concerned Conservatives?

    • Indeed. Those Lawyers responsible for this reprehensible, outrageous, and totalitarian scheme should be identified and vilified.
      They mean to do massive harm to the people of Canada — and elsewhere, I’m sure, if their reach extended further.

      But — excellent interview with Jared, Jordan, and Bruce. I can’t think of a single point they missed in exposing this obscenity perpetrated by so-called advocates; for these are no mere advocates but dictators in the vilest manner imaginable.

      Run them out of town! This lawyer association needs to up its “self-regulating” game and rid itself of those who would arrogate to themselves the power to TELL MEMBERS WHAT TO THINK.

      ABSOLUTELY obscene usurpation of power and with a very DEADLY end-game.

      • I meant that the MEMBERS of this association need to be on their toes and perform due diligence of those whose power has gone to their heads.

        Purge the entire governing body is my suggestion.

  3. The Society’s ‘coat of arms’ appears to show a woman bearing the scales of justice and a Christian crusader presumably bearing a broadsword.

    Have they organised a competition yet to redesign it to reflect contemporary reality?

  4. My statement of principles:
    My principles are in compliance with Canadian law, the scientific method and reason.

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