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26 Replies to “‘Constitution? We don’ need no steenkin constitution!’”

  1. The left has been attacking and undermining the Constitution for a long time, they started with the Second Amendment and are now working on the First Amendment. The useful idiots and SJW types (at least most of the latter) don’t understand that once you set the legal precedent that you can modify the Constitution by reinterpreting one part part of the Constitution you have effectively destroyed the entire document. This is why I and others want another Constitutional Convention to reinforce the traditional meanings of the entire document. The left through the useful idiots pushes the idea that anything coming out of the Convention will immediately become part of the Constitution. The other argument is that the libs will load the Constitution Convention with so many people they will outvote the conservatives. 1) the law says that at the convention each state has one vote no matter how many delegates sent. 2) three quarters of the states have to ratify all amendments from a convention before they become part of the Constitution.

        • My computer hiccuped and I lost the comment I was writing, instead of rewriting all of the arguments I will get right to my conclusion. She is misstating what the Liberty Amendments say. She is not being an honest reporter but is instead Ignoring what Levin says and writes and builds a straw man to punch against. I don’t know anymore about her then this video but in it she is working to ensure that the Constitution is destroyed and we lose all of our rights. It wouldn’t surprise me if she is connected with the left.

          • First – Constitution expert Mark Levin in his own words claims he hasn’t studied the NBC issue but declares…

            But I digress 😉

            “Publius Huldah” is the nom de plume of a philosophy major, former JAG officer, and retired litigation attorney who writes and speaks on the original intent of our US Constitution.

            Publius Huldah has 21 posts on Article V Convention (see side bar). This is her first post:
            “Mark Levin Refuted: Keep the Feds in Check with Nullification, not Amendments!” by PH – September 15, 2013; revised x2

            • There is no nullification in the Constitution, the States don’t have the right to decide which Federal Laws they will obey and ignore the rest. Any expert who is pushing nullification isn’t the expert they claim to be.

            • One of the liberty Amendments she opposes gives the States the right of nullification if three quarters of the states agree that a Federal Law or Judicial Decision should be nullified. Without this amendment nullification doesn’t exist.

              What she and others who believe in nullification are reading is articles written curing the Convention calling for this right to be in the Constitution. She and others are engaging in wishfull thinking on the nullification issue.

      • I need a warning to mute that stream of chanted curses.
        No need to listen to that junk; commentary is provided in subtitles.

        We’re treated to a huge volume of videos with audio together with tardish displays of manifest destiny. They all include the classic Arabic curses. They are cursing YOU and ME, explicitly, reverently.

        The SAME content, everywhere. Over and over. Some of that filthy stream is making its home in your brain whether you know it or not.

        Poison. Fast-forward or mute the sucker.
        If you post the link, please warn.

    • Once they’ve torn down the statues and trashed the memory of every one of the framers of that constitution getting rid of the constitution itself will be like taking candy from a baby. That’s definitely what they are doing and the average person seems to be going along with it. Once they’ve got Franklin and Jefferson consigned to the Adolf Hitler hall of shame there will be no reason to honor their thoughts or any documents that they wrote – quite the opposite. They will have huge crowds of Bernie Sanders supporters chanting, “Burn it! Burn it!”, in no time. That is obviously what the bastards are planning. Isn’t that amazing…?

      • What is amazing is the way so many SF authors saw this coming and wrote about the fall of the US and Canada and the rise of the North American Federation at about this time.The people were maininly writing in the late 40s and 50s.

      • I think it’s coming to the end of a long run anyway, Chris.
        The Constitution wasn’t written for this USA.

        Pres. John Adams:
        “Our constitution is only fit for a moral and religious people. It is wholly unsuited to the governance of any other kind.”

        And Mr. Jefferson went even further[*]:
        “G-d forbid we should ever be 20. years without such a rebellion. The people can not be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.”

        [*] Half the time he was teasing Mr. Adams, drawing a vigorous response from his distinguished colleague. There’s a lot of playing around with extremes in their intimate correspondence.
        Lethargy, killer lethargy.

        • You are right we may be at the end of a long run, hopefully the document that replaces the Constitution will found and rule another nation that believes in individual rights and liberty.

          An Article 5 convention would be the revolution that Jefferson wanted but given the opposition may never occur. If/when there is another civil war and a new Constitution how long before some people start saying that the Articles of Confederation and the original Constitution are still in effect and that the new Constitution isn’t legal?

  2. I saw Angela Davis in Moscow in 1985 where she was one of a number of expat Americans doing propaganda for the Soviets. It would be interesting to see who has been keeping this woman afloat financially for all these years, wouldn’t it…? She’s just this machine that pumps out hatred for the West, white people, and the United States of America, but she’s also a real person who eats food and needs a place to lay her head. Who knows it she even believes the crap she spouts. It’s just like some old rock star singing, “I wanna have Jessie’s girl…” for the ten-millionth time.

    It seems to me that the modern black “leaders” are all laying the groundwork for a repeat of the Haitian Mutiny in which all the oppressed brown people rise up in the night and kill all the white plantation owners, leaving the freed slaves to breathe the sweet air of freedom for the first time. That is what they mean by “resistance”…

    • It seems to me that the modern black “leaders” are all laying the groundwork for a repeat of the Haitian Mutiny in which all the oppressed brown people rise up in the night and kill all the white plantation owners, leaving the freed slaves to breathe the sweet air of freedom for the first time.

      And we all know just how well that turned out for the people of Haiti, one of the very most corrupt nations on earth. As in, a perpetual contender with Nigeria for cellar-dweller status as THE most corrupt nation on this entire planet.

    • 1985 – Dissidents still imprisoned, refusniks in gulag. Many others subjected to chemical lobotomy in mental hospitals.

      Mr. Sharansky would be released first, in a prisoner exchange in 1986. His release was due to the work of people like my parents and others like them. They prevailed because President Reagan was a champion of freedom unlike his predecessors.

      Meanwhile this black-hearted Communist was a running-dog for Soviet tyranny.

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