Islam and leftism playing Jenga with the fundamentals of our civilization: Links 1, Oct. 5, 2017

It has been an amazingly busy past few weeks here at Chez Tepes, but some of the projects are done or entering less labour intensive phases now, so more can be posted and with more thought.

But as always, its really good to read the comments threads, especially under the Reader’s Links posts each day. There is a diamond mine of news links, opinions and analysis there.

On a related note, I spent an afternoon with an ex-neoNazi propagandist and have a much clearer idea now how it works. Which means I hope to be able to spot it faster, and block those users from leaving their attempts at thread subversion towards antisemitism. Its tiresome and worse, its dishonest even in intention. This tactic doesn’t even have the veneer of attempting to spread important truths. It is simply a Gatling gun like approach to hurling anything that might create hatred of Jewish people at any and all targets, and hoping some will stick.

Lastly there are still a few silver Crosses of Matamoros available for immediate shipment should anyone wish to get one, or order one for a friend. The details are in the sidebar.

1. Government hastily removes Holocaust plaque that doesn’t mention Jewish people.

A Conservative MP raised the issue in question period, asking if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be correcting this ‘profoundly obvious omission’

OTTAWA — The federal government has removed a plaque inaugurating Ottawa’s new Holocaust memorial that failed to mention anti-Semitism or Jewish people.


Conservative MP David Sweet raised the issue in question period on Tuesday, asking if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be correcting this “profoundly obvious omission.

“If we are going to stamp out hatred toward Jews, it is important to get history right,” said Sweet.


The plaque originally commemorated the “millions of men, women and children murdered during the Holocaust” and the survivors who made it to Canada “after one of the darkest chapters in history.”

2. “The situation has become unbearable”. Italian citizens rally against mosque.

Dozens of CasaPound Italia protesters rallied against an ‘unauthorised’ Mosque in the Esquilino area of Rome on Wednesday, claiming that its members are dealing drugs and committing homophobic attacks.

SOT, Flower kiosk owner in the area (Italian): “They throw used syringes at us, they’re used to do literally anything they want. That’s enough, that’s enough! We are tired! We are scared when coming back home, I’m even scared when I stay here at my kiosk, my sons can’t stand it anymore, that’s enough! Enough with this filthy government!”

SOT Davide di Stefano, Casapound Italia Spokesperson (Italian): “There’s a problem with the unauthorised Mosque where we marched before. [It’s] the same place where one week ago, a couple has been attacked by a drunken immigrant from Mali or Malaysia – this isn’t still clear – because they were guilty of kissing each other in front of the Mosque.

The situation in that alley has become intolerable. Outside the Mosque there are even two groups of pushers, one made up of Africans and another one of Filipinos.”

3. General Dunford states the best kept secret about Pakistani Intelligence services. They are as much terrorists as they are anti-terrorists.

4. ‘Muslim patrol enforcer’ told he will not have £9,000 returned

(At one level, it appears that authority in many Western nations has admitted that Islam is waging war against the West in all but simply stating it. Which is eventually necessary to win this thing)

 Michael Coe, 36, knocked out a  16-year-old boy after spotting him  hugging his girlfriend near Upton Park Tube station in East Ham.


Coe, who once acted as a bodyguard for hate preacher Anjem Choudary, was jailed for two years and four months last December for the assault.


In 2015 he was cleared by an Old Bailey jury, with Muslim convert Simon Keeler, of preparing for terrorism acts.  It was alleged the pair planned to fight for Islamic State in Syria when they were caught in the back of a lorry at Dover. Coe denied the claim and said he was visiting his wife in Sweden.

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser said she “did not accept his account in relation to his reasons for travel”.

(How long till Muslims demand that East Ham gets a name change to something more inclusive. Like “East death-to-Infidels”?)

5. Attacking terrorists in Syria from the Mediterranean Sea by Black Sea Fleet submarines.

6. Merkel hand picks a small crowd of astroturf cheer leaders for an appearance:

“Just like during Honecker’s time

MAINZ. When a unity celebration (Einheitsfeier) has to be secured with 7400 police officers and hundreds of concrete blocks, when residents aren’t allowed to go near their windows in order to not confuse snipers, when only appointed claqueurs drape the line near the meritocracy, then these are infallible signs that a system is going towards its end.”

From this link:

The headline on the YouTube video link says:

Today a handpicked audience may cheer Merkel in Mainz.

7. Predictably, the Muslim prof. was waiting for the right moment to play the Marxist card on her scene in the aircraft. Now of course, she is claiming she was thrown off not for the reasons published at the time, but because she is a non-white muslim woman.

This should be an easy one for the airline to disprove. Chances are at any given moment there are thousands of non-white muslim women in the air with this company.

This doesn’t mean her attempt at deflecting the events she clearly created to one of identity politics won’t work. Khadr got 20M$ by some estimates, (10.5M$ went to him, the rest to his contingency lawyer) but it is likely what anyone knew it was going to be at the time. A staged event for this very purpose.

