Bombshell: Antifa Are Receiving Military Training In Syria


Antifa militants are crossing the Syrian border to receive military training from members of ISIS, according to intelligence reports. 

American and European Antifa members are being attracted to the US-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) due to their anarcho-communist politics, who are in turn persuading the Antifa extremists to fight alongside them in the “Rojova revolution.” reports:  Security agencies are concerned that these Antifa members will continue the “revolution at home” once they return. Already FBI sources have revealed Antifa literature and photos taken in the Middle East which were found in the hotel room of suspected Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock.

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9 Replies to “Bombshell: Antifa Are Receiving Military Training In Syria”

    • The help in planning and weapons training was probably given by graduates of the Mideast training schools who have come home.

  1. Well, that pretty much settles it about Antifa being a terrorist organization. If the FBI and Interpol have any stones, they will start infiltrating all American and European chapters as a precursor to dismantling them and convicting their violent thugs. Next on the menu, BAMN.

    While this latest news offers up some insights regarding Paddock, there remain a lot of other unanswered ground-level questions about the Route 91 concert that require explanations.

    Too bad that Paddock’s attempt to purchase tracer ammunition didn’t trigger some warning flags. As a staunch defender of Second Amendment rights, I would still be inclined to draw the line at tracer rounds. If someone wants to make an argument for their legality (aside from their importance in resisting illegal government weapons confiscations), I’m all ears.

    In painfully polite language (something I’m not particularly famous for) no fecking way is this entire incident anywhere remotely close to passing the smell test.

    • One problem, how many leftist were implanted in the FBI during the Obama years? I have heard that the FBI on the East Coast won’t investigate anything to do with left wing corruption or terrorism.

    • What’s wrong with tracer rounds? The ignite for a certain distance then burn out. About the only thing negative is that they might start a fire. Most tracer rounds go stale after a couple of years. No different than having laser on your weapon (lasers on your gun are illegal in Chicago). Zillions of rounds of tracers and AP incendiaries used to imported as military surplus before they were apparently declared “non-sporting” purpose and no longer imported into America.

      Bump-fire stocks. Nothing wrong with them either. Pure fun because people can’t get real machine guns. As a matter of fact, when that Israeli Doctor ( killed 29 Arabs with his M16 rifle, the television correspondent I saw said he deliberately used semi-auto fire in order to increase effectiveness. The LV killer put “high end optics” on his AR along with the bump-fire stock, which was “bizarre” according to a gun shop owner on Chicago talk radio.

      A madman can easily make a full-auto AR. Just google for “AR-15 Lightning Link” and you can find the plans & dimensions, then go to youtube where you can find a demo and explanation how it works.

      Really, do we want our liberties to be defined by every asshole who decides to take advantage of them. If so, then we are really screwed.

  2. There seems to be some confusion in this post: Islamic state- ISIS are NOT Kurdish (they may have the odd Kurd fighting) Rojava are the Kurds fighting for independence and against Islamic state. If you need clarification, Twitter is a good place to have the difference explained.
    I am sure antifa cowards will be “training” with Isis- mainly in bomb making.

  3. I am sorry but this is too stupid to pass over. YPG=ISIS? Do you people not have wikipedia? Do you even know where Syria is? YPG are the people FIGHTING Isis since the start of the war. They were some of the first people to do that on the ground. They are US allies in that fight. Could your article be more confused?!?!

    Now, don’t get me wrong, it is not necessarily good that Anifa people are crossing into Syria and getting military training, because using any of that training back home would be doing precisely what they claim they are against. BUT claiming they are receiving training from ISIS when they are in fact receiving training from the people FIGHTING Isis is absurd. You may as well claim the US army is receiving training from Isis because they are on the same side as the YPG.

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