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  1. ISIS Jihadist Credits Moderate Muslim Brotherhood as Inspiration
    July 20, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    While most of the attention was on Egypt and its Muslim Brotherhood takeover, a similar takeover was being championed by the defenders of democracy in Tunisia. There the Jihadists of Ennahda were suddenly transformed into moderates despite views that were anything but. The classic example of this came with the transforming of Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi, its Jihadist leader into a moderate.

    Despite a few minor hiccups.

    Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi, the head of Tunisia’s controversial Islamist Ennahda Movement, is scheduled to head a lecture Tuesday afternoon Yale’s Law School, according to the school’s website.

    Al-Ghannouchi’s upcoming appearance at the Ivy League school could become controversial given the sheik’s longtime support for radical terror groups and his past calls for Muslims to wage “unceasing war against the Americans.”

    The sheik’s violent rhetoric, radical leanings, and endorsement of Hamas led him to be banned from entering the United States for a time.

    Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, of Tunisia’s equally moderate Islamist Ennahda Movement, said, “There are no civilians in Israel. The population—males, females and children—are the army reserve soldiers, and thus can be killed.”

    This is what the left supported when it backed the Muslim Brotherhood. The results nearly led to a Benghazi massacre in Tunisia even before that attack took place.


    To do that, the government, the human rights commission and non-profit groups are going to sit down with Quebecers.

    The groups will listen to experiences of racism in meetings all around the province, with the government planning to take actions based on what it hears.

    Minister for immigration, diversity and inclusiveness Kathleen Weil highlighted barriers preventing many non-white people from integrating to society as just one example of the problems the government hopes to tackle.

    “I just heard too many people[... read.... Muslims...], very qualified, impeccable French, they have worked in Belgium or France, then when they came here they found it really hard to integrate into the job market.”

    Weil also pointed to issues of police profiling black youth as another example of the problem.

    Weil didn’t tie the new project into recent controversies in the province, including the rejection of a Muslim cemetery in Saint-Apollinaire earlier in the week, instead highlighting the negative effects racism can have.

    “When you listen to the people who suffer from discrimination and they tell you the toll it takes, on them personally, on their families, I think most people understand that it’s an extremely important subject, and it has to be dealt with.”

    Emilie Nicolas, president of Quebec Inclusif (a group who will work on the project) said she didn’t believe the Liberals’ plan is partisan or politically motivated.

    But she expressed concern that the discussions could go off the rails if Quebecers – or opposition parties – are too sensitive about accusations of racism.

    “There’s going to be a lot of finger pointing, so the only thing we can hope is that people will have the maturity and dignity to go past this.”

    The discussion groups will start in September.

    • CBC – Public consultation on systemic racism in Quebec to start in September

      Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Minister Kathleen Weil unveiled details Thursday

      Quebec’s upcoming public consultation on systemic discrimination and racism will seek concrete and permanent solutions, says Kathleen Weil, the province’s minister of immigration, diversity and inclusion.

      Weil unveiled the details of the public consultation, which will begin in September and continue through the fall, at a news conference Thursday.

      “The fight against racism and discrimination is a continual priority in open, inclusive and democratic societies like Quebec. It’s a collective responsibility,” she said.?

      Events will be held throughout the fall to gather information and propose solutions and Quebec’s commission on human rights and youth rights (CDPDJ) will submit recommendations to the government at the end of the consultation process.

      ‘A first step’

      Haroun Bouazzi, the co-president of the Association of Muslims and Arabs for Secularism in Quebec, said the consultation is a “first step.”

      “Evidently a commission is not an outcome, it’s a start, it’s a process,” he said. “It’s important that the commission isn’t just talking about the issues but gets to the bottom of things, to talk about how things are.”

      “Unfortunately, there have been a lot of other consultations in Quebec on lots of different subjects where the results have been set aside.”

      Bouazzi said hearing from people who are oppressed, such as Indigenous people and black and Latino people, should be prioritized during the consultations.

      “One of the problems of systemic racism is that we talk about them, but we don’t listen to them,” said Bouazzi.

      The recommendations that come out of the consultations must be sweeping, Bouazzi said, to cover everything from housing, access to social services, culture, and employment.

