Bulgarian documentary on Obama’s support of Islamic terror groups in Syria, back online!

Some months ago, our translator from Bulgarian into English and vice versa, did what was one of the most important videos we ever did I think.

It showed that the Obama administration was basically funding, training and equipping the Islamic state in its mission to create a caliphate in Syria and Iraq and whatever region it could, and with some certainty, right up to the border with Israel.

The video was pulled from Youtube in seconds, although not for a stated reason. In fact it was the only time I ever saw that particular explanation from YT, or rather, a non-specific explanation of why it was removed.

It was also removed from LeaveLeak.com within 30 minutes or less and even Minds.com within a few hours. I gave up after that as it was clearly way too hot a video and the powers that were interfering with it being published in English were bigger than I could take on. Or maybe it was something else. But its back on Minds.

Its also interesting that the Trump administration cut off funding to the Islamic State, and that was public, just a few months ago. Which means its now public that the previous one was funding it, for anyone who cared enough to notice.

Please type your comments, thoughts and observations in the comments under this post. This is quite the mystery.

Special thanks to Tanya who painstakingly translated this, only to see it not made available anywhere.

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12 Replies to “Bulgarian documentary on Obama’s support of Islamic terror groups in Syria, back online!”

  1. The documentary shows (unknowing?) American support for Al-Qaida affiliates, not so much for Islamic State (IS) itself. Does not make it much better, but just to get the facts straight.

  2. To differentiate between ISIS & al Qaeda, or any of the myriad splinter groups of jihadists, is as silly as trying to separate the ‘radicals’ from the ‘moderates’. Only allah can sort them out. To us infidels it doesn’t make one iota difference. Fact is, Obama and his minions did everything in their power to advance Islam and to bring America down.

    • I hope you see that you are strawmanning here with your radical/moderate analogy. ISIS and AQ are not the same, though they are both abhorable and very dangerous to us. Neither of these two groups must or should have been supported. Whereas I agree with your last two statements, I still think it is important to state the truth wherever we can. We generally have truth on our side, let us not throw that advantage away and give our enemies a chance to refute what we have to say by pointing out the weaknesses in our arguments.

      • Read Stephen Coughlin’s paper, Burning Down the House, which is linked in the sidebar. Also note WHEN that was written. Stephen was clearly showing how the Obama admin had changed policies to make it look like AQ was now the moderate form of Islam that should be supported, while The IS was the ‘extremist’ form of ‘hijacked’ Islam which had to be fought by supporting AQ. AQ and IS are both just front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood. There is no difference between them beyond what there might have been between Patton’s army in WW2 and Courtney Hodges’ army.

        The fact is, the Obama administration was supporting islamic terrorists building a caliphate in Syria and Iraq. The evidence is overwhelming for that. Recently, President Trump officially and publicly cut funding for that support. What a surprise that no reporting took place on that cutting of funds in any meaningful way, as it would be an admission that the Obama admin was behind it all.

        Which goes a long long way to explaining events in Ben Ghazi.

        • Eeyore, none of what you write, I dispute. I have read Stephen Coughlin’s document, thrice. Also read his book Catastrophic Failure and seen his Red Pill briefs. It is a pity that men like him are kept out of the US security apparatus. How can one fix a problem if the analysis is wrong to start with? ‘Countering Violent Extremism’, pfff.

          There is no greater threat to Western Civilization than the double whammy of Hard Left undermining and aggressive Islamic encroachment.

          I love your blog and your dedication to this cause. A cause which have cost many like you what remains of their social lives and in some cases even their real lives. I have great respect for you.

          My argument is no more than this; the documentary shows AQ affiliates, not ISIS. Therefore change the title to be in sync with the video. The more factual you are, the harder it is to refute your message.

  3. Bulgarian ,official sources are always VERY doubtful.!.
    Still very strong Russian presence and influence in Bulgarian politics and daily life…
    Saying that i do like ordinary Bulgarian people and i have a lot of compassion for them.

  4. “Which means its now public that the previous one was funding it, for anyone who cared enough to notice.”
    What do you mean by that? Could you be more specific?

    Now, I thought I would lose my lunch when McCain went over there and Buddy buddied with Islamists, not to mention Pelosi donning the hijab in Syria. And interestingly enough, a Syrian dissident now working at the Brookings Institute felt the same way.

    McCain never saw a country he didn’t want to bomb and Pelosi lost it years ago. Why are American voters such sheep?

    • The educational system has been in the hands of alt left for decades, be happy that enough people woke up to vote for Trump and not Hillary. Not that this is going to prevent a civil war but it gives us a better chance of having the side of freedom winning.

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