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4 Replies to “The German leftist parties, not above lies and hypocrisy”

  1. This interview is frustrating to watch. Merkel’ s deputy spins lies, unsupported accusations and moral inversion like a submachine gun. The polite interviewer had no chance. Each time the man states that he cannot lie, he lies. He is the western political prototype. Our reflex toward courtesy must be suspended each time we are confronted by such an animal. Can you prove that the AfD leadership are Nazis? Are you a Nazi, sir? Why does Merkel want to destroy Germany and europe? Why does she use the human battering ram against sovereign borders if not to destroy them? Why does she not put native Germans above criminals? Why does she eant to import a crime wave?

    And on and on. What the heck is wrong with asking a public servant hard questions?

  2. The German Politician is as bad as the Dems, you can tell he is lying because you see his lips moving. Unsubstantiated accusations to damage the reputations of his political enemies, all the while claiming to be the savior of humanity. He reminds me of the things I have read about the real Nazi’s, how they operated.

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