ANTIFA and selective enforcement

Why civil rights groups do not condemn [even preemptive] violence from ANTIFA

Here is the alleged ANTIFA manual found on a far left college campus. Whether it is real or not, its an accurate set of observations of ANTIFA tactics even if its totally a post hoc fake rather than a manual of tactics.

Below, a video about the manual above:

A video showing 18 months of ANTIFA violence and tactics

Busses in Charlottesville?

From Liberty Red News:

McKelway told FOX News viewers the police pulled out of Lee Park after the violence started.

The police told him, “We’re leaving. It’s too dangerous.”

This was after violent Antifa terrorists launched an attack on the white supremacists.


Media – CNN, NYT – synchronize their message with radical left hooligans

(This is in sync with one of the videos above where ANTIFA explains that some large media conglomerates are onboard. Was there ever any doubt it was CNN?)

The most egregious example is that of CNN, which literally altered a headline to slavishly reflect the point of view of Antifa.

Be clear here.  CNN didn’t alter its headline to more accurately reflect something Antifa said.  The tenets of good journalism require news outlets to quote their subjects correctly – even if the subjects are Antifa thugs; even if they are Nazis.

But that’s not what CNN was doing by changing the headline.  CNN was changing the message of its own coverage about what happened, by knuckling under to Antifa’s biased – and in fact inaccurate – perspective.

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  1. The civil war in the US is starting to go kinetic, the manual says that the illegal immigrants from down South will play a large part of antifa activity during the next 100 years. They are planning on a long war of gradual escalation get people use to the violence and accepting that the left wing violence is justified. I don’t think the civil war will last that long, the war of survival against Islam will take that long or longer but I doubt that the intelligent people in the US will let the civil war last that long.


    “One movie after another highlighting injustice against Black Americans in the old South, many with horrifying scenes of brutal beatings and sadistic abuse. It’s also particularly insulting to have the Bible, Word of God, and Christianity prominently smeared in all this propaganda as well.

    Why would you rake the scab off that slavery sore in history and let it bleed at this particular time?

    Ask yourself why they need to drag all this bad history into movie after movie, over and over? Why now? It’s getting kind of obvious.”

    • The Civil Wat that has started going kinetic is a race/religious/class war. This war isn’t being fought to redress any past injustice, it is being fomented and fought to establish a neo feudal world government with the Socialists as the Nobles and Royals and the rest of us as serfs or peasants. The agitators who are doing the fighting and who will do most of the dying are so under educated that they don’t realize that they will be the first people stood against the wall. They are on the kill list, everyone who is a regular reader of the Blog is on the kill or re-educate list. Yes they already have those lists, at least they have them by groups.

      All agitators who tore down the old government are to be killed before they endanger the new government.

      All University graduates are on the kill or re-educate list, they know a counter revolution is possible and may be smart enough to start and lead one.

      Every politician that aren’t members of the revolutionary council are to be killed or re-educate list. They are on the list because they have enough name recognition to start a counter revolution, plus they might decide to join the new revolution and become a rival for power in the new government.

      Every veteran especially if they were either Officers or Non-commissioned officers. .These are especially dangerous to the new government because they have the training to start and run a new revolution. The new government can’t count on them being incompetent because their actions were almost certainly hampered by the civilian politicians of the old government. (In Russia following the 1917 revolution most of the officers who turn their coats and went over to the revolution were latter murdered by Stalin)

      Every Policeman is on the kill or re-educate list because they are para military and may have enough charisma to start and lead a revolution.

      And finally every teacher on all levels and every librarian are on the kill or re-educate list because they are people that the young kids of military age will look up to and have enough education to know a counter revolution can be started and won.

      This is all of the list I can remember, I know it is out there on the net somewhere but I can’t find it.

    • Remember the left wants to make the US ungovernable, they want to do this on all levels starting at the town city level and going all the way up to the Federal level.

        • “FBI Informant: Obama’s Connection to Radical Revolution” TRUNEWS
          Rick Wiles – August 22, 2017

          Rick Wiles rebroadcasts his May 21, 2012 – Larry Grathwohl Interview.
          Intro begins @ 28:13
          Interview begins @ 42:15

          • How ever much I deeply respect the Christian faith. All of this apocalyptic raving about End Times—which is Christianity’s ABSOLUTE and Constitutionally protected Free Speech—nonetheless lends them the appearance of raving, full goose Bozo loons.

            This is especially so with respect to how their brand of Millennialism has been an unignorable feature since the original crucifixion of Jesus.

            I sincerely request that you please watch (as I have for several different times) the Frontline production of “From Jesus to Christ – The First Christians“. Never have I seen a better documentary regarding this undeniably important religious figure.

            • I know what You are talking about NorseRadish. I posted it for the Larry interview. Did You buy a boat? 🙂
              I will watch that Frontline production. It seems to me that sometimes (frighten) people drag out poor Jesus for their own (conscious or unconscious) purpose. That would be like examining Elvis Presley’s life with a fine tooth comb and avoiding his music. But it was his music that attracted him to us in the first place. And as Dolly Parton once said, “Get off the cross, somebody needs the wood.”
              Here is the Music. 🙂

            • We have our share of nuts that are more interested in the end times then in surviving for a while longer. I am a believing Christian but I don’t agree that this is the end times. That doesn’t mean that they can’t come up with good intel it just means you have to search carefully to separate the wheat from the chaff.

              • We’ve got our Messiah-watchers too.
                I don’t think that’s especially productive or healthy.
                But they seem happy enough. Vaguely enraptured, but I’m neither shrink nor judge.
                They have babies, and that makes ME happy~

      • Nothing right now but later on there are several possibilities that include framing one for the murder of the leader of a rival group. Play Stalin against Mao against Trotsky.

      • Any ideas on how we can get them to go at each other?

        How about just stepping aside while the Sunni and Shiite sects go after their respective throats?

        PS: Dear Yucki, please let me know what you think of, “From Jesus to Christ – The First Christians“. Never have I seen a better accounting of Christianity’s origins.

        Any and all opinions or observations are more than welcome.

        PPS: You, too, PerfectChild. Few others that I can think of might furnish more interesting observations. So there!

      • I noticed that he was telling them not to use the palm strike but use their fists which means they hurt their hands, possibly breaking bones. Hopefully this was done so they could be found at the nearest ER getting the bones set.

        • Palm strike, not good.
          Knife-hand strike, forearm strike.
          Fragile hands, always partial to kicks.
          (My long-time Tai Kwon Do teacher took me to the rifle range the first time.)

          • Bruce Lee use to say kick them in the shin, gouge them in the eye.

            Palm strikes can be good if you deliver them correctly but like all martial arts moves they require knowledge and the right timing. I prefer to use kicks and if they are stunned elbow strikes to the face.

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