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  1. A major new study has found that left-wingers and Muslims are responsible for the overwhelming majority of anti-Semitic hate crime in several different European countries.
    The study, Antisemitic Violence in Europe, 2005-2015, was conducted by Johannes Due Enstad of the Oslo-based Center for Studies of the Holocaust and the University of Oslo and was joint published by both institutions.

  2. Victims of crime who do not speak English could be given priority by the Metropolitan Police, a senior officer has suggested.

    Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey said that callers might be denied a personal visit from police unless they are deemed to be sufficiently “vulnerable”.

    He said it is “absolutely feasible” that “face-to-face” visits by officers could be reserved for the “vulnerable” – giving examples as those for whom English is not a first language, the elderly and people with learning difficulties.

  3. ‘Turning friendliness and trust and into something perverse’: Muslim convert preacher slammed for claiming it’s ‘sexual harassment and a sin’ to make him SHAKE HANDS with a woman
    Muslim imam Sheikh Zainadine Johnson refuses to shake hands with a woman
    Islam convert likened the act of a handshake with a female to sexual harassment
    The former rock band guitarist compared that to being touched on the bottom

  4. The supreme law of the land is the Constitution. So, if the government touches you firearms they broke that constitutional law and they will be subject to that law. Sadly, Oregon does not see it that way! Oregon lawmakers passed a bill that allows them to confiscate the guns from its owners, without their knowledge.

    The bill co-sponsored by Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas), is SB 719, has passed Oregon’s House and Senate. However, it creates an Extreme Risk Protection Order, which forces the subject of the order to hand over all firearms, as well as his concealed carry permit if he possesses one.

  5. Dore Gold
    Thwarting a New Iranian Empire

    People do not understand what it means to leave Iran inside of Syria as currently envisioned by the Great Powers.

    The Iranians established themselves in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon back in 1982 and in a few short years established Hizbullah, a guerrilla army that accepted the idea of Iranian domination and leadership of all Muslims. It served as a surrogate for Iran in the Middle East.

    It was originally thought that if Israel withdrew from Lebanon, the Hizbullah problem would go away. But Israel did withdraw from Lebanon in 2000 and the Hizbullah threat only got worse because it had nothing to do with Israel. It had everything to do with Iranian regional ambitions.

    Years ago, when the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was sitting with a high-level American official, he criticized U.S. policy in Iraq for having recreated the Safavid Empire. The Safavid Empire was the Persian Empire back in the 16th century.

    It was then that Persian control stretched over parts of Syria; it covered Iraq including Baghdad; it went south into the Persian Gulf; it included the island of Bahrain; it stretched into half of Afghanistan and into what used to be referred to as Soviet Central Asia. This was a huge state that still exists in the fond memories of many in the Iranian leadership.

    Just as Lebanon became a base for Iranian operations across the Middle East, leaving Iranian forces in Syria will create a challenge on a much greater scale. This will pose a direct threat to the future security of Israel as well as Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

    The bottom line is: Iranian forces must be withdrawn from Syria back to Iran. If the Great Powers leave Iran in Syria, they are setting the stage for the next great crisis in the Middle East, which will be far larger than anything we have seen until now.

  6. Iran Makes Mockery Of Nuclear Deal
    Time for a serious reassessment.
    August 25, 2017
    Ari Lieberman

    Things are unfolding rapidly in Syria as relentless offensives, undertaken by the joint might of Iran, Russia and Hezbollah against a plethora of rival Sunni militias, have taken their toll on the rebels. Analysts are fearful that the pending fall of Islamic State, which seems likely, will create a vacuum that the Islamic Republic will rush to fill. This coupled with the recent revelation that the United States terminated a covert military aid program to rebels seeking to topple Assad, virtually ensures that Iran will remain a dominant power in Syria. A troubling consequence of this development is that Iran will have essentially succeeded in creating a land bridge of sorts that travels through Iraq and Syria to Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea, a prospect that is inimical to both U.S and Israeli interests.

    Israel is cognizant of the fact that as a result of the leadership vacuum created by the Obama administration, Moscow now pulls the strings in Syria. It also understands that the U.S. decision to terminate funding for certain Syrian rebel groups signals that the U.S. has limited its immediate aims in Syria to toppling the Islamic State. Malign Iranian and Hezbollah influences appear to have become secondary concerns. For good reason, Israel views Iran’s entrenchment in Syria as a direct strategic threat and regional challenge. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his concerns to Vladimir Putin in a meeting between the two leaders which took place on Wednesday in Sochi. Russia’s ambassador to Israel, Alexander Petrovich Shein, noted that Russia would take Israeli interests into consideration when dealing with Syria.

  7. Jonathan Spyer:
    Behind the Lines: AND THE WINNER IN SYRIA IS ….IRAN
    Who Will Block Iranian Advancement in the Middle East? ?