      Finally, Bouazzi said he wants an evaluation mechanism to chart progress — or lack of it — on the consultation’s recommendations.

      How to participate

      Weil said the province has created several different ways for the public to participate in the consultation, in order to get a wide variety of responses.

      Starting in September, the province will launch a website where Quebecers can answer a questionnaire and share personal stories.

      It will also create four working groups to focus on different areas where discrimination is a concern, including work and employment, health, education, and social services and housing.

      Non-profit groups located in different parts of the province will be selected to hold consultation sessions with residents through September and October. Their purpose will be to get personal testimonies from people who have experienced discrimination and racism and to gather proposed solutions.

      A public forum is planned for November that will hear expert testimony and information gathered through the consultation sessions and working groups.

      CTV -Quebec taking steps to combat systemic racism

      The Quebec government is moving ahead with its plan to battle systemic racism in the province by holding public consultations later this year.

      There will be several ways for Quebecers to participate including a website (not yet launched) and public meetings held throughout Quebec in September and October.

      The government will ask 15 to 20 non-profit organizations to submit proposals to present witnesses to discuss the acts of racism they have experienced.

      Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil said that in September the government will also create four working groups to examine different areas where people encounter discrimination and racism, including employment, housing and social services, and law enforcement.

      Weil said the data shows there is still a lot of work to do before there is equality for all Quebecers.

      In particular Weil pointed out that business owners need to employ more immigrants, and that visible minorities, women, and youth are not well represented in leadership roles.

      Emilie Nicolas of Quebec Inclusif was very glad to hear about the timeline for the commission into system racism. She began calling for this type of investigating last year, and said are many reasons why it’s important to act now.

      “There was concern across different communities, racial profiling, there was a black man that had been killed by the SPVM again in Montreal, you had a lot of issues around Islamophobia. It was at the time as well of all the scandals with indigenous women in Val d’Or and the relationship with the SQ. So you had issues across different communities not just in Montreal but province-wide,” said Nicolas.
      The Quebec Human Rights commission will give its findings to the province in February 2018.

      The province is then expected to create an action plan soon afterwards.

  3. Empowering Women and Girls in Kurdistan
    The state of rights since the Kurds gained autonomy.
    July 20, 2017
    Rachel Avraham

    In Iraqi Kurdistan, promoting the empowerment of women and girls is considered very important. It is for this reason that for her 20th birthday, Pakistani women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai, who won the Nobel Peace Prize after the Taliban almost murdered her for promoting female education in 2012, visited Iraqi Kurdistan in order to promote female education among the refugees who fled ISIS. In her speech, she thanked the Kurdistan Regional Government for the work they are doing empowering young girls: “You are all doing great work. I would like to thank you all for empowering young girls and giving them the opportunity to share their ideas, develop their skills and to be the leaders of today and tomorrow.”

    During the meeting between the Kurdish Prime Minister and Malala Yousafzai, Barzani suggested that Malala should be in touch with the Kurdish Women’s High Council as part of her work promoting the empowerment of women and girls. The Kurdish Prime Minister made this suggestion for he cares about women’s rights, even though it is not something popular in the Middle East.

  4. Obama-Era Emails May Point To DHS Coordination On Pro-Amnesty Lawsuit
    Watchdog obtains documents indicating collusion between DHS appointees and Soros-funded open-borders groups.
    July 20, 2017

    DHS emails obtained by an investigative watchdog group reveal possible collusion between Obama-era DHS appointees and a Soros-funded open-borders group involving a series of lawsuits from 2016 that sought to overturn an injunction against the former president’s DAPA amnesty program. The email-communications, going back to May 11th, 2015, took place just days after it was revealed DHS had been mailing out thousands of work-permits to illegal aliens in direct violation of the DAPA-injunction issued by Texas district court judge Andrew Hanen in February of that year.

    The emails focus on DHS’s mass recall of the work-permits, a move open-borders attorneys would later claim in a mass lawsuit against the agency was a violation of administrative law. The organization that obtained the emails, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), says the contact the Soros group made with the Obama-appointees was likely key to the eventual lawsuit. IRLI is calling on Congress and the DHS Inspector General to fully investigate the matter.

