Geopolitics and ludicrous media bias: Links 2, Sept, 9, 2017

1. READY AND WAITINGUS and Japan stage war drills amid fears North Korea could launch new nuke test as early as TODAY.

North Korea’s dictator is believed to be preparing a missile test for as early as today – the 69th anniversary of his nation’s creation.


Past missile tests have often coincided with significant national anniversaries.

International pressure on Kim’s regime is now at boiling point after it fired a rocket over Japan before testing a hydrogen bomb last week.

Now he is feared to be readying another rocket launch

(Images of US and Japanese warcraft in formation at link)

More on Japanese preparations here.

(I hope they are prepared for “if by sea”. Because North Korea is a lot of things but stupid it ain’t.)

2. Stabbing at major Berlin station after armed mob storm S Bahn

Violence flared in the German capital after a mass brawl involving up to 30 people.

Some of the assailants wielded bottles and knives as the fight broke out just after midnight. 

Police said at least two other people suffered injuries during the melee.

A knife was found discarded on the floor

(No great videos on YT that I can find, but there is one at the link above)

3. New York Times does despicably dishonest piece on Hungary, using the classic tactics of postmodernism making claims that are opposites from the truth, and deploying a staggering about of lies of omission. I will ask a couple of Hungarians I know to please write refutations of the worst aspects of it in the comments, as a full refutation would take up valuable time.

Itself another tactic of the Pomos. Cover something with so much fertilizer that it isn’t even worth the trouble to dig it out.

4. Firemen Abandon House Blaze After Being Attacked in Swedish No-Go Zone

Firefighters in the southern Swedish city of Malmö were forced to let a building burn to the ground after they were violently attacked by locals who threw glass bottles at them.

The fire, which occurred in the city’s suburb of Kroksback, initially started after two cars in a car park were set on fire Thursday at around 9 pm. Police and fire crews were called and arrived on the scene shortly after, whilst another fire started at a nearby building on Sörbäcksgatan street, police said in a press release.


As the firemen tried to put out the second blaze, glass bottles were thrown at them and at their vehicles. The attack forced the firemen to abandon the blaze which engulfed the building and burned it to the ground.

Police who arrived on the scene were also attacked with glass bottles though the police report does not specify what damage was done to their vehicles or any injuries sustained by the emergency personnel.

5. UK: Former school caretaker who shared terrorism videos on Facebook is jailed

A former school caretaker who shared terrorism videos on Facebook has been jailed.

Mehdi Bira, 45, from Camden, north London, faces a year in prison after being found guilty of two counts of dissemination of terrorist material.

He trawled the internet for other extremist material, including information on Jihadi John and Isis, a court heard.


 Sentencing Bira at the Old Bailey, Judge Andrew Lees said: “I am sure you read at least part of those publications and you watched at least part of those videos.

“I’m sure that you were not viewing that material out of curiosity or to update yourself on current affairs or, as you asserted, to share the suffering of those who were killed by Isis or al Qaida terrorist organisation. That was the very evidence the jury rejected.

“It was obvious to me that dissemination of this sort of material is potentially very dangerous to society and that is why the offences, and indeed all terrorist offences, are serious, and why a custodial sentence, in my judgment, is inevitable.”

Thank you all who sent in materials today. There is much going on and the coming week brings a lot of known unknowns as well as unknown unknowns.

Below, another restored video from Denmark, 2011 on Islam and its effects on the Danish Jewish community.


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12 Replies to “Geopolitics and ludicrous media bias: Links 2, Sept, 9, 2017”

  1. On 3. the NYT hit piece. If you read the whole drivel, you can learn some very interesting neo-marxists stuff. Like example letting the East Germans leave their communist prisons made them migrants, which is totally equal (relativized of course) with the invasion from muslim countries to Europe.
    Let’s review what is happened in the EU. I am not a lawyer, but let’s see…
    There is such thing as EU basic treaty. This say, that European Union is an economical collaboration and the contributing nations hold the sovereignty. Decisions MUST BE unanimous and made by the European Council, essentially the Prime Ministers of their respective countries.
    Originally the migration quota was brought in front of this group, where Hungary among others, voted with NO and allowed only, if any member country VOLUNTEER to accept migrants. Here Hungary volunteered to accept ZERO (0 migrants).
    Then the EU’s other organization the European Commission (lead by Jean-Claude Juncker – when he less drunk), started another process. This organization primary function is to oversee the European Council and other EU organizations from the legal point of view to ensure the original treaty is honored… So this organization stepping out of it original role, started a process where they organized a different meeting on the same topic, but let it voted with only majority vote and not unanimous as in the Council. That is NOT ALLOWED by the original treaty! But EU seems not care about the law much in this days… From the original voluntarily acceptable quotas suddenly become MANDATORY (EU is forcing people to stay in a specific part???) with an additional plans in the making (which got sent into member countries, so its not imaginary) to make the migration and MANDATORY quotas into PERMANENT. So if 100 million people starts moving from Africa into the EU, then Hungary could receive millions of migrants. We are a country of 10 million. Even a thousands can change the ethnic composition in a fatal way.