    Washington does not appear to be developing a real strategy for containing the Iranians in eastern Syria. This leaves the local players. The resilience and return of relatively stable Sunni Arab autocracies in Cairo, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Amman, and the eclipse of the Sunni Arab rebellion in Syria, have removed Sunni Islamists, for now at least, from the real power game in the Middle East.?   

    The result that faces the cohesive and coherent Iran-led bloc is a much more nebulous gathering, but one which, if combined, possesses more power, more population, and more wealth than the Iranians. Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the Kurdish Regional Government, Egypt, Jordan, and the remaining non-jihadi Syrian rebels are the core elements standing in the way of Iranian advancement in the Middle East.

    • Iran, not so far away?

      The civil war in Syria is nearing an end, and it appears that Assad, Hizbullah, Iran and Russia have won. The Iranians want to establish a second Hizbullah, a force of Shiite militias that will be deployed on the Golan Heights along the border with Israel which will get its instructions from Tehran.?   

      Israel must make it clear to Russia that the IDF will take action to prevent Iran from building any kind of military force of its own near the Golan Heights border. In addition, Israel should discreetly strengthen its ties with those living in the Syrian Golan who hate Iran and Hizbullah. In light of the changing reality, the need to cultivate true allies who are close to the Golan Heights border is growing fast.,7340,L-5007463,00.html

  8. End U.S. Weapons Deliveries to the Lebanese Army

    ?In July, the Syrian Army and Hizbullah joined forces to attack Islamic State and the Fatah al-Sham Front in the Qalamun Mountains on the Syria-Lebanon border with the aim of purging the area of opposition fighters. The Lebanese Army also deployed forces along the border to keep opposition fighters from fleeing to Lebanese territory.

    The takeover of the Syria-Lebanon border by the Syrian Army and Hizbullah is another step in Iran’s plan to create territorial continuity from Iran to Lebanon and presents a strategic threat to Israel.?   

    In the past, Israel demanded Lebanese forces be deployed along the border between the two countries in an effort to keep Hizbullah away. The strengthening of ties between the Lebanese Army and Hizbullah will require Israel to reassess its position.?   

    Both France and the U.S. have provided Lebanon with advanced weapons in recent years. However, Saudi Arabia has halted military aid to the country after learning the weapons were making their way to Hizbullah.

    In light of these recent developments, Israel should demand an end to the delivery of weapons to the Lebanese Army.

    • Opposing U.S., France Says No Need to Change UN Lebanon Force Mandate

      France said Wednesday it wants the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon to stick to its current mandate, opposing US calls to strengthen the force’s authority to deal with arms movements by Hezbollah, the Shiite terrorist militia.

      Anne Gueguen, France’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, told reporters her government saw no need to change the 2006 Security Council resolution that sets the mission’s current mandate, which expires at the end of August.

      “We want to keep the mandate as such,” she said, adding that “does mean there won’t be any change in the resolution.”

      The 10,500-strong United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon has been in southern Lebanon since 1978, when it was charged with confirming the withdrawal of Israeli forces from a demilitarized zone between the two countries.
      gotta luv those Vichy

      • Companies Distancing Themselves From Trump Administration Still Doing Business With Iranian Regime

        Several prominent U.S. companies that have distanced themselves from the Trump administration over its response to the recent violence in Charlottesville, Va., continue to do business with the extremist Iranian regime, sparking accusations of hypocrisy from a leading advocacy group that works to expose Iran’s global atrocities.

        Major U.S. companies such as airplane manufacturer Boeing, General Electric, and industrial company Caterpillar all issued public statements distancing themselves from President Donald Trump over what they viewed as his failure to adequately condemn the recent riots in Charlottesville, where far-right white nationalists and neo-Nazis clashed with leftist counter-protestors.

        While each company was quick to distance itself from the Trump administration and condemn the open racism and bigotry on display in Charlottesville, all three of the corporations continue to do business with Iran, an openly anti-Semitic regime that threatens to murder Jewish people and endorses leading racists such as David Duke.

        All of these corporations also have refused to sign on to pledges to refrain from doing business with Iran due to the regime’s pursuit of nuclear arms and continued sponsorship of terrorism, including operations targeting U.S. forces.

        The failure of these companies to shun business with Iran has prompted criticism by United Against Nuclear Iran, or UANI, a prominent watchdog organization working to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

        These companies have thus far declined to sign a UANI-sponsored pledge from business leaders to cut business ties to Iran.
        surprise, surprise, surprise

  9. China in the Red Sea: The Djibouti Naval Base and the Return of Admiral Zheng He
    China Projects Its Power in the Red Sea?

    China has opened its first overseas naval base in Djibouti at the Horn of Africa. Its purpose is to “ensure China’s performance of missions, such as escorting, peace-keeping and humanitarian aid in Africa and west Asia…[and] maintaining security of international strategic seaways.”

