Multiple attacks across Europe: “No professor, Islam is terror, terror, terror, all the way down” Links 1 Sept 15/17

There really is so much important news that they are clogging the doorways of my brain trying to get them all out to you this week. This post will be a mix of critical and obvious events, like terrorist attacks, and what may seem trivial by comparison like OSCE interventions.

In truth the OSCE materials may in fact be of greater importance than the terrorism in terms of the liberties of the West. It is pernicious little unknown organizations like the OSCE who manufacture policies designed to undo the classical liberal policies that are foundational to Western civilization.

In any case, here is a set of events from the last number of hours and it is by no means complete. I have not even made it through half of what has come in by email let alone other means.

1. Dave Petteys makes the case for looking at discrimination in the way it was meant to be, rather than the inverted way contemporary European and Western law seems to see it. Notice the ‘spanking’ Dave gets at the end by the moderator, reminding him that officially, violence may not be attributed to a religion as specified by their charter. Now why would such a rule exist I wonder?

2. Paris police: Soldier attacked in subway, no one hurt

A knife-wielding assailant tried to attack a soldier in a big Paris subway interchange Friday in an incident being investigated by counterterrorism authorities. The assailant was quickly arrested and no one was hurt.


The Paris prosecutor’s office says counterterrorism investigators opened a probe into the incident at the Chatelet station in central Paris, based on preliminary examination of the attacker’s background and the method and target of the attack.


Traffic and access at the station, which serves multiple subway and commuter train lines, quickly resumed, though extra security forces were deployed.


The soldier involved was with the Sentinelle force assigned to protect prominent sites after deadly Islamic extremist attacks around France in recent years. Sentinelle soldiers themselves, along with police officers, have been repeatedly targeted.

3. Nine arrested at ben Shapiro last night at Berkeley

4. Sweden: Police arrest driver carrying explosives in car

No name, description or image is given for the person arrested with a car full of explosives. It is possible that it is one of those renegade Swedes who likes to fish with grenades.

5. Donald Trump on the London train bombing of today:


Explosives did not detonate correctly

6. Man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacks two women with hammer in France

A man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacked two women with a hammer in Chalon-sur-Saone, French authorities confirmed. The attacker escaped the scene, but police have launched a large-scale manhunt using a helicopter.

RT earlier reported that the attack took place in the city of Lyon, which was a mistake. The incident occurred in the town of Chalon-sur-Saone, some 113 km from Lyon.

7. Soldier attacked in France 

This is fast and a bit sloppy, as I am trying to get all this out there in rough ASAP for those who are unaware of this stunning number of events.

Lastly, a word of advice to Canadians.

Look up. North Korea could easily decide to extend their brinksmanship to Vancouver.

Thank you M, Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Richard, NorseRadish and a lot of caring and thoughtful, and I have to say, increasingly brave, number of people who assist us all here and each other with a watchful eye to all the facts which contradict the mandatory narrative insisting that Islam and postmodern thought is the only acceptable positives.

A proper list and links will be up later today. But there is at least a dozen videos to do concerning CSP and other European news vids to be titled and edited. Please check back later as well as for updates on some of these critical stories.


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20 Replies to “Multiple attacks across Europe: “No professor, Islam is terror, terror, terror, all the way down” Links 1 Sept 15/17”

  1. NoKo and Vancouver: NO, will never happen. Why? Too many Chinese in Vancouver.

    REMINDER: NoKo is under China’s thumb. China is very upset by the latest U.N. resolution banning textile exports from NoKo, thus the latest China via NoKo shenanigan. China’s trade with NoKo is 40%. China imports textiles from NoKo and then processes them into manufactured export goods.

    China had no choice than to vote for the resolution, thus voting against itself, to avoid serious Trump economic sanctions. China needs the U.S.A. market and so does all those that voted unanimously for the resolution.

    China is saber-rattling via NoKo and will eventually position itself as a denuclearization deal maker to save face.

    • Your analysis assumes that China cares about their Expats, I haven’t see much sign that they care about the lives of the Chinese living in China much less those who are overseas. Remember the Chinese military doctrine is that when attacking a position through an artillery barrage keep the big guns firing until you are sure you are taking causalities from your own guns. This is not the policy of a nation that cares about the lives of its citizens.

      • I am relieved to read that you understand and equate NoKo to China, it’s the same right hand except NoKo is the little finger of the hand.

        China’s expats on our Pacific Coast, namely Greater Vancouver Area, are wealthy and most are heavily linked to China’s government and/or economy and/or Chinese Politburo family relationships. These people did not land here without a penny.

        These people have managed to transform Victoria Island into a major wealthy Chinese enclave where Chinese is the main municipal Council’s language. There was a big pushback against this a few years ago. Business signs everywhere are in Chinese. Follow the money trail.

        China’s economy is headed toward an unavoidable contraction – add to that any or all of possible catastrophic sanctions Trump has listed and you have one hell of an angry Red Panda aka their Congress.

        China’s president, Xi Jinping, understands it but is powerless against the Chinese Politburo who are the deciders. The Politburo has never dealt with anything such as Trump-style economic strategies to settle important issues.

        It’s all sword slashing in the water as seen with missile that went off course. There is no intent to harm, it’s just anger. Give it time, there is one language everybody understands: MONEY.

    • Look at the number of people that starved to death and were murdered during the Cultural Revolution, then look how the democracy protesters were crushed the last time they thought a soft revolution would work.

      You are projecting Western attitudes onto a culture that traditionally ignored the welfare of its people.