    IRLI, a non-profit law firm based in Washington, D.C. that’s long been investigating DHS’s violation of the DAPA-injunction, obtained the communications through a public-records request with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the DHS component responsible for issuing work-permits. The emails appear to show top Obama-appointees, USCIS Senior Counsellor Lucas Guttentag and USCIS Chief of Staff Juliet Choi, in direct communication with officials from United We Dream (UWD), a pro-amnesty and open-borders advocacy organization funded by George Soros’s Open Society Institute. Prior to his appointment in 2014, Guttentag was a well-known figure in open-borders circles, having founded and led the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project since the 1980s.

  5. Germany: AfD trying to politicise sexual assault cases at Schorndorf folk festival – mayor

    Lord Mayor of Schorndorf Matthias Klopfer and police president Roland Eisele of nearby Aalen in south-western Germany gave a press conference from the small town, Thursday, after a series of sexual assaults were reported at a folk festival last weekend.

    According to Eisele, police detained six out of nine suspects, some of whom were identified. He stated that there was “some information from witnesses who say they saw something, but they could not say anything specific.”

    Klopfer confirmed that some women had filed sexual assault. However, the local mayor stated that the far-right were using the suspects Middle-Eastern backgrounds as a political tool, saying “We are not a ‘small’ Cologne’ and we are not a ‘small ‘Hamburg’, and the fact that the AfD wants to use this case was clear.”

    • Isn’t there an over-sexed donkey (apologies to Eeyore), somewhere, that can swiftly and adequately address all of these kneeling, posterior-presenting, ass-baiting, scum-suckers?

  6. CNN – Police: 2 Burundian teens reported missing crossed into Canada

    Two of the six teenagers who were reported missing while visiting Washington for an international robotics competition have crossed into Canada, police said Thursday.

    The six teens represented Burundi, a small country in East Africa, in the inaugural FIRST Global robotics competition, competing alongside teams from more than 150 other countries.
    Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman Aquita Brown said two of the teens were seen leaving the US for Canada. Police could not confirm they are still in Canada and did not provide updates on the other four teens.

    There are no indications of foul play, police said.

    The State Department directed questions to DC law enforcement.

    The six teens were last reported seen at the location of the event — DAR Constitution Hall on 18th St between C Street and D Street in Northwest DC — the Metropolitan Police Department said.

    “On the night of July 18, FIRST Global learned the adult mentor of Team Burundi was unable to find the group of six students of the team who participated in the 2017 FIRST Global Challenge,” the competition’s organizers said in a statement.

    The mentor is identified in police reports as Canesius Bindaba. Bindaba stated that “he does not know where (they) could have went,” the police reports said.

    The DC police department tweeted names, ages, descriptions and photos of the six missing individuals. There are four missing boys and two missing girls, ranging in age from 16 to 18, according to the tweets.

    The teens were reportedly last seen at 5:00 p.m. ET, police said. An itinerary of the event says that the robotics competition was scheduled to end at 5:30 p.m., and closing ceremonies were to run from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    FIRST Global President Joe Sestak called the police to report the students as missing, according to the organization’s statement, and “proper follow on reports have been submitted to the police who are investigating the case.

    “Security of the students is of paramount importance to FIRST Global. FIRST Global ensures that all students get to their dormitories after the daily competition by providing safe transportation to the students staying at Trinity Washington University who are always to be under close supervision of their adult mentor and are advised not to leave the premises unaccompanied by the mentor.”

    Anyone with information is urged to contact authorities at 202-727-9099.

    The competition attracted significant national attention after six girls on the Afghan team were denied visas for the competition, but later allowed to travel when President Donald Trump intervened. Ivanka Trump attended the event Tuesday, meeting with the Afghan girls.

  7. A couple weeks ago, Will Planer was arrested and detained for his participation in last year’s peaceful, planned, and permitted rally for free speech in Sacramento which was attacked by a small army of nearly 200 armed “anti-fascist” radicals. Will, who lives in Colorado with his family, is currently being held in El Paso County’s Detention Facility without legal counsel, without a legal plan, and without access to the resources he needs to put a plan in motion.