    Clearly, it is crucial for Beijing to protect its flow of resources. Half the oil imported by China goes through the Mandeb Strait, and most Chinese exports to Europe are transported through the Gulf of Aden and Suez Canal.?   

    According to the agreement between Beijing and Djibouti, which is valid at least until 2026, the base may contain as many as 10,000 troops. The establishment of the Djibouti base is clearly an act of Chinese power projection and an expression of China’s expanding interests in Africa and the Middle East.

    A recent editorial in the Chinese state-run Global Times stressed that the base “is not a commercial resupply point” but rather a military installation containing Chinese troops. At the same time, Chinese media have been careful to note that the base does not imply a drive towards world hegemony.?   

    China’s Djibouti base is located only a few miles from Camp Lemonnier, the largest American base in the region and the only permanent American base in Africa.


    ?EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen [yech poo], who is leaving after four years, said Tuesday that Israel can learn from Europe how to effectively combat terrorism, including through “de-radicalization.”

    Now that is an interesting idea considering how many of the terrorist attacks perpetrated in Europe are carried out by citizens. But in Israel, a small percentage of the attacks – like the recent one at the Temple Mount – are carried out by Israeli Arabs. Most are perpetrated by Palestinians.?   

    According to EUROPOL, 142 people were killed in terrorist attacks in EU member states in 2016. In Israel, on the other hand, 17 people were killed. So far in 2017, 12 people have been killed, 9 of them soldiers and policemen, while in the EU nearly 60 people have been killed in Islamic terrorist attacks.

    So we appreciate the ambassador’s offer but no thanks. Israel will pass.

    • He is more pessimistic then I am one reason is that I don’t believe all of the bull about China’s Army. That army is like the old Soviet Army which consisted mainly of semi trained conscripts who receive more political training then military training. Yes they are modernizing their equipment but without good NCOs which are impossible to get in large numbers in a peacetime communist army their military is severally hampered in combat efficiency and their junior officers aren’t well trained. Part of the job of senior NCOs is to train the junior officers. It takes a couple of years in combat to get short term NCOs up to the level of long term NCOs. Also I don’t think either Russia or China will ever nuke the US, unless they have much better missile defense systems they will be destroyed in return.

  11. “The Hive”
    Reprint from Sobran’s, June 1999


    My Hive metaphor was enriched by an essay by Igor Shafarevich, “Socialism in Our Past and Future,” in Solzhenitsyn’s collection of dissident writings, From under the Rubble. Shafarevich argues that socialism is not just a modern phenomenon, but a perennial problem of decadent societies. In the name of equality, it tries to destroy the family, private property, and religion — institutions that prevent the state from monopolizing loyalty, wealth, and authority. Since ancient times, socialists (under whatever labels) have favored sexual license — “the community of wives,” “free love,” “sexual freedom,” et cetera. By breaking down bonds of kinship, sexual anarchy reduces the individual to a mere unit of the state.

    “Socialism in Our Past and Future”
    By Igor Shafarevich

  12. Hi Vlad.
    Interesting development in War between EU-Macron vs Poland..
    Polish Prime Minister minced “french golden boy” in her recent statement to de pices :-))
    Here are my translation from Polish language :…”I remind you President Macron that Poland is the same EU member as France. We have the same rights as France and other member states and we will use them for the good of Poland and Poles. Poland is not in conflict with any EU country nor with itself.

    I advise the President to deal with the affairs of his country, perhaps he will be able to achieve the same economic results and the same level of security of his citizens as Poland did and guarantees.

    The future of EU will not be decided by The President of France, or any other individual leader,, but by all members of the EU community. I advise the president to be more conciliatory and not try to break the EU.

    Perhaps his arrogant tantrum result from lack of political experience and experience, which I will note with understanding, but I expect that he will make up for this shortcoming and will be more restrained in the future. On delegated workers, Poland and Central Europe defend the common market and France, through its efforts, is trying to dismantle one of the pillars of the EU. “…
    Original link to interview Polish PM :
    Please notice how “mainstream” is manipulating by citing only chosen fragments from this open War statement..
    Hungary pull out today his Ambassador from Holland for similar ,arrogant Dutch statement about Hungary..

  13. Why western women are now the Islamists’ target of choice

    There has been an unprecedented development this year in the Islamists’ war on the West. For the first time their foot soldiers are singling out women to kill. Women have been the victims of terrorism before, murdered by paramilitary organisations such as ETA, the Ulster Volunteer Force and the IRA, because of their uniform or their beliefs, or simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but never solely because of their sex.

    In the era when Islamic terror groups hijacked aircraft it was rare that women were harmed. When a Trans World Airlines jet was hijacked in 1985, for example, the terrorists released all the women and children, including the Americans. When a similar fate befell an Air France airliner at the same airport in Algiers nine years later, the Islamists handed out veils to the females passengers but executed only male hostages.

