Social media dials up its Marxist/Postmodern selective enforcement irrespective of law or rules: Links 1 Aug 11, 17

1. It seems a few Swedes have actually had enough!

2. Rotherham Sex Survivor: I Told Authorities And They Did Nothing

A survivor of the child exploitation ring in Rotherham called Katie Hopkins to tell her horrifying story.

Emma told Katie that she reported at the age of 13 that she had been raped, but authorities chose to do nothing – and told her not to mention the ethnicity of the assailants.

(Video at link above. Although this is from May this year, it is worth reposting in the wake of the most recent arrests.)

3. Geert Wilders new video explaining Islam , and the pirate Muhammad

4. At LAST: A meaningful gay rights march that is actually seeking rational rights, equal rights for homosexuals to live free of fear of death because of their sexual behaviours. Compare this to some of the ones in North America, which appear to be actual provocations to the rest of the population to object to truly disgusting public behaviour. These people in the UK are worthy of global support.

5. London hires a new gay inspector to make sure gay bars are sufficiently gay

6. Thousands of Iraqi refugees leave Finland voluntarily

HELSINKI (Reuters) – Thousands of Iraqi refugees who arrived in Finland last year have decided to cancel their asylum applications and to return home voluntarily, citing family issues and disappointment with life in the frosty Nordic country.

Europe is in the grip of its worst migrant crisis since World War Two, with more than a million people arriving last year, fleeing wars and poverty in the Middle East and beyond.

Germany and Finland’s neighbor Sweden have taken in many of the migrants but Finland too saw the number of asylum seekers increase nearly tenfold in 2015 to 32,500 from 3,600 in 2014.

7. Youtube, like its parent corporation, Google, is now demonetizing and otherwise de-platforming anyone it does not agree with, irrespective of any rules being broken. The endearing and patriotic women, Diamond and Silk for example, have now been subject to various forms of discrimination for every video they made which was pro-Trump.

Here is their Twitter Feed:

Paul Joseph Watson speaks about it and others who are now being targeted by FB and YT:

Gateway Pundit on Diamonds and Silk:

Thank you  Miss Piggy, M., Wrath of Khan, Perfect Child, EB., Tania G., Richard and all who sent in materials.

Things are getting not only more serious, but far more wide reaching and as always, selective enforcement of law against non-Marxist people, and using political correctness and post modern thought selectively also against non Marxists is the main weapon.

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3 Replies to “Social media dials up its Marxist/Postmodern selective enforcement irrespective of law or rules: Links 1 Aug 11, 17”

  1. 4. An army of Homosexual Men that has recruited from every part of the kingdom for LGBTQ+genderfluid (which includes Muslims who are Spirit-Screwed and why Linda Sarsour is their Aisha – to have grown-up with the narcissistic mentality of a child once raped by Muhammad), protest for not being killed – and this is somehow noble?

    Who would want to get killed if their acts are promoted in schools throughout the West and remain illegal in Islamic countries? Legal Cannabis Users will do no less.

    “In the unfolding spectacle of the Milo Yiannopoulos pederasty scandal, America is being introduced to a far more potent and common form of this phenomenon: Sodom Syndrome. Like millions of boys through the centuries, 14-year-old Milo was recruited into homosexuality by an adult homosexual predator. He then justified his molester, “Father Michael,” in his own mind and recently in unwise but candid media comments. Very typically of adult homosexual men who experienced similar recruitment, Milo portrayed Father Michael as a sort-of coming-of-age mentor and his young teen self as a consensual partner, fully competent to make his own decisions. (Historically, most male leaders of the “gay” movement share this profile).

    In response to the scandal, Milo has recast himself as a helpless victim. While this seems cynical, he actually IS a victim to a far greater extent than most people, and even he himself, realize. I believe what Milo experienced at 14 was Sodom Syndrome, and like Patty Hearst to the SLA, his identity was subsumed into the LGBT culture by psycho/sexual trauma, reinforced by associating sexual climax with his predator’s orientation. Its all about brain chemistry and subconscious coping mechanisms, not free choice – at least not at first.”

  2. Yes things are getting more serious and more wide spread, it looks like things are about to go kinetic real soon, it all depends on what Kim does. Is he going to back down and risk being removed from power and killed or is he going to do what he said and launch missiles near Guam? Once things go kinetic in one location the violence will spread, if we are forced to move into North Korea to remove Kim and destroy his nuclear program a significant portion of our military force will be tied up and that is when the commandos from Iran and the terrorists from al Qaeda and ISIS will make their moves. but they won’t confine their attacks to the US they will hit every western nation.

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