    But back to legality. If the EU would be a company it would look like, the HR department took over, decided that anybody steps into the building is an employee at the VP level and started paying them. Also this insane HR department is working with collusion with criminals to transport millions of strangers into the company… So if you would own shares of such company, what would you do? Would you think, that HR department not really following the proper way? Not really legal what they doing? I know I would call the police on that “department” and get them arrested. But what you do when the police and the judicial system is in on it? They are part of the same gang and working together? Then what you do?
    One of the fallacy of our civilization is the assumed impartiality of the judicial branch. The Trump travel ban (become incorrectly famous as “muslim ban”), the judges showed the highest contempt for the law… until the highest court not put them back… But what is really happened to them? Did they get fired? If I would screw over a software in such malicious way, they did with their decision, I would land in prison. At least in the USA there was a higher court to make the correction. But EU has nothing! Up to the sky high there are corrupt bureaucrats are helping each other to keep fat paycheques and hold onto power in the Fourth Reich.
    I understand why every time Viktor Orbán says, we want to fix the EU not exit out of it, but I have serious doubt that this can be fixed…

    • Also interesting to note about the article it never questions the “right” of anybody to come to Europe??? I wonder what would be my fate, if I show up in the luxurious apartment of the writer of this …article and demand accommodation, handing over the car keys and moving in… Would be questioned or it is natural, that everybody can go anywhere and take anything one wants?

      • …everybody can go anywhere and take anything one wants?
        No. When reality bites, everything changes. The most fervid libertarian becomes socialist under stress.

        Interesting side-story:
        Someone was describing evacuation from the path of Hurricane Irma. The price of bottled water and fuel has soared as the storm has gotten closer. Now this person demands price controls and rationing, insists this be done by government. Instantly.

        Someone mildly challenges with a description of market mechanisms: High prices attract distant suppliers, increasing the absolute quantity of essentials. This argument is met with classic Marxist disparagement – haves/ haves-not, rich 1% drink 99% of the water, etc.

        At the same time there’s a fierce determination to defend one’s own personal stores of goods from outside pillagers. Exquisite attention to secrecy, guns, and ammo. Classic prepper stuff.

        I understand all of this.
        It just makes me think twice about moral scruples expressed in the abstract vs. when TSHF.

    • Berlin am Alex: Zwei Ausländische Männergruppen (30 Personen) gehn mit Messern aufeinander los

      Auf dem Berliner Alexanderplatz ist es erneut zu einer gewalttätigen Auseinandersetzung gekommen. Zwei größere Gruppen gingen in der Nacht zu Samstag mit Messern und einer Flasche aufeinander los, wie die Polizei mitteilte. Sechs Menschen wurden verletzt, darunter auch ein wohl unbeteiligter 13-jähriger Junge. Ein 18-Jähriger musste nach einer Stichverletzung am Rücken notoperiert werden. Er befand sich am Samstag aber außer Lebensgefahr.

      Nach Angaben der Polizei kam es zwischen einer 10-köpfigen und einer 20-köpfigen Gruppe gegen 0.30 Uhr zu der Schlägerei. Die Gründe hierfür waren zunächst unklar. Polizisten nahmen acht Tatverdächtige fest. Bei einem 23-Jährigen und einem 15-Jährigen wurden Messer gefunden. Sie wurden ebenso wie sechs Beschuldigte im Alter zwischen 16 und 27 Jahren an ein Fachkommissariat überstellt. Die Verdächtigen sollten am Samstag vernommen werden.

      Auch ein 13-Jähriger verletzt

      Vier Männer erlitten Schnitt- und Stichverletzungen an Händen und Oberkörper, die ambulant behandelt wurden. Auch der 13-Jährige, der der Polizei zufolge „vermutlich zufällig zwischen die Fronten geraten war“, wurde leicht verletzt und ambulant versorgt.

      Auf dem Alexanderplatz im Berliner Stadtteil Mitte gibt es regelmäßig Schlägereien, Überfälle und Diebstähle. Im vergangenen Jahr registrierte die Polizei dort 7820 Straftaten, von denen allerdings der größere Teil Taschen- und Ladendiebstähle waren. In diesem Jahr sanken die Zahlen etwas. Bis zum Dezember soll auf dem Platz eine Polizeiwache stehen, am Donnerstag erfolgte ein symbolischer Spatenstich. Die Berliner Polizei und die Bundespolizei sollen in der Wache rund um die Uhr präsent sein.

  2. 3- I managed to lose my response twice now.

    Lefty drool. Shame on the Magyars for not committing virtue-signalling national suicide like everyone else. Shame on them for recognizing the tyranny at their door. Perhaps the Times should do an article about the western Europeans now migrating to Hungary to escape the kind of mindset that writes lies like this.

    The human capital that fled in ’56 owes nothing to anyone. It helped build nations not destroy them. This weary false equivalency finds fewer suckers to bite each passing day. In fact we are probably best served now by such sanctimony–most people see it for what it is.

  3. I must add that criticizing Hungary for disallowing its own invasion by the same Muslim army that brutalized it for 150 years is disgusting willfull ignorance. The article mentions Islam not once, proferring no iota of historical context for the country’s modern defiance to its EU overlords.

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