    In 2016, in response to leftist radicals disrupting and attacking several conservative political events, the Traditionalist Worker Party scheduled a legal, permitted, peaceful rally on the steps of the Sacramento statehouse to confirm that we will not be intimidated by leftist threats. Yvette Felarca of BAMN and hundreds of other leftist “antifa” radicals threatened to attack and assault our event attendees. In the weeks leading up to the event, they openly and explicitly planned a violent criminal response to our free speech event both in their online platforms and in mainstream media interviews and press releases.

    Will was one of the 18 Sacramento Spartans who braved the 20-to-1 odds, death threats, and explicit law enforcement stand-down order to take a stand. He took a stand with the conservative families who had been bludgeoned and bloodied only weeks prior for merely attempting Trump’s town halls. He took a stand against outright anarchy, and against an emergent extremism which threatens to replace civil discourse with mob violence.

    I spoke with Planer while he was on his trip to California and we commented that given the publicity leading up to the event, there’s no way any actual fighting will take place. We assumed, wrongly, that the State of California would have a police presence commensurate with the estimated crowd sizes leading up to the event. That at least 200 antifa would be present was widely known, and there’s a well-established protocol for ensuring basic public safety. “Surely,” I joked, “The cops won’t just let an anarchist mob run around attacking random journalists and innocent bystanders right on the capitol steps.”

    They did exactly that, and they did exactly that because California’s law enforcement have become criminally incompetent and politicized. They set Will and the rest of our men up for a public lynching, deliberately. Will and the rest of the men there could have easily been killed and likely would have been if they hadn’t fought back. As we know, it didn’t go down like that. Our disciplined and well-trained nationalists trained for months for every eventuality, including a peaceful event with prepared speeches. The worst case scenario presented itself, and our men were prepared. They won the fight and made it out alive.

    In the entire history of the “self-defense” defense, there may not be a more clear-cut open-and-shut case of self-defense than what Will Planer is facing. He can and will win his case, but we need your help to get him the basic representation and support he needs to survive “the ride” and pay for his legal defense. Yvette Felarca went on camera before the event and announced that she and her mob intended to assault Will. In the midst of the brawl, as antifa radicals were beating up journalists and random pedestrians in the background, Yvette mugged for another camera, proudly announcing that she and her mob had assaulted our event attendees.

  8. fars news – Hundreds of Russian Forces Deployed in Southern Syria

    Syria’s ARA news quoted local sources as saying that 400 Russian military police forces have reached the driving training center near the village of al-Mothabin and the town of al-Sanamin in Northern Dara’a which are controlled by the Syrian army.

    The sources also said that the Syrian soldiers have set up a temporary military base for the Russian military police forces in the Northern parts of al-Isharah Battalion 110 region and near the town of al-Sanamin.

    Reports said that the Russian forces visited several army-controlled areas, including the military ones, as well as the regions near the terrorist-held regions in the towns of Izra’a, Kharbat Qazaleh and Sheikh Meskin.

    A military source confirmed on Tuesday that the Russian military forces have deployed to the Southern territories of Syria to observe implementation of de-escalation zones agreement.

    The source reported that the Russian military has deployed to Dara’a province to begin their indefinite operation to monitor the ceasefire in Southern Syria.

    According to the military source, the Russian military will be specifically headquartered in the town of Izra’a, as they serve as the primary force observing truce in de-escalation zones in the Southern part of Syria.

    A ceasefire came into force in Southwest Syria — in the provinces of Dara’a, Sweida and Quneitra in the Southwest, along the Jordanian border — in July 9 after a deal was brokered by the US and Russia on the sidelines of G-20 summit in the German city of Hamburg.

    Syrian government forces had announced a halt to combat operations in the three provinces. According to the military, the move is aimed at supporting the peace process and national reconciliation in Syria.

    The ceasefire was agreed to by experts from Russia, the US and Jordan, who negotiated a memorandum on the creation of a de-escalation zone in Southwestern Syria at talks in Jordan’s capital, Amman.

    The US and Russia had previously negotiated a ceasefire in Syria in September 2016, but it collapsed after US aircraft bombed a Syrian government position, leading Moscow to wonder if the Pentagon was undermining the State Department’s efforts.

