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5 Replies to “Australian news undercover in Venezuela”

  1. Send them Obama he’ll fix it. I love how the professor at the end thinks Trump is more charismatic than the last asshat we had for eight years. I’m always fascinated by the difference in perceptions. I felt Obama was horrendous but his supporters and media think he was the greatest. And with Trump it’s the reverse order, with exception that I don’t care either way about Trump as long as he leaves me and mine the hell alone. I guess they don’t have a 2nd Amendment down there?

  2. Thank you for the video. One can’t help but notice the pot shots taken at the US (way to go Aussies)
    15 years ago an Egyptian blogger under the name Rantings of a Sand Monkey talked about the situation and said that petroleum engineers were bailing out of Venezuela. He spoke of a lot of things but it was pretty clear to me that he worked in the petroleum industry. He forecasted the demise of Venezuela way back then.
    I think the only way forward is to allow western oil companies back into the country. Your brother’s cousin does not know how to run an oil company, or a hydro dam for that matter.

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