    But this year Islamists are specifically targeting women. When Salman Abedi detonated his suicide bomb at the Ariana Grande concert in May, killing seventeen females (and five males), he did so knowing it would be full of teenage girls and young women. In July, two German women were fatally stabbed by an Egyptian man at the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. This attack bore similarities to Saturday’s outrage in the Finnish city of Turku, where an 18-year-old Moroccan allegedly stabbed eight women, two of whom died. Two days earlier, the only fatality in an Islamist attack at Cambrils was a 61-year-old woman.

    The Islamists are deliberately targeting women because in their minds they represent empowerment and enlightenment, and also immodesty. Three young women were among the eight people stabbed to death during the London Bridge attack in June, and many more were wounded, including an Australian, who recalled her attacker screamed “Stop living this life” as he slashed at her throat.

  14. MEMRI: Jordanian TV: “The Rothschilds Rule the World” & “Jews Withhold Cure for Cancer and AIDS”

    A Jordanian TV channel recently aired a program about the Rothschild family, according to which it was “the founder of the United States” and owned much of the world’s resources, media, and banks. The show included an interview with Jordanian economic analyst Mohammad Sami Abugoush, who said that “any leader who refused to deal with the Rothschilds would be assassinated.”

    Abugoush and TV host Rita Altaji agreed that it was Rothschild, and not President Macron, who ruled France, and that “even the U.S. and the mighty British royal family do not rule Britain.”

    She and her guest concurred that the Rothschilds assassinated U.S. Presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, Garfield, Harrison, Tyler, and Jackson. Abugoush further said that the Jews control the weapon, pharmaceutical, shipping, and agricultural industries, and are withholding the cure for cancer and AIDS from the world in order to make a profit.

    The show aired on Altaghier TV on June 24.

  15. In Interview, Former IAF Chief Discusses Coordination With Russia, Regional Cooperation

    The former head of the Israeli Air Force, Major-General Amir Eshel has revealed that Russian aircrafts have entered Israeli airspace “many times” during the Syrian civil war in an exclusive interview with Haaretz newspaper.

    In an extensive interview with Amos Harel, Eshel spoke at length about the Israeli Air Force’s increasing capability, the missile threat from Hezbollah, and the IAF’s regional cooperation.

    Eshel discussed the mechanism that Israel has set up after the Russians deployed in Syria in 2015 in order to reduce the possibility of a serious confrontation with Russian aircrafts.

    He said, “There’s something technical here, and there are leaders’ directives, and trust. We don’t intend to harm the Russians, and we do everything to avoid harming them. They understand why we are taking action. They don’t agree or give us authorization, but I think they understand what Israel is doing. It is fighting terrorism, preventing the delivery of means of combat.”

    Eshel spoke about the importance of real-time communication between the two air forces. With regards to the Russians entering Israeli air space, Esher said that “there were situations in which we contacted them in real time and said that there had been a mistake, and they immediately responded and corrected. That’s alright. We have not seen provocations.”

  16. Algeria’s Ahmadis, an ‘Israeli plot,’ forced to worship behind closed doors

    Accused of heresy by Islamist extremists and targeted by the authorities, members of Algeria’s tiny Ahmadi community say they have been forced to go underground to worship.

    Abderahmane, a 42-year-old trader from Kabylie in northern Algeria, joined the reformist Islamic movement after years as an ultra-conservative Salafist. People he once called friends reported him to the local imam, who publicly denounced him as an unbeliever.

    The imam went on to urge worshippers not to let their children play with Ahmadi children.

    “My sister’s engagement was canceled because her fiance was told I was an unbeliever,” Abderahmane said, still wearing a well-trimmed beard, a long cotton shirt, and three-quarter-length trousers — the garb of his former life as a Salafist.

  17. When a US gov’t official calls you a liar, you go on the offensive

    Exactly two years ago, a senior official at the US State Department called me a liar to my face. He informed me that all the work that we had done on the Palestinian Authority textbooks used by UNRWA was one great fabrication, that the US government had checked out the PA textbooks used by UNRWA, and that they met the highest standards of peace education.

    Six months later, the White House issued a statement in a similar vein to a colleague in DC: “While there is still work to be done, the Palestinian government has made significant progress in reducing inflammatory rhetoric and revising official textbooks.

    Over the past few years, the PA has helped improve the Palestinian curriculum, including textbooks that discuss human rights and the Holocaust, which has contributed to a better education for young Palestinians.”

    To respond to this, I asked my staff to purchase all PA textbooks used by UNRWA and to translate all the books, so that we could hand the results to the US Congress and to the Israeli Knesset.
    One of the ironies is that USAID in Ramallah wrote to us, saying that the US never examines the PA textbooks used by UNRWA…despite the fact that the US donates $400 million each year to UNRWA – one third of the UNRWA budget.