    Russian forces deploy to southern Syria

    The Russian military has deployed to the Dara’a Governorate to begin their unidentified operation to monitor the ceasefire in southern Syria, according to a military source.

    The Russian military will be specifically headquartered in the Dara’a Governorate city of Izra’a, as they serve as the primary force observing the de-escalation zones in the southern part of Syria, source added.

    While their military personnel were already present in Dara’a to advise the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops in southern Syria, this is the considered to be the first time the Russian units have been deployed in this size.

    There is no word on whether or not U.S. and Jordanian troops will be deployed to this region to observe the ceasefire and monitor the de-escalation zones.

      • First thought, Putin is testing to see if Trump will back down.

        Second thought, Putin is testing Trump but is also moving to put his people between Iranian troops and Israel.

        Third thought, one and two are totally wrong and Putin is up to something else that I don’t have enough data to guess.

  9. Democrat who Opposed Welfare Fraud Reforms Busted for Food Stamp Fraud
    The Democrats search for a message, but I have one for them.
    Do as I say, not as I do. That’s been the leftist mantra for decades.

    Leftists proselytize endlessly on what Americans should do, as they themselves do the opposite. Show me your vice, and I will show you a long line of leftists practicing moral relativity matched only by their moral inferiority complexes.

    So when I found a Democrat who actually fought for what she stood for, I took notice. As it turns out Arizona State Rep. Cecilia Velasquez fought against protections to combat welfare fraud. And for good reason, as Velasquez has been indicted on felony charges of defrauding the food stamp program.

  10. The Worst Ideological Enemy of the US is Now Europe

    by Drieu Godefridi
    July 20, 2017 at 5:00 am

    Europe is the worst enemy of the US? You cannot be serious. Islamism, Russia, illegal immigrants… whatever, but surely not Europe! Are we not still together in NATO? Do we not conduct huge amounts of trade every day? Do we not share the same cultural roots, the same civilization, the same vision of the future? Did France not give the US her famous Statue of Liberty – “Liberty Enlightening the World?”

    Not anymore. In a sense, Europe looks like a continent where American Democrats have been in power for 30 years, not only in the European states, but also at the level of the European Union.

    In the US, the political spectrum still spans a vast range of views between Democrats and Republicans, globalists and nationalists, pro-lifers and pro-choicers, pro-government control and pro-individuals’ control, and pro-whatever. Even today with a president and a Supreme Court clearly on the political “Right” these divisions, and the all-important separation of powers, allow for and encourage vigorous debate. By contrast, in Europe, at the “official” level, such a spectrum of views no longer exists.

    In Western Europe, politically speaking, in the press and in universities, either you are on the “Left,” or you are a pariah. If you are a pariah, you are most likely to be prosecuted for “Islamophobia”, “racism”, discrimination or some other “trumped up” charge.

  11. DAILY MAIL – UK Muslims are forced to hide in a mosque after racist stripped naked and hurled abuse at them while singing ‘I’m Catholic til I die’

    Dan Morrison was filmed singing ‘I’m Catholic til I die, and Christian as well’
    Stripped and shouted at residents before going into the mosque’s grounds
    26-year-old arrested for the hate crime outside Folkestone Mosque, Kent

    Muslims were forced to barricade themselves in a mosque after a racist man stripped naked and shouted abuse – before climbing a crane and exposing himself.

    Dan Morrison was filmed singing ‘I’m Catholic til I die, and Christian as well’ before shouting racial slurs at worshippers.

    He shouted at nearby residents before going into the mosque’s grounds, taking his clothes off and chanting.

    The 26-year-old was arrested for the hate crime outside Folkestone Mosque, Kent, around 9pm on July 7.
    One witness described the incident as like ‘a bad dream’, and said: ‘Fear started to sink in as he was stripping naked and threatening to use violence.

    ‘My friend got hurt when he was trying to stop the man from entering the mosque.

    The man got extremely upset and he started to climb up the construction crane.

    ‘My friend talked to the man and eventually managed to get him to climb down the crane and put his pants on.

    ‘The man started crying. The police eventually arrived and he was arrested.’