Watch the video of her being escorted off the air craft carefully. Each time they gave her the chance to walk off peacefully, she turned on them and started screaming at them and non-cooperating with authorities. It should also be noted, that the reason she was flying is not a factor. Everyone who gets on a flight has an important-to-them, reason for doing so.

(For the record, a meritocracy is perhaps the greatest meta-invention in the history of humanity, and has led to the cessation of suffering of countless millions in countless billions of circumstances. It is why we have medicine instead of tribal witch-doctors. It is why all people of the world have the option of things that work over ‘traditional’ things that lock us into cycles of unimaginable brutality and primitivism. It is why people get so good at things that entire genres awaken, grow, peak out and pass away to be followed by new forms of expression or models of architecture or methods of space travel. There is simply nothing more fair for the entire species than the Merit Principle, as even the least capable among us, while perhaps being forbidden from building bridges and practicing medicine, can know that they can make it to both sides of the bridge without it collapsing and that the medicine available is the best possible.)

According to Pennsylvania State University-Brandywine professor Angela Putman, “meritocracy” is one of America’s “whiteness ideologies,” and academia needs to do more to nip it in the bud.


Putman, a public speaking professor who has written academic papers about topics including the groundbreaking social impact of actor Tyler Perry (yes, really), held a three-day seminar on “systemic racism, intersectionality and white privilege,” and interviewed 12 of the attendees about meritocracy and equal opportunity.


She was shocked at what she discovered.

Many of the students agreed with the notion that if you work hard, you can be successful and that “everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve success.” Imagine that — Americans believing in the American dream.


In an academic paper that she published Thursday, Putnam argues that students are “socialized to believe that we got to where we are … because of our own individual efforts,” and she blames the classrooms of America for this disturbing trend.

There will be much much more over the day. Thank you all very much who sent in materials, and of course, our hard working translators, who bring critically important events and news from Europe as much of it circles the drain, to the Anglosphere in the faint hope that we will know a cautionary tale when we hear one.

Thanks to M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Nash Montana, Egri Nok, Ava Lon, EB., Charles, Richard, NorseRadish, Van Helsing, and a long list of great people we can all read in the Reader’s Links posts.

More to come.



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10 Replies to “Islam and leftism playing Jenga with the fundamentals of our civilization: Links 1, Oct. 5, 2017”

  1. 2 – The resistance is growing as is the invasion. it is too late to save Western Civilization but it isn’t too late to save Europe from the invaders. The European people will still have to fight their home grown tyrants to regain their freedom but after defeating the invaders defeating home grown tyrants shouldn’t be too hard.

  2. Professor: Meritocracy is one of America’s “whiteness ideologies”

    Ah, yes. Merely enroll in a class and get an A+ (you don’t even have to pass a single test).

    Enter a race and automatically win first place (without even running in it).

    Write checks even though you don’t have a bank account.

    It makes you wonder if most of these stupid turds even realize that, without the White race, most people on earth would still be living in wattle and daub hovels.

  3. Donkeyman
    either you get some good severs or you ditch bitchute mate.
    As I understand it bitchute relies on you to be able to stream.
    Can you imagine just how annoying that is for us who are trying to watch your videos but as your stream gets busy the videos are broken up mate!

    • Bitchute uses bit torrenting tech. Some people report it works WAY better than

      I still use Youtube a lot and, but some videos I know will only work on bitchute without getting my channel shut down.

  4. China Orders Closing of North Korean Businesses and Joint Ventures

    China has given North Korean companies 120 days to close down. The announcement was made by the Chinese regime’s commerce ministry, reported The Korea Herald on Sept. 28, and will also end China–North Korea joint ventures.

    China’s central bank also recently told banks to implement the United Nations sanctions against North Korea, according to Reuters on Sept. 21. Chinese banks were told to deny services to new North Korean customers and to wind down loans to existing North Korean customers.

    The move follows sanctions passed by the U.N. Security Council in response to North Korea recently testing a nuclear weapon, firing a missile over Japan, and threatening to attack the U.S. territory of Guam.

    China first announced on Aug. 14 it would support the U.N. sanctions, which prevent exports from North Korea including iron, lead, and coal. It also supported a second round of sanctions passed on Sept. 11.

    Four days after the sanctions were passed, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan.

    U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis responded on Sept. 15, saying the United States stands by its allies including Japan and South Korea, and that “we remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation and to use the full range of capabilities at our disposal against the threat from North Korea.”

    Soon after, President Donald Trump spoke with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Trump said on Twitter on Sept. 17 that he’d asked Moon “how Rocket Man is doing.”

    “Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!” Trump wrote.