      • I answered you on the issue of Chinese expats in Vancouver.

        Now, to deal with its own citizens. Very easy: a hungry people is a dangerous people. I’m bringing you back to the catastrophic Trump possible and probable economic sanctions.

        NoKo has a problem: according to reports, their military are on food rations.

        • 1: The expats, don’t forget the rivalry and in fighting in the Communist Party, taht means you would have to have members of all of the high ranking Party members in the expat groups to ensure protection. Granted this may not apply to everyone in the Communist Party but it does apply to enough to make the expats an iffy protection. A stronger protection would be if Canada and the US supplied most of the food to China like we did to the USSR.

          2: A starbing people are a dangerous people

          Yes and no, the vast majority of people who died during the Cultural Revolution died from starvation. To a very large extent this was done to reduce the Chinese population as well as purify the political thoughts of the people. Yes Dung and others condemned this action after Mao died but that doesn’t mean it will not be repeated. The big questions is are their enoug fanatical communists in the younger generation to carry out the tactic. Also historically one of the solutions to the problem of over population, the need for more women and food is to conquer one or more of your neighbors. The good this would do to the Communist Party and the Chinese nations has to be balanced against the bad. that would happen if they nuke Canada and the US.

          The big problem is that the US has kicked the North Korean nukes down the road so long North Korea and China don’t believe we will do anything no matter what what they do. This attitude is aggravated by 1: The left dominated media screaming there is not military option and 2: The necessity of rebuilding the US military before we can take any military action. 3: The length of time it takes to move significant amounts of military asstes around the world.

          The US military is still on high alert for military action against North Korea, I can tell you from personal experience you don’t keep the military on high alert unless you are expecting a major attack or are planning on a major attack. Once the fighting starts Canada is too close to the US to be safe, just as Mexico is in danger because of their geographic location.

          Your arguments are good and logical but aren’t taking the history of Communism and their murderous actions into consideration. Of course you probably haven’t been taught the facts of history about what communism is are has done.

  2. I took a commuter train the other day and on my way back home around 3h30 p.m., loads of students in different school uniforms (private schools) embarked at one particular stop. The train was full of happy intelligent young people. I say ‘intelligent’ because of their discourse (no swearing) and more.

    The thought crossed my mind re how ideal a situation this would be for a nasty to act on. We are so vulnerable everywhere.

    • We are so vulnerable everywhere.

      Which is why it’s long overdue to start making Muslims “everywhere” veeeery nervous about what happens after each new terrorist attack.

      Taken as a whole, Muslim majority nations haven’t experienced much more than a bee-sting. It’s time to drop the hammer.

  3. Eeyore you are right, Kim (under Chinese orders) may decide to include Canada in the threats and if their missiles can reach the US they can reach Canada.

      • Because their missiles can reach Vancouver, and it would likely not draw the US into a major war. But would be A level brinksmanship.

        I was told that Trump specifically stated on the news today, that the US had no obligation to defend Canada. This is what led me to believe that it was not outside the realm of possibility.

        • Trump is a businessman. And business is war.
          What war are we in with the U.S.A.? Answer: NAFTA.
          More leverage for Trump. Chrystia Freeland is freaking out.

        • With greatest respect.: Always remember that Trump is not a military war guy. He shuns that approach. It’s not economically beneficial.

          World leaders have never dealt with this type of politics (see The Art Of The Deal). They don’t think ‘out of the box’.

          Every word tweeted by Trump is read by every leader on the planet. That is the power he holds. He runs the government like he runs a business. Always keep this in mind.

            • Yes we have to have faith, so far he has been filling his campaign promises and doing so in legal ways not by illegal actions like Obama.

              Was the statement about our not being obligated to defend Canada a bargaining ploy? Probably. Will China and North Korea take it that way? Probably not. It has to be running through their minds that hitting Canada would be a warning to the US that wouldn’t draw a nuclear response. The big problem for that line of reasoning is that in the early stages the trajectory for a strike on Vancouver would be real close to the trajectory for a strike in the North West US.

              • Have you noticed the increasing number of Chinese Canadians presenting themselves as electoral contenders throughout Canada?

                Trust me. Canada is safe when the goal is gradual Chinese takeover of the political system. China is economic supremacism.

                And keep in mind there is no such thing as an independent NoKo. Without China, NoKo collapses.

                NOTE: This was an entertaining discussion.
                Thank you for your replies. Truly appreciated.

            • As I wrote, think out-of-the-box. Have faith.

              Trump is having trouble getting his agenda passed because of the Democrats and Republican swamp dwellers. So, what is he doing about it? He’s siding with them on certain issues to gain their support for other issues while seemingly reneging on his campaign discourse.

              This is temporary. Think next year where a total of 468 seats in the U.S. Congress (33 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 6, 2018.

              Meanwhile, an important election in Alabama. Why is Trump supporting Strange although Moore is fully aligned with Trump’s philosophy? Answer: Mitch McConnell. Moore will win this election, Trump knows it, will be quite pleased, and McConnell will be quite worried (see 2018 upcoming election) after having spent excessive amounts of $Millions to get Strange elected. All in all: a Win-Win for Trump.

            • I know. He’s a highly structured individual, an attribute he gained through military schools.
              The man is borderline genius if not outright genious. Once we recognize it, we have much to learn from his approach to problems, stuff we can apply in our daily lives.

              IMHO: Although not sexy, he should encourage military service. This would go a long way in settling social issues (Antifa, BLM…). A two-year stint is enough and offer interesting wages to attract young adults that sorely need structure in their lives.

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