    Morrison pleaded guilty to a charge of exposure and two further charges of racially aggravated behaviour and religiously aggravated behaviour.

    Magistrates in Medway sentenced him to 26 weeks in prison and ordered him to pay a £115 victim surcharge.

  12. Is Turkey Becoming Another Iran?

    by Uzay Bulut
    July 20, 2017 at 4:00 am

    Turkey has recently been in the news for various developments that include, among other matters, its record number of jailed journalists, the destruction of Kurdish towns and forced displacement of thousands of Kurds, the dismissal or suspension of thousands of government employees for political reasons, the arrest of thousands of citizens for allegedly “organizing” last year’s failed coup, the creeping conversion of the Hagia Sophia Basilica-museum into a mosque, and the seizure of Assyrian Christian lands, churches and cemeteries by the government.

    One additional trend begging the media’s attention is the determined Islamization of the Turkish educational system.

    Here is a short list of some of the latest developments in Turkish schools and their curricula:

    Richard: The quick answer is yes, the long answer is Hell Yes.

  13. Texas Sheriff Tells ICE They’re ‘Overreacting’ to Release of Violent Criminal

    Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez already was on ICE’s radar for announcing earlier this year that she’d defy federal immigration detainers filed at the jail – only under extreme circumstances.

    She’s at it again this week. The U.S. Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is accusing Hernandez’s office of releasing an inmate from the Travis County Jail without notifying them. The inmate, Julio Cesar Mendoza-Caballero, 33, is a violent gang member who had previously been deported four times. He has now been taken back into custody.

    Hernandez strongly pushed back at ICE’s assertion, insisting that her office did alert ICE – multiple times. She also accused the immigration office of “overreacting” and making political judgments.

  14. ‘He doesn’t really respect women’: Killer cop who shot Australian woman dead is ‘jumpy’ and ‘extremely nervous’, neighbour claims
    Justine Damond, 40, was shot dead by a police officer in the US on Saturday
    Mohamed Noor, who fired the fatal shot, is yet to speak to investigators about it
    His neighbour claims the police officer is known for being quick-tempered
    Chris Miller also revealed his belief that Noor has little respect for women

  15. CBC – Mosque is no stranger to hate

    A gunman killed 6 people following prayers in January and now an anonymous hate-filled package has been delivered to this Quebec mosque’s door — raising concerns over the area’s growing anti-islamic sentiment.

  16. India revokes passport of Muslim preacher Zakir Naik (memo, Jul 20, 2017)

    “The Indian government has revoked the passport of the famous Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik, who is known for his non-violent and anti-terror discourse, Indian news agencies reported on Tuesday.

    An official statement said that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had made a request several days ago to revoke Naik’s passport.

    “The Regional Passport Office, Mumbai, has revoked the Indian passport of Dr Zakir Abdul Karim Naik, resident of B-1005/1006 Jasmine Apartment, 65-B, Dockyard Road, Mazagaon, Mumbai, under the provisions of the Passport Act 1967,” the statement said.

    The statement also said that Naik’s passport was revoked after his consistent failure to present himself before the NIA in connection to allegations of funding terrorism…”

  17. Gülen network included in US’s terrorism report for first time (hurriyetdailynews, Jul 20, 2017)

    “The network of the U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen has been mentioned in the U.S. State Department’s annual report, the Country Reports on Terrorism 2016, for the first time, while not listing it among terrorist groups operating in Turkey.

    In the Turkey section of the report, the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) was mentioned alongside the July 15, 2016, failed coup attempt, widely believed to have been masterminded by the group.

    The report also said Turkey’s National Security Council (MGK) designated the group a terrorist organization on May 26, 2016, as well as the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation listed it on Oct. 13 and Oct. 19, 2016, respectively.

    While giving details about the bloody coup attempt that left 250 people dead and 2,193 people injured, the report said thousands of people have been dismissed with state of emergency decrees or arrested over their suspected links to the Gülenists.

    The report said Turkey was in an active struggle against many terrorist groups, including the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    Saying that Turkey considers the Syria-based Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its military wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), to be terrorist organizations closely linked to the PKK, the report didn’t include the YPG or the PYD in the list of terrorist groups.