    The next day, on Sept. 18, Trump spoke with Chinese leader Xi Jinping about China’s support of the sanctions. A White House readout stated, “The two leaders committed to maximizing pressure on North Korea through vigorous enforcement of United Nations Security Council resolutions.”
    Ambassadors to the UN vote during a United Nations Security Council meeting on North Korea in

    The United States, Japan, and South Korea proposed to cut off North Korea’s oil supply—an act that Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei Asian Review said on Aug. 30 would “strike at the lifeblood of Pyongyang’s weapons programs.”

    The oil ban was not included in the sanctions, however. The Chinese regime supplies close to 90 percent of North Korea’s documented crude oil supply.

    In the past, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was North Korea’s strongest defender, and provided technology and equipment for its nuclear programs. However, relations between the two communist states have changed in recent years.

    Former CCP leader Jiang Zemin fostered relations between China and North Korea, and these relations have been maintained by his political faction in China, which has challenged the current Chinese leadership.

    Xi, meanwhile, has relatively cold relations with North Korea, and has signaled that he will cooperate with the United States and United Nations to begin dismantling China’s support systems for the communist regime that were built by Jiang.

    NR: “I’ll give you exactly FOUR MONTHS to stop doing that!”

    Plus, Red China still is supplying the Norks with oil. That alone keeps this farce on its wheels.

    • This gives Kim cover for 4 months and gives China 4 months to come up with a good excuse not ot shut down the companies. China is behind all that Kim is doing, all they would have to do is tell KIm to stop and surrender all of his nukes and fissile material. They haven’t done this and won’t unless they are faced with destruction if they don’t.

      • China is behind all that Kim is doing, all they would have to do is tell Kim to stop and surrender all of his nukes and fissile material. They haven’t done this and won’t unless they are faced with destruction if they don’t.

        It sure seems to be the case. This is why the economic boycott of Communist China is so crucial. There’s no (US) boots on the ground and Beijing has to play the proverbial bad cop, which makes North Korean retaliation a non-starter.

        About the only bright spot in all of this is how Xi Jinping, “has relatively cold relations with North Korea, and has signaled that he will cooperate with the United States and United Nations to begin dismantling China’s support systems for the communist regime that were built by Jiang.” (As in, everything but the oil.)

        While it all could be just window dressing (and probably is), there does appear to be an increased crackdown on corruption happening in the Middle Kingdom. Whether that is merely a cover for Xi going after his political rivals and neutralizing any holdovers from the Jiang administration is not entirely clear.

        That said, Xi gives the impression of understanding that modernization—with or without government approval—will inexorably happen as the Chinese middle class continues their nibbling at the banquet of Western liberties and economic success.

        Of course, this lack of transparency is not really a bug but, instead, a standard feature of Beijing in particular and Communist governments in general. Ergo—as Trump is about to find out—everything coming out of the Mainland is just as easily lip service, as opposed to any sort of genuinely constructive action.

        This is why Trump is going to have to discover that the burden is upon him to initiate whatever chain reaction of events is necessary to get these disingenuous Commie turds swirling.

        On the bright side, many of the major American players in Red China, like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google were virulently anti-Trump. So, any economic boycott would be a well-deserved slap-down for these hypocritical, virtue-signaling bunch of sanctimonious gazillionaires.

        From: These Big Name Tech Companies Shout Progressivism While Selling Out To China

        “It doesn’t seem very wise long-term strategy to give the Chinese what they want when you are facing this uphill climb to maintain your position in China,” Derek Scissors, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute focusing on the Chinese economy and U.S. economic relations with Asia, told The DCNF. He explained that China’s strategy is to develop a market through foreign investment, build up its own competitor base, and then drive out the foreign companies that helped build the market. “You have two choices, you can be kicked out or you can be coerced,” he remarked. “That is a long-standing Chinese pattern.

        In a now-apocryphal exchange, an enthusiastic Avon executive once crowed, “Imagine a country with half a billion women who don’t wear makeup!”

        What he obviously didn’t understand is the standard Chinese practice of buying a few samples, reverse engineering those items, and then knocking them off like the socks of some unsuspecting kid hit by a runaway freight train.

        Nothing would please me more than seeing Trump fold up Beijing’s economic revival tent like a cheap restaurant napkin. The billionaire bastards that, even now, continue sniping at the Oval Office would be well-served to see their Chinese operations hamstrung by a long overdue international financial standoff.

        • The crackdown on corruption may be Xi getting ready for either an economic war or a shooting war in the Far East. Earlier this year the started cracking down on the military commanders that were faking readiness reports. Given that they are suppose to hold political training, military training and work on the crops one of the requirements must be skipped (for the most part) the military training is the one normally chosen. Which is one of the reasons China will be fairly easy to defeat in a war, that and the Three gorges dam.

          • Earlier this year the started cracking down on the military commanders that were faking readiness reports.

            Crikey! How long have they been doing that? Wouldn’t most militaries consider this to be some sort of treason? Even more surprising would be if they left such useless officers in command. What happens when things go kinetic? How are they going to fake readiness for that?

            Knowing how things work in Communist China, this sort of fakery probably is endemic.

            I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

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