German priest challenges Bishops, pope on migrant stance

The Bishop of Cologne for those who don’t remember, is a postmodernist

And of course, the commie-Pope:

Pope urges Europeans to embrace unity, reject nationalism

Pope Francis is urging Europeans not to fear unity and to put aside nationalistic and other self-interests.

Francis didn’t mention the police violence during Catalonia’s independence referendum Sunday on his visit to Bologna. But in a speech to university students, Francis recalled that the European Union was borne out of the ashes of war to guarantee peace.


He warned that conflicts and other interests were now threatening those founding ideals.


Francis said: “Don’t be afraid of unity! May special interests and nationalism not render the courageous dreams of the founders of the European Union in vain.”


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  1. Pope urges Europeans to embrace unity, reject nationalism

    Where is Lee Harvey Oswald Mehmet Ali Agca when we need him?!?

    If ever an anti-Christ has trodden this earth, it is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. That this cowering sack of sanctimonious, appeasing sh!t’s ascendancy was subsequent to Pope Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger’s resignation is an irony of such magnitude that one can only hope it will never again be repeated.

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