    A list of deadly terror attacks in Turkey were also given in the report, with most being carried out by ISIL or the PKK and one by the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C), “a Marxist-Leninist terrorist group with anti-U.S. and anti-North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) views that seeks the violent overthrow of the Turkish government.”

    “Turkey has advanced law enforcement capacity to counter terrorism and efforts continue to streamline interagency information sharing. Turkey devoted additional investigative and preventive capabilities to disrupt the activities of terrorist organizations and foreign terrorist fighters, and dismantle their facilitation networks,” the report also said.

    In addition, the report said Turkey identified several groups as terrorist organizations, including the Turkish Hizbullah, the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist–Leninist (TKP/ML), and its armed wing, the Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey (TIKKO), as well as the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP).

    Criticisms were also directed against Turkey, with the report saying that “courts imprisoned tens of thousands of persons accused of supporting the attempted coup or terrorist groups, in many cases with little clarity on the charges and evidence against them.”

    The State Department praised Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield launched in northern Syria against ISIL on Aug. 24, 2016.

    “The operation successfully pushed ISIL away from the last segment of the Syria-Turkey border it occupied and continued to extend further into ISIL-controlled territory at the end of 2016,” the report read.”

  18. Honour killing to become capital offence in Sindh under proposed law (tribune, Jul 20, 2017)

    “The Sindh government has tabled two important bills in the Sindh Assembly against honour killing and acid throwing incidents in the province. The bills, the Sindh Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Act and the Anti-Honour Killings Laws (Criminal Laws Amendment) Bill, have been moved by the women development department.

    Sindh will be the first province in Pakistan to pass a law against honour killing. According to the law, the crime will be considered murder and the station house officer (SHO) concerned will register the case under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code. “Murder under the pretext of honour killing also known as karo-kari is a non-compoundable offence, which cannot be compromised by the victim and the offender,” says the law , adding that the government will award capital punishment or life-imprisonment to those found guilty of this offense…”

  19. German judge warns of court system ‘collapse’ due to mass number of asylum complaints (thelocal, Jul 20, 2017)

    “The massive number of court cases challenging asylum decisions have stretched authorities “to the limits”, a leading judge told German media on Thursday.

    The chair of the Association of German Administrative Law Judges told publishing group Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) that the number of people bringing legal challenges against their asylum request decisions has overwhelmed the administrative courts.

    “The situation is dramatic for administrative courts.” said the organization’s chair, Robert Seegmüller.

    “We are now completely stretched to our limits.”

    RND further calculated based on national and European data that there are currently around 250,000 asylum decisions waiting to be challenged in the courts.

    “The administrative court system cannot endure such a figure in the long run. At some point, everything will collapse,” Seegmüller said. “Things may go well for a while, but not permanently.”

    He explained that there are not enough judges or other personnel, nor enough space or IT capacity…”

  20. ‘Women are being attacked every day’: violence at small town festival reignites migration debate (thelocal, Jul 20, 2017)

    “Reports of sexual assaults and attacks on police during a small town festival have again sparked debate in Germany about integration, while also leading police to correct what they say are “misinterpretations” of what happened.

    The news that around 1,000 young people gathered on Saturday night during a festival in Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg where some began throwing bottles at officers has grabbed national attention in Germany, particularly because police said many came from “immigrant backgrounds”.

    This coupled with the fact that cases of sexual assaults or harassment were reported by women on Friday and Saturday, with Iraqi and Afghanistani men being investigated, has further added fuel to the fire.

    Jens Spahn, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU party in the Bundestag (German parliament), said that the events during the fest reflected Germany’s problem with integration of immigrants.

    “Schorndorf is a symbol of what is happening on a daily basis in many places in Germany,” Spahn told Die Welt on Wednesday.

    “It is becoming ever more clear how big the task of integration is.”

    Spahn, who is openly gay, added that German society runs the risk of becoming more anti-Semitic, homophobic, macho, and violent. Claiming that regional newspapers report every day on attacks against women, he called for a greater debate.

    “We must face up to this. Too many people are of the opinion that every other culture is an enrichment. I do not feel that the everyday debasement that women experience is an enrichment.”