    As a sneak preview, here are some items taken from the new PA Schoolbooks used in UNRWA schools, in the new school year that commences next week.

  18. Brussels Knife ‘TERROR’: Armed man SHOT after attacking two soldiers in Belgium (express, Aug 25, 2017)

    “A KNIFEMAN has been shot after trying to attack soldiers on patrol in Brussels, police have confirmed.

    Despite early reports claiming the attacker had died, it has now emerged that he is still alive but remains in critical condition, according to Belgian prosecutors.

    They added that he is also not known to have any links to terrorism.

    A spokeswoman for the prosecution service said: “With the identity that we currently have it is a 30-year-old man who is not known for terrorist activities.”

    Belgian media are reporting that the attacker was a Somali man but details about his identity have not yet been released.

    Images on social media show a police cordon on the pavement on Boulevard Emile Jacqmain and a number of police officers stood nearby.

    Gunshots were reportedly heard in the Belgian capital with prosecutors confirming the man tried to attack two soldiers who were on patrol.

    The soldiers suffered minor injuries in the attack – with one injured in the head and the other in the hand…”

    • Soldiers attacked by knife-wielding Muslim in Brussels, incident treated as ‘terrorist act’

      A knife-wielding Muslim has been shot dead in the center of Brussels after authorities said he attacked a group of soldiers.

      The prosecutor’s office confirmed the soldiers shot and killed the man in the Belgian capital. The incident is being treated as a terrorist attack.

      Officials also said the man twice shouted strong>”Allahu Akbar” – meaning “Allah is the greatest of all gods ” in Arabic – while carrying out the attack, Reuters reported.

      The incident took place about 20:15 local time (18:15 GMT). Belgian prosecutors said that the attacker is alive but in critical condition.

      The soldiers were lightly wounded in the attack. One was cut in the face, while the other suffered an injury to the hand.

      Large numbers of police officers were deployed to the scene, which was cordoned off. The mayor of Brussels and the federal prosecutor also arrived at the scene.

      The Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, expressed “all our support to our soldiers” in a Twitter post. “Our security services stay vigilant and we monitor the situation closely,” he said.
      Muslim, 30, shot dead in Brussels after knife attack on two soldiers

      Man ‘not known for terrorist activities’ in critical condition after incident in the centre of Brussels on Friday evening where two soldiers were attacked

      A man who attacked two soldiers with a knife in Brussels has been shot dead by the army. Authorities said they were treating the attack as a terrorist incident.

      “Incident in Brussels. Soldiers have neutralised an individual. Situation under control,” Belgium’s official crisis centre wrote on twitter.

      Local media reported that the attacker was dead, while the two soldiers he attacked were injured. One was said to be lightly injured in the hand; the other may have more serious wounds.

      The attack began at about 8.20pm in the centre of Brussels, not far from the bars and restaurants of the popular Sainte Catherine neighbourhood that is always busy on Friday evenings.

      The attacker was a man in his thirties, according to state TV channel RTBF, which reported that he cried “Allahu Akbar” at the moment he launched his attack.

      A spokesman for the federal prosecutor said it was a terrorist act but the man had been identified as “a 30-year-old man who is not known for terrorist activities”.

      After the attack was stopped, he was taken to hospital, where he is said to have died. Authorities are treating this as an isolated incident and have not changed Belgium’s terror threat level, which is currently at level three, the second highest level, which indicates “a serious and real” threat, but not an imminent attack.

      Two months ago, authorities foiled a suspected terror attack on Brussels central station, where a man was shot, after causing a small explosion. In March 2016, 32 people were murdered and more than 300 injured in coordinated jihadi attacks at Brussels airport and on the metro.

      With European cities on high alert, soldiers in army fatigues with rifles are a visible presence in Brussels, where they patrol the streets, especially around metro stations and embassies.

      The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel, expressed his support for the country’s soldiers on Friday night. “Our security services remain vigilant. We are following the situation closely with the Belgian crisis centre,” he said.

      Police cordoned off the street, Boulevard Emile Jacqmain, and video footage taken two hours after the attack showed police officers patrolling an otherwise deserted area.

  19. Nazi Trump magazine cover raises speculation about German media

    Amid reports by German journalists stating that their nation’s media has become a “government outlet which suppresses critical views”, German media’s open dislike for US President Donald Trump has reached a new level of invective, with the Stern weekly explicitly comparing the US President to Adolf Hitler in a photo-montage published on yesterday’s cover portraying Trump enwrapped in a US flag while brandishing a Nazi salute. The headline is a play on words turning Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf (My Struggle) to “Sein Kampf” – His Struggle.

    The lead article refers to President Trump’s alleged ties with the neo-Nazi right in the United States following the events in Charlottesville. The subtitle reads, “Neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, Racism – How Trump spreads hatred in the United States.”

