Here is why its not worth trying to talk to anyone who still refuses to see the facts

For some time now, I don’t bother trying to convince anyone of the facts of leftism and Islam and their effects on our civilization. Im really only interested in speaking with those who recognize that there is a problem and to any degree understand it’s nature. Because then we can look for a spectrum of solutions or at least lifeboats. Should people figure it out and wish to come aboard , great. But at this stage, those who do not recognize the problem and shield themselves with sanctimonious cries of “racism” or “Nazi” or “Right wing extremists” are merely self medicating.

The one thing I found interesting about this clip beyond the obvious, is how at no point did I find it funny today. Some things are too literally true to be funny.

Thank you CrossWare for the perfect find.

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  1. Having grown up in a left wing environment I sort of understand the bind that leftists are in when it comes to accepting truths that have been deemed “right wing”. I understand that to for some people, the simple act of saying “Donald Trump is right” about anything at all could lead to the complete unravelling of their lives and the lives of their family members by association. How far do you think you could climb as a young academic or a management-level government employee once the word got out that you didn’t vote Liberal or that you think restricting the influx of Sunnis Muslims has merit or that Donald Trump isn’t a complete idiot? How would you like it if your best friend stopped returning your calls and nobody wanted to do anything with you any more?

    The left considers this the endgame. They can see that their goal of eternal political dominance is just a few million more left-voting Pakistani, Guatemalan, and Bangladeshi immigrants away, and they’re sure as hell not going to let up now. That’s why it’s now getting so vicious. Like, vicious to the point of paying women to falsely claim that Donald Trump attacked them sexually, vicious to the point of paying schizophrenics to go to Trump rallies for the express purpose of assaulting people and starting fights, and vicious to the point of hiding microphones and catching comments that are meant to be private.

    No, there is no point in trying to red pill people who have decided that to listen to you would be to commit suicide. Not likely. Not when one comment has the potential to end your successful life and turn you into a bitter loser who’s mad at the world, alone, and broke all the time…

    • But do they not understand that NOT speaking, not changing their stance, will also result in their becoming “bitter losers … and broke all the time”? They (we) truly are drowning and, unless their plans are to breath water, they will all come to naught if some of the Left’s disastrous policies – such as mass muslim immigration – are not halted and (ideally) reversed? I don’t get it. Even after so long trying to understand these people and their motivations. I just don’t get it.

      • No they don’t understand that, all of their lives they have been taught to believe what their teachers, tell them and to believe what the Democrats say because the Democrats only want to help them. this has (in some cases permanently) crippled their capability to think for themselves.

  2. This ‘cat on a hot tin roof’ approach to anything from The Right, is really anything from the masculine. The Father’s voice is shouted down and removed. These phobias from abused childhoods.

    The typical absent-father homes in the West, with-a-new-lover households, has children with no respect or love for the dad. What they see is a pig into mummy. He has no authority. Proud to be a feminist.

    A typical Muslim household has the father as Muhammad’s bitch, blaming the White Colonialists and any kufar for any self-inspired misfortune, rather than face their own dhimitude. He has no authority and so demands Preferential Rights from his book.

    The birth of the ‘sexsquirrel.

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