The effects of the fungi like spread of socialism: Links 1 Aug. 22, 2017

1. Technology companies in the chain of directing requested traffic to people’s browsers, are starting to actually deny access to sites they do not agree with, even if the site is legal, and not what they are accused of being.

This, is terrifying. The Rebel was denied to massive amounts of people because one of the companies that provide an aspect of service didn’t agree? Is there a name for that sort of system?

AirBNB also cancelled peoples reservations if they were going to be at a pro-Trump event.

2. Another video on Charlottesville and how a 3rd group who went to ensure the peace and got in between the 2 groups to allow everyone’s 1st amendment rights, got specifically targeted by police.

3. ESPN Pulls ASIAN Anchor from UVA Game Because His Name Is “Robert Lee”

(I understand that the staff at ESPN went to all the freezers in the building and threw out all the frozen cakes and pastries they have because they are named after his wife. Sarah Lee.)

4. Another imam in America, deep into the interfaith scam, busted for, well being authentically muslim really.

5. Thomas Wiktor cutting ties with Google

6. Trump greeted by Marines in Arizona

Thank you ALL who sent in links to critically important stories. The item about ISPN firing a (probably) Chinese guy for having the name Robert Lee is pure Soviet. We all need to get ready to make sacrifices and do things differently if Freedom matters to you at all.

Thank you again for sending in this critical material.


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2 Replies to “The effects of the fungi like spread of socialism: Links 1 Aug. 22, 2017”

  1. When Thomas Wickor refers to a “pile of crap”, he’s making a classical allusion to the proverbial “cock on the dunghill”. As in; a rooster crowing atop a heap of slimy barnyard shit.

    There is little time that awaits when all of us are treated to the gruesome spectacle of supposedly “supreme” leaders clambering atop towering mounds of steaming excrement (e.g., Angela Merckle) whilst declaring an undisputed right to proclaim their proper place at the pinnacle of shitheaps that once would have brought the deepest shame to even the least educated amongst us.

    Dare I ask where this is leading us?

  2. Democrats. Socialists who prey on the weak-minded, to raise them as collectivized farm animals.

    We see something similar in Islam where Might is Right, with the weak before the strong and strong before the weak; which means cultures always result in dictatorships ruling them by the sword whilst all they have left is hope for the return of the Mardi to effect real Islam of fairness which never comes.

    And exactly the same for the arrival of true ever peaceful Communism – just another rule of society by committee – strong before mediocre, mediocre before the strong – to use low IQ and propagation of ignorance in populations to identify themselves into Race/Creed/Color/Gender/Perversion/Religion who in return suck off the Welfare System as helpless. Just Muslims by a another name. The demoralized given a Narrative through numbers and their victimhood. Same game, same blame. The whites, the Jews, any people not kowtowing. Russia and China went under. South Africa went under. Most of the Middle East went under. The West now is inverting. Dhimmitude is the new tact.

    And they all look like bums.

    Those who hate humanity create these subspecies of pride. Anyone in anger to G-d.

    Lucifer, the God of rebellion.

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