    The German weekly’s cover has already aroused strong criticism, especially among American conservatives. In social networks, too, criticism of the “pointlessness” of the title page and the trivialization of Hitler’s crimes is excoriated: “Can you not criticize Trump without comparing him to Hitler?” And “Who is spreading hatred here?” are representative of responses by German journalists and various other organizations.

    • What’s in a Translation? Atlanta School Reflects on ‘Mein Kampf’ Controversy

      Students at a prestigious independent school in Atlanta are reaching the end of a hot summer embroiled in a controversy around Mein Kampf — the rambling political manifesto and memoir composed by the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler from his cell in Germany’s Landsberg prison in 1924.

      Hitler’s book was among those selected by students at the Galloway School for their summer book club reading, as part of their efforts — as senior staff at the school told The Algemeiner — to understand the Holocaust, as well as the wider question of how modern political leaders present their ideas.

      But earlier this month, leading Jewish bloggers reported that the summer book club’s website was hosting a summary publisher’s blurb of Mein Kampf that described Hitler’s worldview as “an interesting interpretation of politics, people, and foreign policy matters.”

      The description – which was removed from the site once school staff were alerted to its content – also claimed that “Mein Kampf is often portrayed as nothing more than an Anti-Semitic (sic) work, however only 6% of it even talks about the Jews. The rest contains Hitler’s ideas and beliefs for a greater nation plus his plan on how to accomplish that goal.” Later on, it added, “Germany did not follow Hitler because he was a racist, they followed him because he promised a great future, and Mein Kampf is where he promised that great future.”
      The only book ever banned at home when I was growing up.

      • Depending on how this is taught it will either turn people away from the Democrats or turn them into fanatic Democrats. Remeber the video a few weeks ago about the man giving a speech to antifa people by changing Germany to United States in quotes from Hitler.

  20. Turkey protesting against the “Wall of Shame”
    (not the actual walls it has built at its borders with non-European countries, but the wire fence at the Bulgarian border, and the one at the green border with Greece)

    “The EU countries(…) are part of the regressive oppression, which they have always applied against the Turkish nation”, says a Turkish MP of the ruling party. (Greece and Bulgaria have been under Turkish yoke for nearly FIVE centuries!)
    Turkey is deeply conceerned with wild life that the fences put in danger. The MP says the money spent on the “Walls of Shame” should have been used for social and educational programs instead perhaps such that promote jihad and exclude evolution)

  21. Anti-Semitism in Europe: New Official Report

    by Bruce Bawer
    August 25, 2017 at 5:00 am

    To some of us, it is hardly a secret that anti-Semitic violence is on the rise in Europe, or that the chief perpetrators are Muslims. But many politicians and news media have been so indefatigable in their efforts to obscure this uncomfortable fact that one is always grateful for official — or, at least, semi-official — confirmation of what everyone already knows.

    It is a pleasure, then, to report that a new study, Antisemitic Violence in Europe, 2005-2015 — written by Johannes Due Enstad of the Oslo-based Center for Studies of the Holocaust and the University of Oslo, and jointly published by both institutions — is refreshingly, even startlingly, honest about its subject. Enstad notes that while anti-Semitic violence has declined in the U.S. since 1994, it has been on the rise worldwide. That, of course, includes Europe — most of it, anyway.

    Examining statistics from France, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Russia, Enstad points out that one of these seven countries “clearly stands out with a very low number” of anti-Semitic incidents despite its “relatively large Jewish population”; the country in question, he adds, “is also the only case in which there is little to indicate that Jews avoid displaying their identity in public.” In addition, it is the only one of the six countries in which the majority of perpetrators of anti-Semitic violence are not Muslims. Which country is Enstad referring to? Russia.

    A detective has been jailed for filming himself performing a sex act in a child’s bedroom while on duty.
    Bedfordshire Police Det Con Jamal Hassan, 36, admitted four counts of misconduct in public office.
    Hassan, of Corncastle Road, Luton, also pleaded guilty to three charges of making indecent photographs of children and covertly filming up the skirt of a woman in a shop.
    He was jailed for six years at Peterborough Crown Court.
    Hassan also admitted possessing extreme pornography and perverting the course of justice by trying to hide a storage device from police.
    Three of the misconduct in public office charges relate to Hassan filming himself in people’s bedrooms – including the child’s – with underwear while on duty. The fourth involved him making a covert recording of a child in a police interview room.
    In court he admitted making more than 6,000 indecent images of children, 1,552 of which were the most severe category A.

  23. …”Poland does not define the future of Europe today and it will not be defined tomorrow either.” And “Poles deserve more” than what their current government does.”:…
    Even if Emmanuel Macron did not say anything more today in Varna, these two sentences would completely redefine the relations between the Member States of the European Union. The first of them says explicitly that only some members of the Union will have an influence on the shape of Europe in the future. While the Bonapartist Macron thinks that it will be in Paris to decide who it will be and who will not. The second sentence is, in the case of France and Poland, an absolutely unprecedented, open invitation from the leader of one state to change power in the other. Such cases have, indeed, happened so far in the European Union, but only in relation to Greece’s insolvent debts.