    Ralf Stegner of the centre-left SPD fired back on Twitter, writing that “not all input” from the conservative CDU/CSU parties is enriching either. He also tweeted that the fact that the far-right AfD party had praised Spahn meant there was “no further comment necessary”….”

  21. Ethnic and Sexual Minorities Over-Represented at BBC, Despite Claims of Discrimination (breitbart, Jul 20, 2017)

    “The BBC is on course to meet or exceed all of its “diversity quotas” for ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, but remains a stronghold of middle class and privately-educated privilege, with working class people severely under-represented.

    The revelation, from the first socioeconomic census of the broadcaster’s staff, reported by The Times, comes as the media rallies to denounce the corporation and “sexist” and discriminatory against minorities based on the salaries of a small number of top employees…”

    • BBC’s Top Earners Opposed Brexit and Controlling Migration (breitbart, Jul 20, 2017)

      “A high proportion of top earners at the BBC have railed against Brexit and controlled migration, voicing broadly left-wing views.

      With Wednesday’s disclosure of BBC salaries, funded by ordinary Brits forced to pay the TV license fee, many people have a renewed interest in the views promoted by those they sustain.

      Strikingly, the list of 100 BBC employees contains few right-wingers or prominent supporters of Brexit – Andrew Neil, who edits the pro-Brexit magazine The Spectator, being perhaps a lonely exception…”

  22. Violent Crime Rises Sharply As Police Numbers Hit 30-Year Low (breitbart, Jul 20, 2017)

    “Crime in England and Wales has seen its largest annual rise in a decade, with violent crime shooting up by 18 per cent.

    New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show recorded crime went up by 10 per cent in just twelve months between 2015 and 2016.

    The revelations came as separate ONS data showed the number of police officers was the lowest in more than 30 years – since 1985.

    The Government downplayed the findings but admitted “there is more we must do” to tackle the upsurge in violent crime.

    The data shows police recorded nearly five million crimes in the last year – 458,021 more than the previous year.

    In the ONS data, the number of violent crimes against citizens was up 18 per cent to 175,060 offences.

    Theft moved by up 7 per cent, with 118,774 crimes recorded, and public order offences leapt by a remarkable 39 per cent to 78,697.

    There were 723 homicides over the year, including murder, manslaughter, and infanticide cases.

    However, the figure included the 96 deaths in the Hillsborough disaster 27 years ago, after they were classed as unlawful killings following an inquest.

    John Flatley, of Crime Statistics and Analysis at the ONS, commented: “The latest figures show the largest annual rise in crimes recorded by the police in a decade…”

  23. Report: Immigration Crisis Causing ‘Unprecedented’ Shift in Italy’s Demographics (breitbart, Jul 20, 2017)

    “A deadly combination of a plummeting birthrate and massive immigration portend that native Italians will make up an increasingly small percentage of Italy’s overall population, a new study reports.

    Italy’s fertility rate is less than half of what it was in 1964, the Centro Machiavelli reported in its study titled “How immigration is changing Italian demographics.” It has dropped from 2.7 children per woman to just 1.5 children per woman currently, a figure well below the replacement level for zero population growth of roughly 2.1 children per woman.

    As of the first of this year, Italy had over five million foreigners living as residents, a growth of a remarkable 25 percent relative to 2012 and a whopping 270 percent over 2002. At that time, foreigners made up just 2.38 percent of the population while fifteen years later the figure has nearly trebled to 8.33 percent of the population.

    Moreover, even the children being born in Italy are over-represented by immigrants, whose birthrate is considerably higher than native Italians, the study revealed. It is “unsurprising,” therefore, that Italian regions with the highest fertility rates are no longer in the south, as was ever the case, but in the Italian north and in the Lazio region, where there is a higher concentration of immigrants.

    If current trends continue, the report states, by 2065, first- and second-generation immigrants will exceed 22 million persons, or more than 40 percent of Italy’s total population.

    By comparison, it was only in the not far-off 2001 that the percentage of foreigners living in Italy crossed the low threshold of one percent, which reveals the speed and magnitude of demographic change occurring in Italy, a phenomenon “without precedent” in Italy’s history, the study asserts….”

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