    Macron does not publicly attack Poland for the first time. Already in an interview with the newspaper Le Voix du Nord, he promised to “punish” Poland within three months of taking power. This term has just passed. He also called publicly in his speech at the great rally in Paris ,that Poland was the chief offender of the evil and poverty that falls on the French.
    But today Varna has even exceeded that measure. It is important to realize that in Paris the French become Enemy of Polish people as they lunch attacks on Poland to weaken Poland position in Europe and hi used this as a the tool to mobilize his supporters. Since the emergence of the European Communities, such cases have been successfully removed from the official policy brackets. Only political correctness does not aloud openly mention the name of the last European leader, who has made himself one of the leading motifs of his speeches against Poland and hi was a former French president..

    So Emmanuel Macron opens a new epoch in Europe. Probably some symbolic significance is that hi does it in the place where in 1444 a young Polish King W?adys?aw III of Poland was killed, when as the head of the European army tried to stop the Muslims…..

  24. Sebastian Gorka quits White House, slams Trump in resignation letter

    President Trump’s deputy assistant, Sebastian Gorka, resigned from his White House post Friday, according to a report.

    “[G]iven recent events, it is clear to me that forces that do not support the MAGA promise are – for now – ascendant within the White House,” Gorka wrote in his resignation letter. “As a result, the best and most effective way I can support you, Mr. President, is from outside the People’s House.”

    Gorka went on to say he did not believe Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda could be carried out.

    “Regrettably, outside of yourself, the individuals who most embodied and represented the policies that will ‘Make America Great Again,’ have been internally countered, systematically removed, or undermined in recent months. This was made patently obvious as I read the text of your speech on Afghanistan this week…” Gorka wrote. “The fact that those who drafted and approved the speech removed any mention of Radical Islam or radical Islamic terrorism proves that a crucial element of your presidential campaign has been lost.

    “Just as worrying, when discussing our future actions in the region, the speech listed operational objectives without ever defining the strategic victory conditions we are fighting for. This omission should seriously disturb any national security professional, and any American who is unsatisfied with the last 16 years of disastrous policy decisions which have led to thousands of Americans killed and trillions of taxpayer dollars spent in ways that have not brought security or victory,” Gorka added.

    Three Democratic senators recently asked the Trump administration to disclose whether Gorka had lied about membership to the Vitezi Rend, a far-right anti-Semitic Hungarian group, when he became a U.S. citizen.

    The question became a bigger deal as a result of President Trump’s response to the deadly Aug. 12 incident in Charlottesville, Va. Democrats accused Trump, as well as former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and Gorka, of being racists. Gorka had previously worked under Bannon at Breitbart News.

    The heads of four minority House caucuses called on Trump earlier this month to remove Gorka, along with Bannon and senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, from his administration.

    Trump assistant Gorka resigns, slams White House enemies

    Conservative firebrand Sebastian Gorka quit Friday as Trump’s Deputy Assistant, saying in his resignation letter, “It is clear to me that forces that do not support the [make America great again] promise are — for now — ascendant within the White House,’’ according to the conservative Web site “The Federalist.’’

    “As a result, the best and most effective way I can support you, Mr. President, is from outside the People’s House.’’

    Gorka, who has referred to himself as “The President’s Pitbull,’’ took particular exception to Trump’s recent speech on Afghanistan. He complained that it did not mention “Radical Islam’’ or
    “radical Islamic terrorism.’’

    Before coming to the White House, Gorka wrote for Breitbart News, and worked with Steve Bannon, who recently resigned from the White House and rejoined the publication.

      • Not good. Gorka was one of a very few well-versed and eloquent observers that Trump’s administration had about the relationship between jihadist terrorism and core Islamic principles.

        This shite reeks of “deep state” treachery.

        • It also reeks of a coming civil war, with the people working to ensure that the campaign promises were kept gone the voters are going to feel betrayed.

    • BREITBART – Sebastian Gorka Resigns from Trump Administration

      Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who has served as deputy assistant to President Donald Trump since January, resigned from the White House administration on Friday evening.

      “Given recent events, it is clear to me that forces that do not support the MAGA promise are – for now – ascendant within the White House,” Gorka wrote in his resignation letter. “As a result, the best and most effective way I can support you, Mr. President, is from outside the People’s House.”

      Sources within the administration close to Dr. Gorka claim he became disillusioned because Trump’s key policy platform of fighting radical Islamic terrorism was repeatedly undermined when his national security adviser, HR McMaster, fired key individuals from the national security council who were loyal to that platform.

      Gorka had also become deeply frustrated with the unprecedented levels of personal abuse propagated against him by the mainstream media –which included attacks against his own children – as well the numerous bureaucratic obstacles used to slow down his work on national security issues, including delaying Gorka’s final permanent national security clearance.

      A source close to Dr. Gorka claimed that he made his decision following the President’s speech in which he indicated he would escalate America’s war in Afghanistan. “The anti-MAGAs” have control of Trump’s foreign policy, the source said.

      Breitbart is currently in negotiations with Dr. Gorka regarding his support for the website, as well as collaboration on a joint venture that would embody a Jacksonian national security vision.

  25. India: Dozens dead in street violence after rape conviction for religious leader

    Dozens of people have been killed in violent unrest in Panchkula, the state of Haryana, on Friday, after actor and Dera Sacha Sauda spiritual leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was convicted of rape. More than 250 people were injured and over 2,500 of Singh’s supporters were detained by police.

    • 2014 -Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh distributing gifts to students

      Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, leader of the India-based socio-spiritual organisation Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) distributing gifts to the students durng his birth anniversary celebration in Haryana.

    • At least 29 people have been killed and 200 injured in violent protests in northern India after the leader of a religious cult was found guilty of raping two of his followers.

      Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, 50, known as ‘the guru in bling’ due to his flamboyant outfits, has been found guilty of two sexual assaults at the headquarters of his Dera Sacha Sauda group in the northern town of Sirsa.

      Police reportedly opened fire and used water cannons in an attempt to disperse the 100,000-strong crowd, as they threw stones, torched vehicles and set fire to government buildings in the town of Panchkula, near Chandigarh.

      In 2015, Singh, who has 50million followers, allegedly convinced up to 400 men to cut off their testicles to be closer to God.

      Singh has a vast following in the northern state of Haryana, where he runs a religious movement called Dera Sacha Sauda, which claims to have millions of devotees around the world. Thousands of them had descended on Panchkula by Thursday evening, setting up camp outside the courthouse. Troops and riot police had been deployed ahead of the verdict, but violence broke out as news of his conviction spread among the gathered devotees.

      ‘The court convicted Baba Ram Rahim Singh on rape charges,’ prosecutor Harinder Pal Singh Verma told AFP by telephone after the closed hearing. The rape case was brought against Singh after an anonymous letter was sent to then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2002 accusing him of repeatedly raping the sender and several other women in the sect.

      Read more:


      (many good photos at link. this is worth paying attention to because:
      -the sheer scale of the carnage
      -that there is no obvious islamic connection, or leftist connection)

  26. ISIS threatens Pope Francis in Vatican: Jihadis warns: ‘We will be in Rome’ (express, Aug 25, 2017)

    “ISLAMIC State have released a sick new film which threatens Pope Francis as they warn “We will be in Rome”.

    The propaganda footage shows ISIS jihadis stamping on statues of Jesus and ripping up photos of the Pope.

    And the death cult warned the Italian capital city Rome, despite the Pope residing in the Vatican.

    The seven-minute, published by the Al-Hayat Media Centre, also show several jihadists destroying church statues saying: ”Remember this unbelievers, we will be in Rome.”

    Narrated by a man named as Abu Jindal, the ISIS fighter appears to have an American accent.

    He praises the “truthful soldiers of Mohammed” while Christian decorations in the church, including a statue of Jesus on the cross and another of Mary, are torn down and vandalised.

    Images of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis are also torn up and thrown to the ground in the shocking video which includes a church in flames.

    The narrator says: “After all their efforts, it would be the religion of the cross that would be broken.

    “The crusaders’ enmity toward the Muslims only served to embolden a generation of youth.”…”

  27. Barbaric scenes as 10 sentenced to up to 100 lashes in whipping in front of children (express, Aug 25, 2017)

    “MEN and women found guilty of adultery were brutally whipped up to 100 times in front of crowds of people.

    Authorities in the semi-autonomous region of Aceh in Indonesia sentenced 10 for the barbaric punishment.

    Under the region’s Sharia law a judge ordered them to be given between five and 100 lashes.

    Children could seen watching the punishment being carried out.

    Aceh, a province on the north-west tip of Sumatra, is the sole Indonesian region to enforce its version of Sharia law under its Islamic criminal code of ‘jinayat’…”

  28. California Could Start Jailing People Who Don’t Use Transgender Pronouns

    A bill that passed the California state senate and is now moving through the Assembly could threaten jail time for anyone who refuses to use a transgender person’s preferred pronoun.

    The law is currently limited in its effects to nursing homes and intermediate-care facilities, but if passed, those who “willfully and repeatedly” refuse “to use a transgender resident’s preferred name or pronouns” could be slapped with a $1,000 fine and up to one year in prison, according to the California Heath and Safety code. The state senate passed the bill 26-12 at the end of May. Since then, the Assembly Judiciary committee recommended the bill unanimously and the General Assembly held its first hearing on the legislation Wednesday.

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